Mommy Mundo Bazaar 2011

Yesterday, I was able to attend another great event by Mommy Mundo. The first bazaar I went to was last May, and that is the Expo Mom 2011.

I did not spend much time inside the Mommy Mundo Bazaar because it’s relatively small. In fact you can finish going around in 30 minutes, especially if you already got a shopping list with you.

I just did a meet up with Mommy Paola Loot of Mommy Treats to pre-order my super favorite secret treat from her. I will do a separate blog post for her super yummy treats which really helped me in my breastfeeding career! :p

One of the reasons that I really spent some time dropping by was all for the Mom 24/7 organizer. I got this for free since I am currently a Mommy Mundo Passport Holder. This mommy planner/organizer made me exchange my usual Starbucks Planner. Ever since I became a mom, a lot of things changed, and this is one!

I look forward to making my first few planning sessions for 2012 using my very own Mom 24/7. I also want to thank Mommy Mundo for giving us a Nivea baby wipes and a box of Anmum Materna (which I am still thinking how to get rid off in a good way!). My mom, sister and baby joined me in the bazaar.

I wasn’t able to go around much and see the stores since I bumped into my mommy friends and did a lot of chitchat right at the entrance! I guess one of the things I looked forward to yesterday was meeting these mommy-friends whom I all met at the (now defunct) Philips Avent discussion board. β™₯ πŸ™‚

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