My Yummy Breastfeeding Story

Yes, I’m one breastfeeding momma! It’s been almost 5 months now.

Breastfeeding should be decided right on the moment you saw the 2 lines on your pregnancy test.

I browsed my Mobile Uploads album in Facebook because I couldn’t recall the exact month when the first delivery of my Mommy Treats was. However, the memory is still vivid–I specifically ordered for Chocolate Chip Cookies, Banana Walnut & Choco Chip Muffin Bites from Mompreneur-turned-friend Paola Loot.

June 10, 2011 was the day that made my successful breastfeeding aspiration come to life! I started ravenously eating Mommy Treats 2 weeks before July 2, 2011 (which was my due date to Noa). I had no problems transacting with Mommy Paola since she’s very accommodating and friendly. She responded to my emails fast and she even gave me some important breastfeeding heads up.

The moment of truth came. July 4, 2011 at 8:12 AM at the AFP Medical Center (AFPMC), I gave birth to our little girl, N.S. via normal delivery. She weighed 2.9 kilograms and 51 centimeters in length. I am so blessed because AFPMC is an advocate of Unang Yakap and it was done on me and Noa. There was never a moment that we were separated so I pretty had a good springboard to successfully practice breastfeeding.

Like any other new moms, I also had my own share of hesitations on the first few days: Do I have enough milk? What if my baby gets hungry? I don’t see any milk coming out of my breast, what should I do?

True enough, my husband and I struggled on Noa’s first 3 days at home. I didn’t see any milk coming out of my breast! My husband called up his mom in the middle of the night to ask for help since Noa was already crying! On the other hand, my mom came over to our house to look after us since we were so clueless on how to properly care for our new baby. But I just let Noa suck all … the time.

I have to admit, I almost gave up with all the supply issue and discomfort that went with my first breastfeeding step. My toes were literally curling every time she latches.

My husband gave me a little back massage because they said it would help in the production / circulation of breastmilk. Voila, I had a breastmilk blast on the 3rd day. That was the birth of my (confident) breastfeeding career!

Going back to Mommy Treats, I’ve been taking it on an alternate-month basis. Mind you, I don’t take so many malunggay leaves, but I am soupy person. I see to it that I always eat soupy dishes during lunch, drinks lots of water before and after direct breastfeeding / expressing, and just snack on Mommy Treats.

My favorite treat is the chewy Brownies.

On Noa’s exactly 2nd month, I went back to work and I should say that the first week was the adjustment period. I advise you breastfeeding moms out there to go back to work on a Wednesday or Thursday so it wouldn’t be so difficult to catch up since you have the upcoming weekend to recover in case something fails. You and your baby also wouldn’t have a hard time coping up with the drastic change.

Thank God that my employer, G4S Philippines has vacant rooms, most of the time, unused, where I can express my breastmilk. I pump 3x daily during working hours, with 3-4 hours interval each. I am able to express 250ml of mommy milk in one sitting using my Unimom Forte Double Electric Breastpump which is available in Babymama.

Last Friday, my 1-month supply of Mommy Treats came via the efficient Bayadpo. I was so excited to munch on them again since I had my last sweet delivery in September. Of course, I ordered brownies again. I am really happy that I was able to learn about Mommy Treats during my pregnancy. I owe to Mommy Paola’s baking a portion of my breastfeeding success and I think I wouldn’t be able to thank her enough. I really recommend you to try this!

My Unimom Mezzo Manual Breastpump

I would also like to take this chance to thank Mommy Mi’ann Oblea, Mompreneur behind Babymama for being so helpful to mommies like me in offering affordable yet of good quality breastpump and accessories. When I needed an insulated bag (so I can transport my breastmilk from my workplace to our home) she did not hesitate to quickly deliver my Spectra Insulated Bag despite his son being sick then.

When I lost my Unimom Forte vacuum tube, I ordered from her and she immediately shipped it to me. And also, I want to thank her for sponsoring a Facebook contest when her store’s official FB site hit 12,000 likes and I won an Unimom Mezzo Manual Breastpump! I use this manual pump whenever I am assigned to do a fieldwork.

I encourage you mommies out there to breastfeed your baby. I need not go further into detail of its benefits because I know how well-versed you already are on this. Try your best. Breastfeed as long as your baby wants and you can!

If you need support, there are people who are willing to help you. I’m one of them. I can also recommend other moms whom you can talk to in case you need counsel. Just email me or send me a PM via my FB account.

How about you, what’s your yummy breastfeeding story?! Breast is undoubtedly the best! πŸ™‚


  1. Jacqueline Camarillo says:

    Hi Mommy Glaiza. .just want to know kung ok
    Ang unimom mezzo? Planning to convert my forte to manual in case I go out tnx

    • Mommy Glaiza says:

      Hi Jacqueline! The Unimom Mezzo is the manual pump line from the Unimom Family. For me it’s ok, it didn’t hurt my boobies when I pump. I suggest before you start expressing using a manual pump, try to squeeze your nipples a bit for the milk to come out a little, it will make it damp, or try putting on lanolin breast cream. Best brands I’ve tried is from Avent and Lansinoh.

  2. Hands to Work, Hearts to God says:

    I had such a difficult time breastfeeding. Sooo painful, totally unlike the pictures of tranquil mothers happily breastfeeding their babies! I wanted to give up but my husband insisted it was best for our son. So I turned to His boss, God, and asked God, “Can I pleeeease stop breastfeeding?” At that time, I was listening to the radio and the announcer said, “Don’t stop. God doesn’t like quitters.” I don’t know what He was talking about, but it certainly was God’s answer to me! So I din’t stop until 11 months later when I got an infection in my milk ducts, and I HAD to stop. Doctor’s orders! Patsy from

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