My Philips AVENTure Christmas Party Experience 2011

As always, allow me to first thank the LJS Group of Companies for letting me and my daughter join the exclusive Christmas bash they threw last Saturday, Nov. 19, 2011 at the 6/F of their Corporate Office in Bacood, Sta. Mesa.

The invitees/guests were the active members of their Facebook Online Community. As for the knowledge of my readers, Philips Avent launched an online discussion board last April but since Facebook just decided to remove the discussion board application in the site, Philips Avent needed to end their successful discussion board program.

The Christmas party was set at 3:00 PM and this year’s theme party was “Nutcracker.” As a working mom, I didn’t have the luxury of time to really prepare a costume for my daughter so I just decided to make her wear ala “Sugar Plum Fairy.” I had to tow in my mom to help me with Noa since she’s getting heavier each day. She said she had fun watching all the families come together, and of course, she definitely enjoyed being with her first granddaughter on the first Christmas Party she attended. I think I’m starting to transform my mom into becoming a “Stage Grandma” since she did all Noa’s dressing up.

It was the first time that I also saw Truman, Philips Avent’s official bunny mascot. My baby is just 4 months old (and isn’t scared of mascots yet) so we took the chance of snapping a souvenir picture with him. He’s (?) really a cute bunny.

The food was overflowing and superb! Oh, I love the crispy lechon! πŸ˜‰ The set-up was really Christmas-y, there were balloons hanging on the ceiling, and the venue was appropriate for the event. It wasn’t too crowded which I love.

One of the highlights of the party was the games! I must mention that they had really creative games. The organizers raffled off the names of the guests who would participate in the games.

The first game was called, “Interchange Me,” since Philips Avent products are known for its interchangeability. The moms/dads were to assemble the Philips Avent products as shown in the pictures they were provided. The winners brought home a Philips Avent Insulated Cup for their babies.

My name was called on for the second game which was a COOK-OFF! There were 3 groups for this game, composed of 2 moms per team. My teammate was Mommy Annika Borilla who happened to be the wife of my husband’s classmate.

See the little girl on the middle? That’s her cute daughter Aki. I think she was our lucky charm. I have no first hand experience on preparing baby food yet since my daughter is just 4 months old. Thank God Mommy Annika has one already so that pacified me.

I like watching cooking shows but I seldom cook since I am too busy with work. We were tasked to prepare the most palatable baby food using the different ingredients we’ve been given like carrots, potato, malunggay, basil, potato, squash, milk, chicken, pork, salt and pepper (to taste). We’re going to cook our own recipe using the Philips Avent Steamer/Blender.

Annika & I finished the task ahead of the others and we even asked her daughter Aki to taste the food. And guess what? Mommy Annika & I won a set each of the Philips Avent Toddler Feeding Set!

I also enjoyed the game ala “Pera o Bayong.” Several questions about the Philips Avent products were asked and we have to line up behind the letter of our chosen answer. I made it to the last 5 mommies and the big winner was Mommy Krystyna Quimpo of her very own Aranaz for Philips Avent Bag! *envious* :p

There was also a game ala Pinoy Henyo. One of the winners was Mommy Olivia Fernandez.

I definitely enjoyed the Philips Avent Exclusive Party for their online community. They were so generous in sharing their blessings to mommies like me. They even threw in a P10,000.00 worth of prizes for the Best in Costume Winner which went to Mommy Grace Rey’s baby Brent. The loot bag was also so nice! I couldn’t ask for more. I would surely love to attend another event with them. I hope this won’t be the last!

To Philips Avent, thank you so much again for taking part in one of the most amazing mommy events I’ve ever been to. This experience strengthened my support for Philips Avent and their products for my baby. Indeed, mommyhood has never been this fun and worry-free, all thanks to Philips Avent! A blessed Christmas to all of you! More power! β™₯ πŸ™‚

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