17th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival

Before I do my story, allow me to thank the management of Primer Group of Companies for giving me 4 tickets for free. πŸ™‚

It’s already 2:30 AM and I couldn’t put myself to sleep. I’ve already watched 2-3 movies in HBO, from the prequel of the Mummy Returns to Sex and the City 2. They say that the bed is no place for counting sheep but that’s what I needed the most today, 11th February 2012. We’re leaving in 30 minutes but I haven’t had any good night’s sleep.

I woke up at the sound of my aunt (and Noa’s amazing caregiver!) preparing some breakfast. Thank God I was able to pack all that Noa would need a few hours before we leave. I immediately picked up the phone to call Papa up to fetch us. In no time, he was there in front of our house with my mom and my sister. My cousin’s 8-year-old nephew who lives a few blocks from my house, also came in on time. We’re finally leaving for Clark! It was 4 o’clock in the morning.

It was a smooth and chilly NLEX journey. I was actually anticipating for quite a volume of motorists bound to Clark, but it was a mistake (at least for the NLEX part). Wait till you get to the Clark Freeport Zone!

Tadah! Look at this traffic jam! Brace yourself for this if you’re planning to attend the festivity!

Since there was a terrible traffic situation, me and family decided to talk a walk to the entrance gate of Clark Airbase. It was quite a walk but we didn’t get bored since there were already a few hot air balloons on flight.

Hot Air Balloons in Flower & Ice Cream Shape! Yummy!
Important Tip: Wear sunblock, sunglasses, hats, bring umbrellas and lotsa water/energy drink because it was really hot there! πŸ™‚

SM Clark’s Hot Air Balloon! It was just a few kilometers away from the main venue! I wonder how much a balloon like this costs!

The Car-shaped balloon. I think this needs to see a dentist! :p

Here was the cake-shaped balloon! If you wanna take a ride to any of these, you have to have $200. Proceeds will go to the Phil. Hot Air Balloon Foundation to provide financial assistance to those underprivileged young people who are aspiring to become pilots. So if you have the dough and the guts to ride one (I’m acrophobic), please support them by riding a balloon.

My daughter enjoying the scenery soooo much! She’s all eyes!

Some of the balloons are company-owned, and their balloons were used for Advertising / Marketing. The cake-shaped balloon is from the United States of America.

This was really cool! A very nice guy who’s into paragliding!

The traffic jam was actually a blessing in disguise. Look at my daughter! We needed to open the car window for her to peep!

You can definitely tell by the look of my daughter Noa that she had a great time. Words may be absent for now but I’m sure that she’s thankful to us for allowing her to have a new experience. Noa turned 7 months old last month.

My daughter’s smile of amazement is priceless! I wouldn’t exchange anything in this world for this!

Tomorrow’s the last day of the 17th Philippine Hot Air Balloon Festival so there’s still time to catch it. The best time to go there is at 5 AM so you can have a full view of the balloon flight. Enjoy! πŸ™‚

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