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Mommy & Baby Vaccination Day

Today is supposedly just an ordinary routine for me as Noa’s mom.

Every 3rd Sunday of each month, I have to make sure to get up early to prepare my daughter for her scheduled check-up and vaccination with her pediatrician. We have to leave the house at about 10:00 AM to catch the clinic open. However, we have the option to just go directly to the pediatrician’s house because she happened to be my Dad’s first cousin and Noa’s young grandmother / Ninang (godmother).

Noa clapping her tiny hands while waiting for her turn

I really thank the Lord for Tita Mickay. We are very blessed to have her help us in taking good care of Noa. She’s a vaccine specialist and consultant, too.

Noa’s Check-up last month with her Ninang Mickay

Today, Noa had her first dose of flu vaccine at 8 months old. Unlike most brave kids of her age, she still cries but I don’t take it against her. But she can easily be pacified afterwards.

With Noa’s pediatrician’s help, I keep track of Noa’s vaccination schedule through this very helpful tool I found from BabyCenter.

This is Noa’s customized vaccination schedule using BabyCenter’s Immunization Tool. Please click on the thumbnail to enlarge.

Today has also been special for us because I already had my 3rd and last dose of Gardasil, an HPV vaccine. I had my first dosage in September, 2 months after I gave birth to Noa.

I say no to Cervical Cancer!

I’m also thankful that aside from Noa’s free PF (since her pedia is her Ninang), she was also able to bring home some medicines and vitamins!

Dolan, Ferlin, and many more!

Noa will be back on April 22 to have her 2nd dose of the Flu Vaccine. After this, she’ll be starting with her MMRV (Measles, Mumps, Rubella & Varicella).

Our child’s vaccine is indeed one of the most important and expensive needs that he/she shouldn’t miss out. I’m glad that on her first few vaccines we were able to avail it for free since my husband works for the government. But we have no regrets when we transferred to Tita Mickay. We believe that vaccination is extremely important to our child’s well-being and it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

I also have to point out that as much as we would want to give the best care we can possibly give to our children, as moms, we also have to take care of ourselves. Even though we both went home with aching punctures, Noa on her leg, and I on my right arm, we don’t mind at all because this one-time pain could save us from thousand of spoons, punctures and hospitalization.

I also have to share that Noa’s pedia said that her Motor Skills is advance for her age.

Thank you, Lord for our Bouncing Baby Butchay! 😉

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