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Noa Turns 8 Months

“For the hand that rocks the cradle, is the hand that rules the world!”
–William Ross Wallace,
The Hand That Rocks The Cradle (Poem)

Our sweet little blessing, Noa, turns exactly 8 months today, March 4. Despite being far from my husband and her Daddy, I try my best to let her feel so loved by throwing a little “Thank You” dinner for all in the family. She’s continuously growing up as a happy and healthy baby.

I will always be grateful to the Lord for her. Napakabait na bata ni Noa! God has been constantly using her to provide me with comfort and unconditional love. As a mom, Noa has taught me a lot and strengthen my virtues in life. I believe I became more patient and selfless when I had her.

Now I know how it really feels like when I hear other mothers say that they can take a bullet for their child. It’s now becoming true in my life. You’re willing to die anytime for your son or daughter. Death, not just in the physical sense, but death even in your own wants and desires. You’re basically willing to sacrifice anything for their advantage.

As you all know, I just recently gave up my stable and (good-paying) job to allot more time and attention to my daughter. I’m now embracing a life of being a Work-At-Home-Mom (WAHM). I must admit, at first, it’s never easy, most especially if you’re used to doing office work for quite sometime and earning your own money. I have always wanted to become a hands-on mom; and I know I can only do this if I stay behind and raise her up.

Happy 8th to our dear princess! May you continue spreading joy around! We love you so much! 4 months to go before you officially turn 1. Daddy and I have a lot of saving up to do! 🙂

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