We Love Giga Baby!

I just finished having dinner, washing the dishes and fixing our bed to sleep. I found myself grabbing Noa’s bottle of Giga Baby Insect Repellant Spray, only to find out that it’s almost empty.

Even before I had Noa, our family has always been a client of Giga’s No Pain Natural Balm. It was my Mom who first introduced this organic product line to me! Suffering from migraine myself, I find this product very effective and affordable. I was also able to influence my husband to bring some to his distant work just in case he needs it. Thankfully, he loves it, too! We always get our Giga products on the 2/F, Building B of SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City.

Giga Store in SM Megamall (photo by Giga Ventures)

The Giga Baby Insect Repellant Spray keeps my baby away from mosquito and ant bites. Since we co-sleep, I directly spray some on her linens (comforter, blanket and pillows) and sleeping clothes. This 100ml bug spray is DEET-FREE, really mild but smells sooooo good! In the coming days, I’ll attempt to spray some directly on her skin.

The Giga Baby Insect Repellant Spray is made from fruit extract, distilled water, and oils from lemongrass, patchouli and lavender.

Meanwhile, the Giga Baby Cold Rub is very useful and effective to us every time Noa has colds due to the erratic weather. This cold rub gently soothes and comforts my baby from decongested nose. I massage some on her chest and back and I noticed that it helps her breathe easily. It is made from beeswax, virgin coconut oil (VCO), wheatgerm oil, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, and menthol.

These above-mentioned products really work for us and we fell in love with them! So far, Giga Baby offers one of the best locally available and reasonably-priced healthy insect repellant sprays and cold rubs that we’ve tried! I’m also so happy that Giga is now closer to home since they opened a store in SM City Marikina. I really recommend you to try it for yourself and your precious baby.

Giga Store in SM City Marikina (photo by Giga Ventures)

Thank you Giga Ventures for coming up with these products and I pray that you keep on developing more for everyone in the family!

For more details where to find them and their other amazing products, you can visit Giga Ventures’ company website at http://giga.com.ph/ or like them on Facebook: GIGA VENTURES.

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