WeLuvMoms Exclusive Launch

On March 24, 2012, my daughter and I had a privilege to attend the exclusive launch of WeLuvMoms at The Grove by Rockwell in Pasig City.

WeLuvMoms is a group of mommy-friends who had encountered the challenges of modern-day parenting, gathered to share their experience, providing solutions with each other, especially to those first time mommies and daddies.

Having a support group like WeLuvMoms could help a lot of modern parents to cope with today’s fast-paced lifestyle. At the same time, they could meet people in the group who can not only share what they know about modern parenting but could also be their new-found friends whom they can bond with while strolling with their kids or cooking or baking or taking a trip to the salon or just chatting. And tagging your friends along would make it more exciting.

This community of modern moms has also made their group as the go-to source for the latest and trendiest information, event and gear for babies and toddlers from some of the world’s best brands. And at the forefront of WeLuvMoms’ drive to provide the best answer for the modern parenting needs are the following brands: Dr. Browns, Evenflo, Boon, Simplisse, Minui.

Time check: 9:30 AM. This banner greeted us at the entrance of the event.

Welcome to The Grove by Rockwell for the WeLuvMoms Launch!

Each invite has a unique code and they’re reading it through an iPhone application. How cool is that?!

The Savvy Registration Booth

This Fisher Price feeding line will be launched soon. Too bad, they’re still not for sale during the launch. I will definitely wait for the sippy cup and perhaps run a review of it! I also have to say that the pink bottles are uber cute! 🙂

This is the booth shared by Dr. Brown’s, Evenflo, Fisher Price and Simplisse.

They also have the “Pamper Me Time” where parents can enjoy a massage or a quick salon fix. Fifteen-minute back massage and hair blow-dry was given by The Blounge for all the moms and dads who want some moment of relaxation. I only availed of the free back massage for the purpose of boosting my breastmilk supply.

This is the venue set-up of the WeLuvMoms Launch. Some mommies and daddies actually stood next to these tables. Luckily, we got a nice spot with 2 super comfy sofa with a table.

This is another nice thing about our chosen spot (though we were unaware of this at first), we sat next to the overflowing snack bar. Foods from their sponsors like Lotte (maker of Koala’s March) and Soyami Chips were made available here for everyone all throughout the program.

If there’s one person who enjoyed the snack bar the most, it would be my daughter Noa. She’s nibbling on the carton box of Koala’s March.

There was an interesting activity prepared for all the mommies who attended the event, it’s called the Shout Out Tree.

There was a small piece of paper given to us when we came in and we were supposed to write our proudest moment as a mom. Randomly, the organizers picked out a note hanging on the Shout Out Tree. Once picked, you will automatically win a gift pack from Del.

There are “Fun and Flavor” cooking sessions where moms can get tips on how to make their own baby food at the same time make it interesting for the kids to make it easier for them to feed, which our mommies could always try at home with their friends.

Mommy Candy with DJ Chloe of 96.3 Easy Rock
while preparing a baby-favorite food : Apple Sauce

The event also serves as WeLuvMoms’ official launch to the public for more modern parents to see. The group was founded by mommy-friends who are also the distributors of WeLuvMoms’ frontline brands and share the same vision of supporting today’s modern parents here in the country. And this is just the start of more discoveries to come; experiencing the best there is in parenting and sharing all of these among modern moms every bonding time with mommy-friends—and dads, too.

This is me and my daughter Noa during the WeLuvMoms Launch

The kids also have their own area where they can play and have fun, while their parents are mingling with other modern moms and dads.

My 8-month-old daughter was given a chance to participate in the free class offered by Kindermusik Philippines headed by Teacher Irene. I was so happy because my daughter had fun on her first class despite her young age. Here is her video while having the Music & Movement Class with Kindermusik:

Noa was also given some free learning items from Kindermusik since she participated like a Kindermusik CD, canvass bag and her own musical instrument. Thank you so much!

We also went home with some items like The Groovy (feeding plate and bowl) from Boon Philippines! These will definitely go well with Noa’s Boon Benders!

For more information about WeLuvMoms, visit their website or like them on Facebook. Products featured at the page are proud sponsors of WeLuvMoms activities, and are available at:

  • Robinson’s Department Stores
  • Rustan’s Department Stores
  • SM Department Stores
  • Landmark
  • Babyland
  • Baby Company Boutique
  • NUMA
  • Sta. Lucia East Department Store
  • Metro Gaisano

Products can also be found at and, the Philippine Online Shopping Mall.



Glaiza is a Filipino Home & Lifestyle Blogger, Proud Mom & Military Wife. She believes that a happy and informed family life is both a choice and responsibility. Motherhood is a blessing, and best traveled by sharing and inspiring others. ♥


vee fernandez

nice review mare…nanay and Echo has a lot of catching up to do



What fun! I love Boon; we’ve been using their feeding ware and toys ever since my little boy was born. I would have loved to have gone to this event!



I agree with Rowena, this looks like such a fun event. This make me wish the Little Ones were younger so that I could bring them to events like this one =)



When I become a mom, I want to be part of this group too. Seems fun and promising! All the best!


Rowena Wendy Lei

Seems like a fun, activity-filled event! Both my kids seem too old for most of the brands though. Moms who give birth later are more fortunate! 🙂


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