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Hi there, Mommies! I came home 4 hours ago from attending the much-awaited Mommy Bazaar of the Year–EXPO MOM! I am so excited to share some of the pictures I took and of course my take on this fun event for modern moms like us!

My first Expo Mom last May 7th, 2011

This is the second Expo Mom event I’ve been to. Did you know that the Expo Mom was the first ever Mommy event I’ve attended? Yes, I was 7 months pregnant to Noa around this time last year.

I was too ecstatic to shop at that time for my baby girl because there were just too many cute items everywhere! I ended up taking these home last year. Some of these I bought, some are for FREE!

My Expo Mom ’11 Swag

It was also around this time last year that I signed up for the Mommy Mundo Privilege Passport. I was able to bring home a nice tote bag as shown in the picture below. I find this very useful as I shop, especially during the various Mommy Mundo bazaars! The Mommy Mundo Privilege Passport also gives free pass to all their events like the Expo Mom.

If you’re interested in getting one, please see the full details HERE.

I had such a good experience attending last year so I really waited for Mommy Mundo’s announcement as to the exact date of the next Expo Mom. I just knew that I couldn’t afford to miss it!

And so, after one year, here I am writing about my second Expo Mom experience. Here are some of the photos I got:

Welcome to Expo Mom 2012!

The night before the Expo Mom, I already listed down all the things that my daughter really NEEDS. This would keep me from impulsive buying! I’m so proud of myself today because I was able to work around my budget.

The first booth I visited: Mustela. I find their Vitamin Barrier Cream very effective! Noa has been using Desitin long before we tried this rash cream. Mustela products have a 10% markdown in this year’s Expo Mom.

The Mustela Booth in Expo Mom 2012

Aside from endless shopping, Expo Mom also offers very interesting plenary sessions that you can listen to. Today, I signed up for the Green Living talk by Ms. Anna Meloto of Human Heart Nature.

Ms. Anna Meloto of HHN with Mommy Patricia Bermudez-Hizon (Host)

I was also very lucky on that day because I won in their hourly raffle draw! I got a googooandgaga bandana!

Every Expo Mom, I see to it that I spend time with my mommy-friends at AMO. We had a chitchat over lunch at Kenny Rogers inside the Powerplant Mall.

Mommy Liv Emeterio’s “JABE” in Kenny Roger’s
while waiting for lunch

After a sumptuous lunch and some mommy bonding, we decided to head back to the bazaar to submit our votes for the Best Booth and we came across to this fabulous mom, none other than the organizer herself! She even gave all of us a flower made from recycled paper! It was such a sweet gesture!

Photo Op with Mommy Janice Villanueva, founder of Mommy Mundo

One of our fellow AMO mommies, also has a booth today. Of course, we couldn’t let the day pass without letting Mommy Laurence & Daddy Nelson Tengkiat know that we’re supporting them! She’s selling Alva cloth diapers, Sophie the Giraffe teether and many more. If you’re going tomorrow, please drop by her booth, The Fawn Shoppe.

The AMO mommies at The Fawn Shoppe

This year, as a Mommy Mundo Privilege Passport holder, I was given another nice (and bigger) tote bag! Hooray! It’s very roomy and nice! 🙂

My Mommy Mundo Tote Bag for this year’s Expo Mom 2012

I also went to visit the ManilaBaby Shop to claim my prize because I won in Mommy Belle’s Cruisin Motherhood blog giveaway!

I walked away with this Junior Lifesaver’s Bag.

My new Junior Lifesaver’s Bag from Mommy Neva & Mommy Belle

Even though I was not able to take my daughter with me today because I was too scared of another heavy rainfall just like yesterday, I am so happy to bring home these stuff for her! All of these, I got for free (except for the Mustela cream).

Thank you, Mommy for these pasalubong from Expo Mom 2012!

And also, I want to share that along with the loot bag comes a copy of the April-May issue of the Urban Mom Magazine (official publication of Mommy Mundo). I didn’t know that they featured my letter for the said issue and for that, I’m bringing home a Baby Couture Diaper Bag! Wee! 🙂

My featured letter in the Urban Mom Magazine

If you want to experience this kind of modern mommy empowerment that I am feeling right now, don’t worry because you can still attend tomorrow’s Expo Mom! It’s open from 10:00AM to 8:00PM at the Rockwell Tent, Rockwell Center, Makati City!

How about you? What’s your Expo Mom story? 🙂

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