Mom’s Natural Buddy in Caring for Babies

Early in 2010 when I first learned about my pregnancy to our first baby, there’s one that made me feel so excited about — shopping! Being a working mom at that time, I made it a habit to always drop by the baby section of every department store within my work area to look for some of the best available baby products. As a pregnant career woman, there were also times that I felt so lazy to go out and I just resorted to online shopping. Even until now, I still love looking for some excellent items and products for our baby girl online.

“The most natural way to care for my family is to always be there for them and to give only the best and the most natural products.”

One Facebook day, I stumbled into this online fan page which says, “Organic Rice Powder” for kids — very interesting! I suddenly remembered my husband’s caution when buying baby powder for Noa.

“Mommy, remember what happened to me when I was a little boy. So be very careful when choosing a baby powder for Noa.”

My husband developed asthma when he was still a baby since his aunt accidentally poured a lot of baby powder over his chest. His asthma did not go away not until his high school days.

The American Academy of Pediatrics warns us parents of a harmful ingredient present in the common baby powder products in market called “Talcum.” It is said to be closely related to carcinogen asbestos which commonly develops in the ovaries and lungs. It could pose serious danger to a child once inhaled. (BabyCenter)

But with a hot and humid country like ours, let’s admit it, we couldn’t get away with using baby powders. But don’t we worry because there is a locally available organic baby powder that we can safely use to our kids—TINY BUDS!

I first bought Noa’s Tiny Buds baby powder in Rustan’s Gateway. Tiny Buds is made of 100% real Rice grains with mild fragrance. It controls Noa’s excessive sweating and the good news; it is 100% talc-free!

We have been using Tiny Buds baby powder together with its other product line like the Baby Bottle & Utensil Wash. We even use this effective yet safe wash to clean Noa’s fruits before giving it to her. It is very economical to use. 1 500ml pump-bottle of the Tiny Buds Baby Bottle Wash could last up to more than 1 month!

We also love the Tiny Buds Hand Sanitizer that is made from fruit extract! Its pear scent smells so good! 🙂

This is definitely a favorite! The Tiny Buds Hand Sanitizer!

Tiny Buds has been constantly growing its organic product line for us. Just recently they have launched the following members of their family:

  • Sticky Hand Wipes – organic baby wipes that is alcohol-free, gently formulated with chamomile and Vitamin E, and paraben-free

We use the Tiny Buds Stick Hand Wipes in cleaning Noa’s messy mouth after eating 🙂

  • Scratch Off – soothing gel to soothe skin discomfort, insect bites and other minor skin irritation, paraben-free
  • In A Rash? – soothing light cream that can be used after every diaper change, free also from paraben and petroleum. (I will place some photos of each product)

I want to safely and naturally care for my precious daughter Noa so I put my trust in Tiny Buds. Noa’s happy, too! 🙂

Tiny Buds is my natural buddy in caring for Noa.

My baby and I are also very honored to be chosen as one of the Tiny Buds ambassadors! This print ad was published in the April 2012 issue of the Smart Parenting Magazine!

You can find Tiny Buds from these stores:

  • Shangrila Mall
  • Rustans Essenses
  • Alabang Town Center
  • Rustans Gateway Mall
  • Robinson’s Place Ermita
  • Rustans Makati
  • Ayala Cebu
  • Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall
  • Numa

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For more details on their products, you can visit the official Tiny Buds’ website or like them on Facebook.


  1. Beflor Ylanan-Flordeliza says:

    “Sometimes when you pick up your child you can feel the map of your own bones beneath your hands, or smell the scent of your skin in the nape of his neck. This is the most extraordinary thing about motherhood – finding a piece of yourself separate and apart that all the same you could not live without.” i love my baby so much..

    Beflor Ylanan-Flordeliza
    from Quezon City

    • Beflor Ylanan-Flordeliza says:

      now i have a super “kulit” baby girl.. she’s turning 2 on sept.. and soon she’s gonna be a sister..were so excited.. since i became a mother all i want is to take good care of my family as simple as that.. i am happy to serve them what they need.. ^_^

  2. Em says:

    Breastfeeding her is the most “natural” way that I show my love for my little miss. Yes, she will turn 3 soon ans is still being breastfed.

    I would like to see Sunblock for babies/toddlers in Tiny Buds growing prducts 🙂

    Myra Michelle Nunez-Tiquio
    Bacoor, Cavite

  3. connie beltran says:

    i love your post, even if my kids are old. I will tell my sisters about this blog. they actually listen to me, specially when it comes parenthood. deciding what is the best for their kids. it will help a lot. will wait for you another blogs

    more power to you both and your precious one.

    hope to see any organic and health concious baby toys.

    connie beltran
    Makati city

  4. agnes mabel says:

    mothers instinct tells her just when her kids are ok or not. natural love bonds mom and children. the love i have for my kids is unconditional. i will always be there for them. its the way for all moms.
    organic products would be good to feature…
    agnes espino
    makati city

  5. Tina Elaine Resuello says:

    To my dearest son, please do know that no matter how far from each other we may seem to be, you will always be in Mommy’s heart and mind. Just two more years and we’ll soon be sharing good moments together. I love you Nathan! Always will. 🙂

    Tina Elaine Resuello

  6. Erlhyn says:

    To my precious little girl, you are so dear. Even if you grow up into a lady, you’ll stay my sweetest baby.

    Mommy will always be your fan, supporter, and friend in any ways. No matter what. Love you.

    Hope to see cleaning soaps for baby bottles and/or laundry soaps for baby clothing.

    Erlhyn Padilla
    Paranaque City

  7. working mama says:

    I love you so much my little boy and to you my little angel who still in my womb. Both of you are such a wonderful blessing we ever received. Always put in your mind and heart that we are always here for you caring and loving unconditionally.


    Mama Dorry

    I would like to see organic products and educational toys for babies and toddlers.

    Dorry Lyn Tan
    Tacloban City Leyte

  8. working mama says:

    I love You my dearest son and to you little angel who still in my womb. Always keep in mind and in your heart that I’m always here for you caring and loving unconditionally. You are such a wonderful blessing I and your papa ever received.

    Mama Dory

    hoping to see organic products and educational toys for baby and toddlers.

    Dorry Lyn Tan
    Tacloban City Leyte

  9. mhoie1325 says:

    My dearest ER & Hubby,

    I love both of you very much! Mommy will always be here for both of you no matter what. I want to thank both of you for your love, understanding & support!

    Mommy Elinor

    I would like to see organic lotion & shampoo for kids.

    Ma. Elinor Semira
    Angono, Rizal
    elinorsemira0124 at gmail dot com

  10. says:

    I think every mother wants the best for their children and their family. It’s but natural to feel like that. We have our nurturing and protective instincts. That’s why just like other mommies, I always give my 100% love and care to my two beautiful angels and their father. I only want the best for them!

    How about a toy surface instant cleaner spray? I would love to see a new product like that from Tiny Buds.

    Name: Aileen Cabrera
    Location: Las pinas City
    Email Add:

  11. mommy nannette says:

    i love my kids since infants until now.they are my angels,my life is nothing without you my love for you is unconditional.No matter what happen nobody can change my love because you are my priority..

    “I love to Tiny Buds is a baby lotion and cologne”

    Name=Antonieta Magaway
    Location=Davao City

  12. Istin says:

    My “natural” love message to your children/family”
    To my mama and papa, thank you for the love and support. Thank you for still accepting me eventhough I ran away so many times. I am so sorry for rebelling. Thank you for taking good care of my children by providing their needs. I will try to be a good daughter and a good mother in return. I am so lucky to have you both as my parents.

    To my two little angels,
    Thank you for being a great blessing to our family. I am so sorry for being a bad mama sometimes but I want you to know that I love you both so much. Sorry if me and ur papa had a bad and failed marriage. We will try to be good friends and be a good parents to you both. Eventhough we are incomplete. My family will never let you guys feel that we are incomplete. You will be showered with lots of love and care from all of us. Love you both. Hugs and Kisses 😀

    name: Maria Christine Gumatay
    location: Pasig City
    e-mail address:

  13. ruru says:

    My natural love message to my 3 kids and husband .Thank u for making me happy all the time i will promise you i will love u til my breath away! 🙂 hehe! love u always mwahugss..

    I would love to see in tiny buds is More skin care products..


  14. mitchyweech says:

    To my Queen,
    I may not be the best Mom in this world but I’ll give the best love and care as long as I live. Me and your Dade will do our best to support all your needs and we’ll guide you until you grow old. I hope you understand someday that sometimes life is not that easy but we’ll make sure that you will enjoy life with us. God bless us always! We love you baby Queen.

    Michelle Lalic

  15. Crystal Cruz says:

    I show the most natural love message I can give to my family is to take cared all of the needs including cooking their favorite foods.The delicious meals.In charge of their hygiene taking a bath together with my 4 year old baby girl.Teaching her a good and discipline way of attitude.I will definitely show how much I care.Will always tell how much I love her and always always kissed her. Always teach her a right and wrong.It’s good to be a mom but it’s better to be an inspiration mom and best to be a role model mom. 🙂

    Crystal Cruz
    Marikina City

  16. Janice says:

    I show the most natural love message I can give to my children by showering them with lots of hugs and kisses, always showing up at their many school functions, telling them I love them, and by simply taking care of them each and every day in any way that I can.

    I would love to see Tiny Buds have cleaning products for the home that are also organic and safe to use.

    Janice Lim
    Paranaque City

  17. Cherry Cacho Puno says:

    nice giveway! im joining for my nieces they are like my second child since i still dont have my own kid after getting married for 5 years so my attention and love is on my nieces and nephews and im longing for having my own baby in the right time,these kids are like mine and they complete whats missing on me Love u all my pamangkins! hope to win and give them a nice present to takecare of them more with these products.

    Hope they have Shampoo and Baby wash or sanitizer.

    Cherry Cacho Puno
    Caloocan City

  18. melandriaonline says:

    life is full of surprises and along that surprises is the joy of having my children. i always wanted to live a natural and sustainable life. i hope that they will grow strong and healthy.

    melandria romero
    naga city
    melandriaromero (at)

  19. lorna puno says:

    to my 2 daughter i love u so much and mom will never get tired of caring and understanding and loving u both hope both of you will grow with respect and love till mom grow old LOve u my babies..

    Cologne and shampoo and conditioner for toddlers and babies

    Lorna Puno
    caloocan city

  20. GEM P. says:

    I do love my kids and so to care for them naturally i let them do what they think may improve their talents and personality im just here to support and guide them in whatever they want to pursue when they grow up.

    hope to have some shampoo
    Gemma Callueng Puno
    Caloocan City

  21. Lucky Vixen says:

    To my Julia,

    You’re the best thing that ever happened to us! You are a natural entertainer, doing your pocoyo dance makes us crazy! Just enjoy being our little girl, our princess, and don’t rush into being a teenager! Whatever happens I will be your mom, teacher and shopping buddy! Let’s enjoy this life as a happy family!

    Love Mommy Jenny

    *I would like to read more tips on how to develop good eating habits, i’m still struggling on it 🙂

    Jennifer Aguirre
    Las Piñas City

  22. Liza Marie Valenzuela says:

    The most natural love message that I can give to my family is my never ending love and support them. Through thick and thin, no matter what happens, there may be ups and down in our lives but I promise to them that my heart will always belong to them. And will spend and cherrish every moments with them.

    I would like to see an organic or natural products in addition to the Tiny Buds family.

    Name: Liza Marie Valenzuela
    Location: Makati, Philippines

  23. Aine G. says:

    to my little girl:

    No words can express the joy that me and your dad felt when you came to our life. You’ve always been our inspiration, our strength, and our happiness. We will always be at your side and we will always give our unconditional love and take care of you. We love you so much!

    * How about baby cologne & toothpaste for toddlers in addition to Tiny Buds family..

    Aine Garcia
    Taguig City

  24. Honey Girl says:

    To all my loved ones and family, we have each other in times of thick and thin, and even though we face hard times, it is always comforting to know that we will always be there to support each other.

    I’d love to see an all-natural baby wash safe for infants.

    Joana Somejo
    Metro Manila

  25. arra says:

    Hi babysasha,you are my only my treasure.You give me enough reason to smile everyday.Mama is here to take care of you until the end.I may not give you everything but rest assured i’l give you only the best for you.

    Arra Morta
    Camarines Sur

    Baby cologne4 would be a nice addition.

  26. luckyfinds says:

    It is my fervent desire to be able to give all my love to my only daughter by catering to her every whim, suporting her as she continue on to discover life and what her talents are. I am also prepare to cushion her every “fall” as young as she is.

    I’d love to see hypoallergenic products for kids as well as environment-friendly school items she could use.

    emiliana sison

  27. erlindaj says:

    since i dont have children of my own,, ive been so devoted on taking care of my brothers children.. i treated them just like my own. and now that they are full grown ups.. and have children of their own,, they are paying me back with love and care.. however, i still feel a little bit incomplete, i dont want to stay alone, so i took care of my grand children.. i have to beautiful grand kids. and i will take care of them just like what i did to their parents. i love them so much
    id like to see some organic baby foods in your line..


  28. Mona Lisa Valle says:

    To my husband and daughter, the words “I love you” aren’t sufficient to express how deeply I am in love with you two. Sure, you give me headaches and sometimes, heartaches but I guess it’s just but “natural” for when we give our hearts to someone, we likewise give that person the prerogative to handle our emotions – both the happy and sad. I love you and I’ll take care of you both forever.

    Mona Lisa Menor Valle-Bormate
    Cainta, Rizal

  29. April F. Manuel says:

    Dear Mella,

    You are the most precious gift sent by the heavens to me and my life won’t be complete without you. I love you so much and I promise to take good care of you now and forever.


    Products I would like to see in addition to the Tiny Buds family: baby wash, baby lotion, and baby sunblock.

    April F. Manuel
    Quezon City

  30. leizle demaisip says:

    to my 3 little angels,

    Mom will always be here for you no matter what happened. I love you all with all my heart UNconditionally. I’ll give everything to protect you from harm and always make sure that you are all safe naturally.

    Love Mommy.

    I would like to see in addition to the Tiny Buds family soon: baby lotion

    full name: Leizle Demaisip
    location: Davao City
    e-mail address:

  31. xtine says:

    Like many women, I’ve always loved trying out new baby products, with a mild natural cleaner formulated to keep baby safe from harmful chemicals, it cleanses my baby feeding bottles completely and perfectly cleaned. Its highly effective and eliminated stain and unpleasant odours from soiled breast milk and formula as well. I guess my precious babies deserves only the best Tiny Buds Baby Bottle & Utensil Wash.

    Name :Christine Reyes
    Location: Pasig City

  32. Lolly Arroco says:

    Dear LA,

    You know that I’ll do anything for you. I am always looking for the best product for you to keep you safe and free from disease-causing agents. I love you!;)

    Tiny Buds, I hope you could add bath products to your set.:)

    Name: Lolly Arroco
    Location: Pasay City

  33. aphrilross says:

    My natural love to my one and only son is i will protect him no matter what.. i love him unconditionally and i will not let anyone hurt him.. since i am a single parent, i will nurture him and give him everything in the best way i could.. and i will let him grow to be a God Fearing individual.. and no single day that we dont say i love yous to each other.
    i want to see TINY BUDS line of clothes and feeding bottles i guess.

    Name : Aphril Ross Jose
    Location : Bacolod City
    Email Address :

  34. ♫ Shebay ♪ says:

    Love message to my parents: Thank you for the unconditional love you always provide me, my siblings and my children (your 2 & only grandchildren). You always show us utmost care the most natural way — esp. when dealing with our asthma. And, til now, you still provide our needs thru safe & natural, high-quality products.

    For my kids: I’ll do the same what my parents did — to provide you unconditional love, understanding and lots of care. I know that natural/organic products (food & baby/kids care) will help prevent asthma attacks.

    I hope Tiny Buds could provide our kids toothpaste with natural ingredients. 🙂

    Sherrybe Raymundo
    Makati City


    Most natural way of taking care of my little girl is teach my daughter that she is beautiful just the way she is. I will let her know that her natural beauty is all the attractiveness she will ever need and that I love her just the way she is.

    Product I would like to see in addition to the Tiny Buds family soon : Baby Body Wash & Shampoo

    Name: Filamay Asturias Beboso
    Location: Bacolod City

  36. Theresa Cruz-Escaros says:

    Breastfeeding my son is the most “natural” way that I show my love for him. Also, as much as possible, with the products I use on him, I choose only those containing natural ingredients. It is scary to think that the chemicals in products we use in our households everyday may be harsh or harmful to our children, now and even later on in their lives. That’s why I make sure that the products I use on my baby contains only natural ingredients (like Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder).

    Theresa Cruz-Escaros
    Tandang Sora, Quezon City

  37. Cheddy says:

    I always tell my daughter that she is one of God’s most wonderful blessing to me and her daddy. And so I make sure that I give her the best care there is. Showering her always with hugs and kisses, and most of all, I make it a point to tell her how much I love her. I have big dreams for my daughter, but I know that at the end of the day it’s still what she wants that will prevail. When that time comes, I’m just here to guide and support her.

    It would be nice if Tiny buds will also have organic baby wash, lotion and cologne.

    Name: Cheddy Rose A. Araneta
    Location: Bacoor, Cavite

  38. Joy Merced says:

    To my kids:

    I love you both so very much. I hope you both get a chance to read this once you both learn how to read,don’t worry i’m doing my best to teach you your ABC’s! Mommy wants you both to know how happy i am for having you in my life. I wouldnt want it any other way. I’ll do my best to raise you both right and i’ll take care of you both! Mommy ang bahala sa inyo!

    Love, Mom

    Name: Lovely Joy Merced
    Location: Cavite Philippines

    PS: Yeah i agree with others, Organic food would be nice to see.

  39. aida says:

    Aida Villanueva
    Batangas City

    I think one way of showing love is to spend enough time together as time is the most precious and priceless thing that we possess. It’s hard to give pure love in other ways but I would say that it is also important to try not to be selfish when it comes to those that are important to us.

    FB Name: Keene Slither

  40. Chat Carlos says:

    My most natural way of taking care of my kids are the natural ways that my mom gave and taught me,I know that those things are natural and good as I know and came from the best person in the world,And now Im a mom I can practice them on my kids =)

    Charity Carlos
    Lapaz Tarlac

  41. Analyn Alonsagay says:

    When my baby turns 6mos, and is ready to eat foods, instead of buying processed baby foods at the market, I just used natural fruits and veggies, that way I know that my baby is eating healthy and nutritious food.
    I would love to try tiny buds sanitzer,,

    Analyn Alonsagay
    Navotas City

  42. mary grace reyes says:

    My natural ‘love’ message to my kids is that I will always love and take care of them as long I can and as I live. Touching & hugging are my ways of loving them, naturally. I’ll love to see organic foods to their line.:)

    Name: Mary Grace Reyes
    Location: Tondo, Manila

  43. mary reana says:

    Being a mother, I wanted my children to know and feel how much we love them (me and my hubby). I make it a point that we provide to them everything as much as we can and as much as possible. I wanted them, if they can ready this to be a better persons in the future and to achieve whatever goal they have in mind. tnx.
    I hope Tiny Buds be able to make also organic body wash for bath and baby shampoo i guess.

    Mary Avellana Reana
    Quezon City

  44. sharon m. says:

    the most “natural” love message i give my son is when i lull him to sleep. i dunno but somehow, i get the chance to tell him that at the end of the day, no matter how bad or how good it turned out, mommy will always be here for him.

    I think nivea baby products are great to be featured on your blogs also.

    name: sharon moreno
    location: paranaque city

  45. christine says:

    My most natural way of taking care of my son is using the best and most natural baby products to him and giving him the best love and care that a mother could give to his child. I love to try the Rice Baby Powder because Lance perspires a lot being an active boy.
    christine batiller
    quezon city

  46. Nanay Bebeng says:

    The most natural way of taking care of my little girl is to always follow my heart. And of course, making her eat organic food. She eats sinigang na hipon, broccoli, sauteed sayote and her favorite is misua with patola. Sometimes, a little giving-in from the “old folks” can mean no harm. They were once mothers to little kids, too. So basically, they know better.:)

    Name: Denise R. Rayala
    Location: San Mateo, Rizal

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