My First SP Goody Bag Winning Experience

Last night I was thinking a couple of times if I should really blog about this disappointing incident I have with a staff of the Summit Media. I still have left a little respect in my heart for her so I won’t be disclosing her name anymore in this post.

Last March 18, 2012, I got an e-mail from that said staff informing me that I indeed won in their magazine, Smart Parenting (SP), Goody Bag contest for March. I won a certain “Winnie the Pooh” gift pack which I have already totally forgotten about.

My P8,000.00 worth of prizes as described in the SP March issue

Being a Smart Parenting subscriber myself, I immediately looked for my March issue to see what prizes I have won because at the back of my head, if they were just candies, I won’t mind claiming it anymore. I would just buy those candies in the supermarket instead of paying for gasoline and use the car to get to their office near Boni, Edsa. It would be more hassle on my part.

Since I got the email early last Friday, I immediately complied with the requirements described in the email and luckily, my father would be fetching my sister in her workplace in Mandaluyong so I had a free ride. It would take about 1-1.5 hours by car to get to the Summit Media office. I happily left our house because I was so ecstatic to claim the prize for my daughter.

According to the fine print in the advertisement, under the Mechanics part, I should be receiving the following prize. You can go ahead and counter-check this if you have the SP March issue on page 110.

“Ten (10) winners of P8,000.00 worth of products from Fun Characters, Inc. (Winnie the Pooh pillow cases, WTP plush toy from WD Characters, one (1) case of Knotsberry Pooh Jelly Drink, WTP Bags from Optima, a sleepwear set from SGI, one (1) Winnie the Pooh body pillow, Pooh outwear from Kids like Us, gift certificate from GoNuts Donuts, and Pooh tablewear and drinkwear set from Much Prosperity) will be drawn.”

My heart was really jumping for joy for this advance birthday present for my daughter. When I came to the Summit Media office, I waited a bit but that was understandable because of the content and number of prizes to be given to me. This staff finally came out and gave these to me:

To enumerate, I only got the following stuff out of the list:

  • 1 Winnie the Pooh Bag
  • 1 Winnie the Pooh plush toy
  • 1 Winnie the Pooh Tumbler
  • 1 Winnie the Pooh Outwear
  • 1 Winnie the Pooh pillow
  • 1 Case of Winnie the Pooh Jelly Drink

Don’t get me wrong, I’m really very thankful for all these prizes they gave me, but I have an issue with the accuracy of the prizes given to the winners. Where are the pillow case, sleepwear, GC from GoNuts Donuts, and tablewear as described in the fine print?

To make things worse, I emailed the staff the following day (Saturday) and even thanked her for accommodating me. I also took the chance to ask her about the “supposed-to-be-other-prizes” that I should be getting on top of what I went home with. I gave her the benefit of the doubt that she could have just forgotten to include those other prizes.

She replied yesterday, Tuesday, I have her email and it went like this on Tuesday, May 22, 9:12 AM:

“Hi Glaiza, Sorry I forgot to give the GoNuts Donuts GC, feel free to pick it up to our office anytime.”

At least, I got the confirmation that there were indeed some prizes left out. That afternoon, I asked my father to drive for me to the Summit Media office for the second time. Much to my suprise, this staff came out and told me that the GoNuts Donuts GCs, according to her, “hasn’t been delivered” or sort of “hasn’t reached” their office yet. In short, she has nothing to give me! She even told me to go back to their office AGAIN! Read this again: I NEED TO GO BACK FOR THE THIRD TIME!

I banked on her word when she said in her email and I am free to pick it up ANYTIME. Is it my mistake?

This is too much hassle on my part to go back for the third time so I went back and asked the security to call the staff once again. I was even the one who offered to give a shipping money so she could just deliver the remaining prize to my address! That’s the only time she realized that she would just ask their office messenger to bring it to my home. She just asked for my name and cellphone number. Now I wonder where “initiative” and “customer concern” went.

I am not saying this to badmouth Summit Media and Smart Parenting Magazine since I am a subscriber myself and they have helped me a lot in so many ways. My subscription will be ending this July so I’m thinking if I should renew it or not. I am hoping that this is just an isolated case. Like what I said, and I am reiterating, I am so thankful to them for these gifts but then again, it’s a matter of accuracy and honoring what they said they would do.

I hope they will act on this situation the soonest. I will let you know how this episode would end. I already sent a private message to the Smart Parenting Facebook webmaster about this issue and as of writing, they haven’t responded to it yet. I hope they would be able to redeem their name for this. If no prompt action is made, I would be forced to escalate this concern to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and seek for some guidance.


  1. Tina Santiago-Rodriguez says:

    Hi Mommy Glaiza! Gosh. As a contributor to SP, I am kind of shocked, too. πŸ™ Perhaps you could write a letter to the editor or something, just to relay your experience, so that they are at least aware of what happened.

  2. ladymishel says:

    nakakalungkot talaga pag ganyan pabalik balikin ka lang. Na experience ko yan sa The Spa Libis branch…3x din ako nagpunta bgo ko maclaim ang GC na hindi ko rin nagamit bandang huli.

  3. Rowena Wendy Lei says:

    Hi Glaiza! Failure to provide on the suppliers’ part actually does happen as I have experienced it firsthand when I held my 2nd blogversary contest. If I were in your place though I would have brought up the missing things during my first trip there as we were already face to face.

    I do understand the frustration at being told to go there and then leaving empty-handed only to be told to go again. With the cost of transport, the traffic, and this hellish weather, it’s really a big deal.

    I hope your issue gets resolved.

  4. Mona Lisa Valle says:

    This is really disappointing especially if the prizes are to be picked up and not be shipped. Inconvenient, yes but worth it sana if they have been true to giving the prizes as stated in their issue.

    Nakakainis lang na pababalik-balikin pa. Have they apologized? πŸ™

  5. d and b says:

    andami! congrats sis! pero kakapagod lang yong GC mo ha hehe btw, sis sana may name/URL ka sa choices mag comment. ang google account ko kasi di na connected sa blogs ko πŸ™ tia!

  6. says:

    I’m an avid reader of Smart Parenting Magazine since the day they released their pilot issue. I have been looking for a local magazine that talks about parenthood. Available magazines way back then were very limited. That’s why I was so happy when I finally saw their first issue, it was so timely because I just had my first born then. That’s why love ko Smart Parenting and have high respect with their writers and staff. It is surprising to find out they have a staff like that. For one, they know that the magazine’s primary target market are busy mothers like us who value “time”. “Mahal ang oras ng mga nanay hindi dapat sinasayang!” I just hope they can make up to you and they should improve the kind of service they are giving to their followers.

  7. β™« Shebay β™ͺ says:

    Mommy Glaiza, I also have issue with claiming the prize with Summit staff (Hand Interactive). tagal nila magreply. March 15 pa yung letter, valid for 60 days pero di pa ko nababalikan when to pick it up. Last April 30 when I was told na resigned na yung contact ko and tatawagan na lang ako pag ready na yung prize. Till now wala pa. πŸ™

  8. Cheddy says:

    That really is disappointing, the fact that they launched a contest and promised the winners that they will receive the enumerated prizes, it should already have been prepared and ready for claiming. And take note: COMPLETE!!! I smell something fishy with that staff….

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