Starting Young and Right with Sansfluo

Hello there mommies and daddies! As I have told you in my previous post, my daughter Noa has just turned 11 months yesterday.

Unlike any other babies of her age, she only has 3 teeth as of the moment. Her first tooth showed up when she was already on her 9th month. I have to admit that this fact made me a little anxious but since her pediatrician is closely monitoring her health and developmental progress, it calmed the storm in me.

Noa’s first 3 teeth at 10 months

I noticed towards the latter part of her 8th month, she started drooling a lot. At times, she was a little fuzzy and she liked biting her toys. Having observed all these, I suddenly remembered that during Noa’s baby shower when I was still 7 months pregnant to her, I was given a pink finger toothbrush that helped me go through Noa’s teething period now.

On May 14, 2011, Noa received her first Sansfluo finger toothbrush. Thanks to my classmate, Ms. Debbie Galzote! πŸ™‚

Hello, Sansfluo Finger Toothbrush! πŸ™‚

To be honest, being a first-time mom, I gave not so much attention to Noa’s future teething stage. I guess my mind was still occupied with thoughts of delivering her safe and sound. But never did I forget that I still have this little pink finger toothbrush that I could use on Noa when the right opportunity comes.

Noa enjoys her pink Sansfluo finger toothbrush from 6-9 months

When Noa was close to her 6th month, I started doing a research about Sansfluo products that I could use on her. Like any other moms, I specifically looked for a product that is so safe yet effective for my daughter. When Noa started her solid feeding journey, I knew it was time to take out that pink Sansfluo toothbrush from the box. Since my good friend Debbie only gave me a toothbrush, the automatic question in my head was, “Where’s the toothpaste?”

I started googling it and find the best match: Sansfluo Teething Gel.

I purchased Noa’s first Sansfluo Teething Gel in SM Baby Company.Β Now, what is Sansfluo?

SansFluo comes from β€˜sans’ which means without and β€˜fluo’ which is a short for fluoride, thus β€˜no fluoride’.

SansFluo is a specially formulated toothpaste for infants and children from 0 to 6 years old. It is fluoride-free and is safe to swallow. It is non-foaming because it has no sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and contains no harmful ingredients. Moreover, SansFluo contains xylitol!

What are the other products of Sansfluo that can help us in keeping our baby’s good oral hygiene?

  • SansFluo Toothgel Cleanser – SansFluo Toothgel Cleanser is a fluoride-free toothpaste powered by xylitol! SansFluo comes in two great tasting flavors of orange and strawberry that will surely bring joy and fun to your child’s brushing.
  • SansFluo Teething Gel – SansFluo Teething Gel is used as temporarily relief for teething pain and sore gums in infants and children. It also serves as immediate relief for canker sore and minor irritations of the mouth.
  • SansFluo Tooth and Gum Wipes– SansFluo Tooth and Gum Wipes are dental wipes for babies and children. Each box contains 12 packets sterilized in a piece of gauze soaked in ionized water and xylitol. Flavored with strawberry, each packet ideally cleans your child’s teeth and gums when tooth brushing is not available.
  • SansFluo Xylitol Swab– SansFluo Xylitol Swab has a high concentration of xylitol that is applied or coated on the tooth surface and gumline of children to inhibit the formation of plaque that causes tooth decay.
  • SansFluo Dental Brush and Gum Massager– SansFluo Dental Brush and Gum Massager with Hygiene Case comes in baby colors of pink and blue. The hygiene case makes sure your child’s soft dental brush is always clean and safe to use.
  • SansFluo Pen Grip Toothbrush– SansFluo Pen Grip type of baby toothbrush provides mommies with long handle for easy tooth brushing of their babies from 5 months up to 2 years old.

My daughter really loves the Sansfluo Teething Geland the Sansfluo Tooth and Gum Wipes! But now that she’s almost 1 year old, I decided to let her try the Sansfluo Pen Grip Toothbrush. It really has soft bristles but I noticed that Noa tries to put the entire toothbrush in her mouth! I think my daughter isn’t ready for this yet so I’m keeping it for now and wait until she turns 1 and a half years old.

My daughter Noa as she learns to brush her own teeth at 11 months

I hope Sansfluo will develop a toothbrush for the in-between stage with a silicon stopper, or perhaps a silicon toothbrush to cater to the 1-2 years old age group. Nevertheless, we will surely use the Sansfluo Pen Grip Toothbrush again a few months from now. I’m very excited for this additional member of the Sansfluo family if ever! πŸ™‚

It’s very important for us moms to encourage our kids as early as now to maintain a clean and healthy lifestyle. Their young age is not a hindrance for us to teach them proper oral hygiene.

As a hands-on-mom, I personally shop for Noa’s stuff so I know your next question:Β Where can we buy the Sansfluo products for my baby?

You can find Sansfluo from these stores:

  • Watsons
  • SM Baby Company
  • Babyland
  • Baby Steps
  • Rustans Department Stores and Supermarkets
  • Shopwise
  • The Landmark Department Stores and Supermarkets
  • Cash & Carry
  • Makati Supermarket
  • Unimart
  • Crossings Department Stores
  • Gaisano Davao

Now, it’s contest time! Our generous friends from Health Amendments Inc. (HAI), the company behind Sansfluo will be giving away some of their products for the readers of my blog! Thanks also to HAI for giving us product samples to try on! πŸ™‚

Just make sure to carefully follow the mechanics as described by the Rafflecopter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I will announce the winner on July 2, 2012 (Monday). This giveaway is valid for Philippine residents only. Multiple entries will be disqualified. The winner’s entry is subject to validation. The lucky reader will get to walk away with these products for free! πŸ™‚

That’s not all! If you’re baby is a certified Sansfluo baby like Noa, please join in the “I am a Sansfluo Baby Contest” and get a chance to win lots of exciting prizes. Please read the complete mechanics below:

So, what are you waiting for, start young, start right with Sansfluo! For more details on their products and other exciting promotions, please visit the following links:


  1. Rachel Anne Del Rosario says:

    How do you encourage or develop a good oral hygiene to your child?

    I brush my son’s teeth 3x a day. I always tell him that whenever he eats sweets he should brush his teeth after to avoid having a tooth decay and i read a book to him about the importance of dental care and the bad effects of not brushing a teeth.

  2. Mitchie Talavera says:

    I brush my child’s teeth before taking a bath. I always tell her that brushing teeth is important so that she won’t have yellow teeth. I also make sure the toothpaste she uses is the one she like to encourage her to brush her teeth.

  3. Istin says:

    I encourage my children develop a good oral hygiene by brushing our teeth together. I as a role model teach them the proper way in brushing their teeth.

    full name: Maria Christina Gumatay
    location: Pasig City
    e-mail address:

  4. mhoie1325 says:

    I encourage or develop good oral hygiene in my child by being a good role model. One of the best ways to teach my child anything is to do it myself. I brush my teeth, floss & rinse in front of my child at least once a day so she can learn by example.

    full name: Ma. Elinor Semira
    location: Angono, Rizal
    e-mail address: elinorsemira0124 at gmail dot com

  5. Crystal Cruz says:

    I tell to my daughter that brushing her teeth makes her beautiful. Good thing we have an old magazine from my sister whose now a dentist. I always tell her on while reading the magazine that our teeth will looks like on the magazine if we don’t brush our teeth. My daughter is 5 years old alread so she understand it.That’s why she’s the one pa to remind me that mommy, brush our teeth na. πŸ™‚

    Crystal Cruz
    San Mateo Rizal

  6. *mae* says:

    When Johan’s teeth started erupting, I began to use the Sansfluo Teething Gel. At first, Johan won’t let me brush his teeth. So, what I did, I downloaded toothbrushing videos and made Johan watch these so he’d know that toothbrushing is fun and there’s nothing to be scared of. I also allow him to brush his teeth first and after which, I do the brushing. I also sing songs during the process so he’d know that toothbrushing time is also a Mommy-Johan bonding moment.

    Shirley Mae Tabora

  7. Gigi Mesina says:

    As soon as my children started feeding, i already introduced them on how to practice oral hygiene. This is when i cleaned their gums & mouth with soft cotton & water. As their teeth started to come out, i used a soft brush & i know that they already understand even at a very young age that right after eating they need to clean their mouth. Now, as they grow they already realized the importance of what i taught them because their dentist alway telling them that they are cavity free.

    Gigi ramos Mesina
    Marilao Bulacan

  8. mitchyweech says:

    I always make sure to brush my baby’s teeth every bath time and before she sleep. For her to know that it is important to have a clean mouth and fresh breath.. That way I can guide and teach her of what should do until she grows up.

    Michelle Lalic

  9. Theresa Cruz-Escaros says:

    I am glad that there are fluoride-free toothgels in the market now for our babies, such as Sansfluo. We wont have to worry about them swallowing the gel after brushing. And it’s a plus that Sansfluo does not sting, and it tastes and smells good, too.

    Theresa Cruz-Escaros
    Tandang Sora, Quezon City

  10. seeuwheniseeu says:

    My husband was the one who discovered and researched about sansfluo products and karl has been using it ever since. We encourage him by letting him brush his teeth and assisting him. Sansfluo Toothgel cleanser, gum wipes and teething gel help us through this difficult stage of teething.

    Katrina Paula C Aguilar
    Makati City

  11. Marcella says:

    i always let him brush with me, i gave him his own glass of water and hand him his toothbrush then he will follow me, dip the brush in the water then he will brush his whole mouth hehe, at least he enjoy the activity.
    maricel jancinal
    manila city

  12. lorna puno says:

    i encourage her by letting her see i brush my teeth every after meal ad showing her she will have a good teeth like mine if she brush like me so ow we do brush together and sometimes shes the one that’s reminding me to brush even we still eating.

    Lorna Puno
    Caloocan City

  13. jared's mum says:

    I always try to lead by example, so i make sure my little man sees me brushing my teeth regularly. it is hard to develop the habit especially for small children but i do believe that practice makes perfect, so even if he refuses or make a fuss, i make sure to brush his teeth at least 2x a day!

    ma. victoria parungao
    malolos city

  14. ladymishel says:

    My son has been a long time user of Sansfluo. He loves brushing his teeth because of the orange and strawberry flavors. He was even given the “No Cavity” award by the school dentist last year. I never had a problem with him whenever it’s time to brush his teeth because my husband and I trained him well. As soon as he reached the proper age to brush on his own we patiently guided him step-by-step on how to properly brush his teeth. We also never fail to visit his dentist every six months.

    Michelle Ame
    Antipolo City

  15. rhodora says:

    ask my son to brush his teeth regularly,if ayaw nya sasabihin ko na may titirang germs sa ngipin nya at uod,takot sya sa uod e,..hihihihi..kaya un mommy tooth brush time palagi pagkakain,..sya pa minsan nag reremind sakin,,,..:)

    rhodora dacanay
    sta rita sur agoo la union

  16. sharon m. says:

    I brush my son’s teeth every night so that it would become a part of his daily routine. I am proud to say that i never have a hard time convincing him to brush his pearly whites. And, after i brush his teeth, i hand the toothbrush to him so he could have his turn in brushing his own teeth. Of course, he uses sansfluo toothgel cleanser since at his age, (23mos.) he still doesnt know how to spit. =)

    Sharon Moreno
    15390 Sta. Clara St. San Agustin Vill., Brgy. Moonwalk, Paranaque City

  17. Cheddy says:

    I always brush Andrea’s teeth before giving her a bath. So when I tell her that it’s bath time, she knew that we’ll brush her teeth first. We also show her how we brush our teeth hoping that she will imitate us. Brushing her teeth has never been a problem for us because we started cleaning her gums very early.

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