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Noa’s First Birthday Party

Today is exactly two weeks since my daughter officially turned one. I decided to go on hiatus from blogging for quite a while to put more attention to my husband’s homecoming and to the preparation of Noa’s first birthday party.

After thinking long and hard, my husband and I mutually agreed to throw a simple birthday party for Noa. I only had 3 weeks to prepare since we weren’t sure where to hold her party. Let me tell you why.

  • Dilemma #1 : The Party Venue
  • Remedy : Jollibee A. Rodriguez cor. Marcos Highway, Pasig City

We only had two options in mind for the venue: AFP Medical Center Officers’ Clubhouse in Quezon City and Jollibee A. Rodriguez in Pasig City. I decided to scrap out the first venue because of all the hassle in availing  it since it’s a facility inside a military camp. You need to write a letter addressed to the Camp Commander and wait for its approval and all that! Thank God I made the right decision to spare myself from tons of trouble.

 Jollibee A. Rodiguez cor. Marcos Highway, Pasig City

We only have a venue left and that is Jollibee A. Rodriguez. Call me maarte but some Jollibee stores I’ve visited, I really dislike! Either they have poor ambiance, or if not hot, dirty. The reasons that I chose this Jollibee branch are: (1) it’s clean and new and (2) it is easy to find and accessible (3) lots of parking space. This store’s age? I think, is only more than a year old as of today.

This Jollibee branch has two floors. However, they don’t allow diners yet to the 2nd level. I think they reserve it for official functions and birthday bookings like ours. It’s a plus factor for me since it’s really clean and my guests did not go home perspiring! It’s really cold up there and we were allowed to use the whole 2nd floor!

They also did not charge me when I brought in a photobooth during Noa’s birthday. I love the host, really perky and not like some trash-talking, rated SPG stand-up comedians in comedy bars! I also like the Jollibee mascot! We had fun having him during photo ops. One time, he was even the one who called up my husband to join us in the photo souvenir booth for picture taking.

  • Dilemma #2 : The Date of the Party
  • Remedy : July 14, 2012 (Sat) 3:00PM – 6:00PM

I was hoping to get July 7 for Noa’s party but since the time that I really want wasn’t available anymore, we needed to pick another date. My husband also voiced out that he wanted to do the party right on Noa’s birth date, which is July 4 but it fell on a Wednesday. We also gave consideration and courtesy to one of my grandsons’ first birthday party celebration (son of Soldier Mom) on July 8th. After all the talks, we decided to avail the following weekend which was July 14th.

But then again, I was only on the 2nd priority for the 3PM slot of July 14th so I waited until May 17th in my serious hope of the 1st priority not confirming the slot. Luckily when I followed up, the most coveted schedule was finally awarded to us.

  • Dilemma #3 : The Theme
  • Remedy : Giraffe Party

With this theme, I never had any second thoughts since my daughter loves Sophie the Giraffe. The Giraffe party went against the Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Party which Noa also loves. Why? Simple reason: Noa’s party is during the day so it’ll be a little awkward to have stars when the sun is shining so hot. I told my husband that I wanted some elements of the animal giraffe and even Sophie in Noa’s party.

This giraffe plush toy is one of our great and rare finds in Divisoria Mall

Let me thank these people for extending a helping hand and even resources in supporting Noa’s 1st birthday party celebration:

Mommy Nadine Abraham’s baking was referred to me by another good mommy-friend, Liv Emeterio.

Mommy Nadine is the owner and chief baker of Swirls N Sprinkles Bakeshop. She is very accommodating and friendly to me even if I was a first-time client. I told her I just want a girl with a giraffe topper on Noa’s cake. I availed of her best-seller flavor, Choco Moist Buttercake with Hershey’s Chocolate filling, finished with fondant. I super love the taste of the cake! I will surely order from her for our future events!

Noa’s 1st Birthday Cake

I could tell that Noa loved her cake because when I met with Mommy Nadine to pick up the cake, Noa kept staring at it the whole time we’re travelling to the party venue. Also, my husband who’s not very fond of sweets ate this cake several times! 🙂

If you notice on the side, those honor guards, I mean, honor giraffes standing next to Noa’s cake was one of our great finds in Divisoria. It was my husband’s idea to buy giraffe plushies for Noa. We even bought one big giraffe for Noa to keep.

Thanks to my younger sister, Carly Garcia, for sponsoring Noa’s cake. She also liked the look and the taste!

Good Taste + Practicality + Cuteness = Swirls N Sprinkles Bakeshop. Highly recommended! Please add them up on Facebook for more info.

I’d also like to thank another good mommy-friend, Ms. Ron Moreno for giving us time and do a lay-out for Noa’s birthday tarp! We super appreciate it. It’s really cute! We had it printed 6×4. Thanks to my parents for saving us the hassle of looking for a printing shop.

Thanks also to our Mama Freda Aguilar and foster sister / Noa’s honorary Ninang, Ms. Katrina Ann Aguilar for Noa’s giraffe cupcakes!

She was also the one who made Noa’s dedication chocolate cupcakes. This time, she baked some Apple-Walnut cuppies for Noa’s birthday.

Why did you make it so hard for me to eat you?

Thanks to Mommy Klarissa Bariso for customizing Noa’s birthday tutu set! I really like it! 🙂 Thanks to my SIL Cherizeth Tominio for sponsoring this tutu set!

Thanks to Mr. Ian Yao of Tiptap Soft Soles for Noa’s birthday shoes! It’s really beautiful, non-slip and comfortable for Noa. She wore it the whole party!

Thank you also to Noa’s Ninong, 2LT Reyes for your generous monetary present that helped us with this Jollibee party! God bless you, Ninong!

Thanks also to our church-mates, couple Arlene and Joseph David of Pix in a Box Photo Booth for still accommodating us despite the short notice! Thank you for a good and quality service!

And also to my uncle, Boyet Galvez for this present for Noa.

To Tito BJ Lopez and Tito Ayie Emeterio for taking pictures! 🙂

Of course, to my dearest husband and Noa’s daddy Butch for providing for us for this party. Thank you for sleeping late a few days before the party to help me shop, pack and DIY the loot bags.

Sneak peek of Noa’s simple loot bag that we personally made:

My husband and I wanted a loot bag with things that kids could really use so we went bargain hunting in (the ever reliable) Divisoria Mall. We bought bag tags, face towels, and coloring book with sticker.

With the edible ones, I personally don’t like taking home candies that I myself won’t eat or even give to my daughter Noa. The candies in Noa’s looties are our personal favorites.

Assorted Character Bag Tags and Foods for the Kiddos 🙂

Thanks to all our families and friends who attended Noa’s party.

Thanks also for the love gifts you’ve showered upon our little Noa.


It really means so much to me and my husband! Thank you all for coming to our daughter Noa’s party! 🙂

I am happy because it went out smoothly as we have originally desired. With all the help of the people we love, our pockets did not complain with the expense, unlike if we shoulder it all. I’m happy that we stayed within our budget and even made the most out of it. We had 80 adults + 30 kids! I won’t regret my first Jollibee party experience for Noa!

As early as now, I have already thought of a theme for Noa’s next birthday, by God’s grace. If that is, we will throw another party for her. Who knows?


As a way to express my gratitude for God’s blessing upon our family, most especially to His faithfulness to Noa’s life, I will be throwing a special giveaway in celebration of Noa’s first birthday! I’m still consolidating all the prizes and nursing a sad heart since my husband already left again to work! HAHA. Please stay tuned and thank you for reading my blog! 🙂



Glaiza is a Filipino Home & Lifestyle Blogger, Proud Mom & Military Wife. She believes that a happy and informed family life is both a choice and responsibility. Motherhood is a blessing, and best traveled by sharing and inspiring others. ♥


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amos baird

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Kimberley Reyes

Congratulations on a very successful birthday party for Noa! The cupcakes are so adorable, by the way.

Coffee With Kim


Nanay Bebeng

Nice job Mommy Glaiza. Sarap mag-party ng may mga sponsors no. That’s what we had nung 1st birthday ni Pia, the Ninongs & Ninangs sponsored most of the things necessary for the party. Cute ng giraffe, especially yung sa cake. 😀



thanks, mommy glaiza 🙂 glad you liked Noa’s cake 🙂 Godbless you and your family 🙂


Jelyza Reyes

Thanks for the fun party! Nagulat ako sa Loot bag Pic!



again.. happy birthday noa! ^_^


rhodora dacanay

nice b-day party noa!!!congrats nowel and momy glaiz for having such a wonderful baby!!!regards to my classmate nowel!!


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