A Tale of Two Bags

I’m not really a bag lover. I don’t like toting expensive bags all the more. The only bag brands I know of and have used all these years are that from Nine West and XOXO, but I don’t buy them. Most of them are presents from family members who live abroad. But I don’t mind carrying them if I were given. I’m thankful.

I could still remember my then-boyfie’s (now husband) first Christmas present to me. It was a Jansport backpack that we bought together at The Travel Club in Gateway Mall.

En route to Coron, Palawan on March 2010 with the “Bag”

This orange floral / camouflage Jansport bag has been with me for almost 4 years now. It went everywhere with me, like for example, this photo above when the “bag giver” and I went to Coron, Palawan on March 2010. It has never failed me since the first day we bought it. Jansport has always been durable and reliable for backpackers like me, as long as it’s authentic. So let’s always go for authentic to make the most value of our money.

And today at around 5 o’clock in the afternoon, I received a package straight from JRS Express.

It was right before my very eyes. Thank you, Daddy.

For bag lovers, you would easily recognize this: a deep red, large, long handle Longchamp Le Pliage. Yes, this is my husband’s bag present #2 after 4 years. I admit, until now, I still feel guilty for owning it. It may not be as expensive as Hermes or LV, not even leveling to YSL, Coach or Tory Burch but this bag costs so much more than those luxurious brands because it came from my husband. It was paid by his hard-earned money. It’s a cliche but, it’s priceless.

In one of my husband’s text messages, he told me that I deserve a new pouch. And this bag is a present from him and Noa–a gift sent in between my birthday and Christmastime.

Here’s a scoop: I don’t even know how to spot an authentic Longchamp. Thanks to Google that I was able to learn more on how to find out the real McCoy. That’s how naive I am when it comes to expensive bags; or perhaps I really don’t care at all.

My 2 favorite bags

I won’t trade these 2 bags for anything. Call me sentimental but I don’t mind at all. I may not have a lot of bags by choice because for me, as long as I have one durable bag that I can use on a daily basis, I’m good. It’s just a matter of preference.

If you like bags and they make you happy and could afford it, go for it! I fully support you! If you’re like me who’s contented to have only a few but reliable bags, then it’s also OK. If there’s one valuable lesson that I learned from this episode is that, every once in a while, a little indulgence is fine. But remember: Act your wage! If you cannot afford it, why force it? Minsan, baka mas mahal pa ang bag mo kesa sa laman ng wallet mo, di ba?!

Thank you Daddy for rewarding me every once in a while. I know you know that I am not the “bilmoko” type of girl since the day we became “official” but I truly treasure this token of appreciation in my heart. You know that when I shop, I always have you and Noa in mind. I feel loved and blessed. Now I can say that I had a truly, amazing birthday in September and I already felt Christmas in October.

I am happy that I made through this blog post. Believe me, I tried writing this in my humblest disposition. I hope I am successful in doing so.


  1. eDeLjViNe says:

    love this blog mom glai..
    i can relate much ^_^
    same here, i practically never change my bag only if it’s already worn out.. πŸ™‚
    same as with my baby’s bag πŸ™‚

    deep red-long champ.. very nice! well deserved πŸ™‚

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