Moomy Reviews: Scott’s Vitamin C Pastilles

Health is wealth, as they say. And as parents, we strive to provide the best healthcare that we can give to our growing children. We do not settle for anything less but the most excellent ways and means to keep our kids protected from sickness.

Noa’s Ceelin drops stash. She takes 1ml per day at 16 months.

Aside from the usual and important stuff our kids need like milk, food, diapers, toiletries, vaccination and the like, we also include in our monthly budget a portion to buy vitamin supplements. It’s not a secret anymore that Noa takesΒ CeelinΒ drops since she started eating solid foods at 6 months. I’m blessed because Noa hasn’t been giving me a hard time with each vitamin-drinking session that we’re having.

Ceelin has been doing a pretty good job for Noa and we have no plans of dropping it yet; but sometimes it’s really nice to find some other interesting and innovative way for kids to have their daily dose of Vitamin C. We came across Scott’s Vitamin C pastilles when we attended Mommy Mundo’s event called Moms on the Floor last month.

Thank you to Mommy Mundo & all its sponsors! πŸ™‚

At first, I was a bit hesitant to go against the natural flow of taking Vitamin C. But when I started reading Scott’s Vitamin C pastilles’ packaging, it looks promising and yummy!

Scott’s Vitamin C Pastilles in Mixed Berries and Peach flavors
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We were given 2 zipper packs of Scott’s Vitamin C pastilles in Mixed Berries and Peach flavors to try on. Each zipper pack contains 15 pastilles.

Did my daughter like it? Take a look at this:

On the first week, I let her try the Mixed Berries flavor. Check!

Noa eats the Mixed Berry variant

Then here comes the second pack of the Peach flavor. Another check!

It’s now time for some Peaches! πŸ™‚

It’s a thumbs up for me as a mom! We are still finishing up the second pack this week and I could certainly tell that Noa looks forward to having her 100% Vitamin C required intake everyday. I will surely get the Scott’s Vitamin C in bottle on my next trip to the drugstore.

Noa takes 1 pastille every day as prescribed by the packaging for children from 1-12 years old. Each Scott’s Pastille contains 30mg of Vitamin C. It is high in vitamin C and it contains no artificial color or sweetener.

Care for a little secret? I also take Scott’s Vitamin C with Noa but I eat 2 that is why 15 pastilles are consumed quickly! After I’ve given Noa her dose, I immediately hide it from her because as soon as she has consummated her soft pastille, she begs to have another one. Noa isn’t the only one who loves it, so do I! πŸ™‚

The Scott’s Vitamin C pastilles are now available in leading supermarkets and drugstore and are under the license of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) here in the Philippines.

To know more about our kids Vitamin C requirement, it is always best to consult our kids’ pediatrician. You can also read online articles about it but make sure that they are from reputable sites. You can try this article on Vitamin C by BabyCenter.


  1. holly says:

    Hi. My daughter has always been hard to feed meds let alone vitamins so she never really had a good vitamin intake run until i tried scotts vit c. Thank you for this innovative product. I’d like to know if scotts has multivitamins as well? Gotta add it to my daughter’s vit c intake.

  2. Elsie Suarez says:

    Chloe is taking the Scott Syrup. I first heard about this from my friend in Singapore. She told me that most of the pediatricians there are recommending Scott. without approval from my pedia i bought big bottle. then when Chloe had her check up, our pedia told us that Scott is very good for her health :)1 year na din sya nag te take ng Scott Syrup.

    • Moomy Glaiza says:

      Really? Is Scott’s syrup more expensive than Ceelin? Hmmm.. I’ll talk to my pedia if we can try the Scott Syrup. Noa likes their pastilles so much, binabanatang parang Potchi (candy)! :p Kisses to Chloe!

      • Mylene says:

        The daughter of my officemate said that kinain yung 44 pieces in one day! Nagwoworry sya baka daw may effect sa daughter nya. Can anybody know the effect if there is? Thanks a lot

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