My Frugal Finds at the Babypalooza Bazaar 2012

I just came home from a very frugal shopping day at the Babypalooza Bazaar 2012 at the Walter Hogan Building of Ateneo De Manila University, Quezon City campus.

Together with Mommy Via of Soldier Mom’s Corner and her son Baby E, we agreed to come together to the Babypalooza Bazaar. Because for me, it is really best to shop with a good friend since you can always get their unbiased opinion on certain products that you’d like to purchase. I’m sure she also has her own story to tell in her blog so watch for it. Meantime, let me go on with my kwento. :p

Welcome to Babypalooza Bazaar 2012!

The Babypalooza Bazaar may be not be as grand or extravagant in terms of design, program or gimmicks as the other mommy bazaars I’ve been to, but mind you, I got my every peso’s worth during my visit.

The bazaar was at the second floor of the Walter Hogan Building. Before you could go upstairs, you would be greeted by Sophie the Giraffe! Sophie is one of my daughter’s favorite toys. In fact, so favorite that we had a Sophie the Giraffe-inspired party during her first birthday.

The first booth that we visited was Mommy & Baby Essentials, owned by Mommy Theresa! Mommy Via and I won in her raffle hosted by Mommy Tina of Truly Rich Mom and we personally claimed our prizes. Thank you Mommy Tina and Mommy Theresa for this blessing!

Mommy Via meets Mommy Theresa

And I have a HO-HO-HO news to tell everyone: Mommy Theresa would like this blog to host her upcoming Christmas giveaway! Yay! Just give us time to talk about what prize to give away. If you have any suggestions, Mommy Theresa might be able to read it, so comment away after this post or leave a note at the Mommy & Baby Essentials Facebook page!

I feel really honored that this simple blog was chosen by her to do it even without asking for it. Thank you so much, Mommy & Baby Essentials! πŸ™‚

Of course, I won’t ever forget saying hi to my friends, the beautiful couple, Mommy Karen and Daddy Benedict of Ygo’s Organics. Their stall wasn’t too hard to find since it was just right in front of the entrance door. Ygo’s Organics has chosen one of the best selling spots at the Babypalooza Bazaar!

These uber cute Tummy Tickler Juices are placed in reusable containers. I was tempted to get one for Baby N but I was reminded that she already has so many sippy, straw and training glasses at home. πŸ™

Tummy Tickler Juices sold at Ygo’s Organics

I hosted a Pre-Babypalooza giveaway 2 weeks ago for Ygo’s Organics and I was really happy that Mommy Via’s name was drawn out by my daughter’s hands. She won some goodies from Mommy Karen’s budding biz! Congratulations, Soldier Mom! I hope Baby E enjoys his Earth’s Best Organic toddler foods!

Mommy Via claims her prize at Ygo’s Organics

Here are some pictures of the cool stuff for sale at the Babypalooza Bazaar 2012!

That Fisher Price Doodle Pro caught me eye!

Books for young minds were also for sale.

And if I didn’t have a clear plan on what to look for and reminded of my budget limit, I would end up buying this Dr. Seuss baby / diaper bag for sure. πŸ™

I also wanted these Freycoo shoes so much. They’re all adorable in person!

And this Enfant sweater, in very good pre-loved condition (in fact only worn once).

I also saw these customized cake diapers. They can make you one according to your budget, which is excellent! This is a great baby shower or welcome gift.

What did I shop for at the Babypalooza Bazaar? Here’s a rundown:

  1. Messy Bessy Organic Household Products & By Nature Handmade Soaps – composed of fabric freshener, dish cleaner, air freshener and 4 types soaps. Cost: FREE since this is a prize from Mommy Jackie of Go, Jackie, Go‘s blog! Thanks, Mommy Jackie!
  2. Non-skid Socks – got it from Mommy & Baby Essentials, again for FREE. My prize from Mommy Tina’s pre-Babypalooza Bazaar blog giveaway! I got to choose my own design. πŸ™‚
  3. Baby Havaianas – I’m a huge Havaianas fan since college, and I have a few pairs myself. I’ve been wanting to get one for Noa but I think it is too impractical to get one for the price of almost a thousand pesos! I’m so happy to get this one for only P200.00. This Baby Havaianas is authentic and unused–and fits Baby N perfectly. I got this from Paper Chic Studio of Mommy Cai. πŸ™‚
  4. Jumping Beans Brown Leather Shoes (Hard Sole) – Again, so happy that is fits my daughter’s feet perfectly. I got this for only P75.00, unused.
  5. Skip Hop Set – I got this 1 owl big backpack with lunchies for only PhP1,000. If I’m not mistaken, Mothercare sells the backpack alone for PhP995.00 while the lunchies for PhP595.00. πŸ™‚
  6. Earth’s Best, Happybaby and Plum Organics Baby Foods – bought cookies, frozen yogurt, teensy fruits, fiddlesticks and munchies for a much lower price at Ygo’s Organics. Need I say more? πŸ™‚ You can visit their online shop to get some for your kiddos!
  7. Gymboree Shirts – Bought this from Mommy Fleurs store for only PhP80.00

So, those are my fab finds at the Babypalooza Bazaar 2012. I’m so happy with my purchases and I would definitely go if they have one again in the future. Did you also attend the bazaar? What are your frugal, fab finds? Come share away! πŸ™‚


  1. Roxanne Santiago says:

    You got a lot of great stuff! See this is why I don’t go to Mommy-Baby Bazaars! I know for sure that I’d be spending a lot so I avoid them as much as I can. But oh my gosh, I’d love to visit Ygo’s Organics since I love buying organic treats for Jacob. We buy the same snacks as you!

    • Moomy Glaiza says:

      Hi Mommy Roxanne! You can shop at Ygo’s Organic online shop, just key in Ygo’s Organics in your search bar, I guarantee you that Mommy Karen sells organic baby and toddler foods at a much lower price. πŸ™‚

  2. Filipina Explorer says:

    Those baby finds are simply eye-candy! The Dr. Seuss diaper bag is sooo cute. I haven’t been to a baby bazaar myself, but I sure would love to someday. Shopping for cute baby items makes a mom’s heart swell with so much joy and excitement πŸ™‚

  3. Pepper says:

    It’s been ages since I last went to a baby bazaar. I like going to such events, because you’ll find stuff you won’t normally see in the malls. I’m liking that Dr. Seuss bag, by the way :).

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