Who is a TRUE Princess?

Last Saturday, November 17th, Baby N and I attended The Princess & Ballerina Parade organized by The Princess Club – Daughter’s of the King at The Podium, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

I saw The Princess Club’s advertisement on Facebook one afternoon and it looked interesting. When I clicked on their ad, I saw that they are cooking up an activity for young girls in 2 weeks. I scanned their Facebook wall posts and I really liked their advocacy. At that point, I wasn’t sure if we could drop by their activity because I’ve got so many things to accomplish since the AMO Christmas Party is close at hand.

THE PRINCESS CLUB is an organization that aims to teach young girls good manners & right conduct, charm & etiquette, health & wellness, poise & femininity & how to organize/host social events/gatherings like tea parties and balls & fund-raising events.

Since I became so busy the past week, I thought of taking Baby N out so I could make it up to her. So, The Podium, here we come!

I have to mention that I love The Podium’s Princess carriage! It was just right at the entrance of the mall and it would be impossible for anyone to miss it. The mall’s Christmas theme is Disney Princess.

The program started at about 3:30 PM with a prayer and the singing of the Philippine national anthem. Princess Loraine, the emcee, said that a true princess knows how to honor the One True King first and is also marked by her love for the country.

After which, the little princesses and ballerinas were taught some basic ballet movements.

One of my favorite parts was Princess Lisa’s storytelling. I love the book that she read to the young girls. If I remember it correctly, I heard her saying that the children’s book title was, “Princess with a Purpose” by Kelly Chapman & Tammie Lyon.

The Lovely Princess Lisa as she tells the story of “The Princess with a Purpose.”

I will definitely get this book by all possible means! I already saw it on sale at Amazon. I will just have to check if this is available locally. If not, I will ask my friend who’s hosting an Amazon GB (Group Buy) if she could still accommodate my request.

Chapman & Lyon wonderfully captured the definition of a TRUE PRINCESS. I’d love Noa to grow up reading this book so she would be reminded about the love of Jesus.

Here’s an excerpt:

“You became a real princess the moment you prayed and asked Jesus to live in your heart. And since He is the King of Kings and you are His daughter, that makes you His princess.”

Princess with a Purpose is all about finding true identity in Christ. It all began when Kelly Chapman’s daughter, Kendall, then four years old, asked, “Mommy, when I grow up I want to be a princess. Where do I go to be one? Do I go to Mickey Land?” Those words sparked a passion in Kelly’s heart for little girls and women of all ages. In Princess with a Purpose, readers will discover that, as daughters of the King, they truly are God’s princesses. A sweet and simple story, followed by a princess prayer, gives even the littlest reader a royal feeling of being part of the family of God.

(Update: Yay! I just placed my order for the book! Thanks to Mommy Liv Reyes!)

How wonderful, isn’t it?! This book is recommended for ages 3 and up. It awakened the little girl in me when I heard about this book.

Baby N and I also heard about the story of the most famous candy during Christmastime, the Candy Cane! After the story, each princesses and ballerinas were given a candy cane.

Noa looks at her share of candy cane!

At about 5PM, The Princess & Ballerinas Parade started. It’s really very cute to look at small girls wearing their gowns, tutus and tiaras.

Meet the Princess & Ballerinas. Baby N is the one wearing a fuchsia tiara.

My daughter is one of the youngest girls to join the parade. The man dressed in Santa Claus costume, who led the parade with Princess Lisa, carried my daughter the entire parade! Pastor Santa explained to the kids that in reality, he doesn’t really know who’s “naughty or nice” but Jesus does.

Noa meets Pastor (my wild guess) Santa

As the program progressed, values such as gratitude, respect, patience were inculcated to the little girls by the bigger princesses and queens (organizers) through simple but effective means.

A True Princess’ Royal Words

In closing, the little girls were also challenged to bless other princesses who couldn’t afford to buy new clothes, eat healthy foods or go to school. My heart as a mother was touched by the message of teaching my child the value of giving and sharing to others what we have been blessed with. By God’s grace, prayerfully, we can be a blessing in our own little way.

The Royal Coin Bank

If you’ve been touched by God to be a blessing to another little princess, please do contact The Princess Club – Daughter’s of the King through the mobile number and e-mail address as shown above. There is no specific deadline to return the coin bank, but as for me and Baby N, we’re targeting to fill this up before the year ends.

One wise word, “No one becomes poor by giving.”

If you’d like to know more about The Princess Club, please contact them here:

A True Princess loves the King with all her heart and soul and all His creations.



Glaiza is a Filipino Home & Lifestyle Blogger, Proud Mom & Military Wife. She believes that a happy and informed family life is both a choice and responsibility. Motherhood is a blessing, and best traveled by sharing and inspiring others. ♥


Charisse Yungco-Salvador

Oh wow, I hope I knew about this event. Maybe next time and I’ll sure bring my little princess with me.



Hi! May I know how I can contact your friend who does Amazon group buys, have lots of books to order from Amazon too! You can email me at Thanks a lot!


Gigi Beleno

wow! baby Noa I bet you had a great time then as Little Princess. Hopefully someday you’ll get to find and meet your prince. And you will lived happily!!!


Moomy Glaiza

Thank you, Princess Gigi! Daddy N & I are also praying for the same thing for Noa. I pray that Prince Ivan will also find his own beautiful princess to rescue someday. See you this weekend! 😉


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