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Frabelle Foods Premium Honey Glazed Ham

A typical Filipino family’s Noche Buena wouldn’t be complete without hams.

Growing up, I don’t remember any single Christmas Eve dinner at our home without my mom serving ham. I think I’ve tried most of the hams available locally, some are good, while some are just OK. So I was very excited when I got a chance to try on another promising ham by Frabelle Foods Incorporated.

To be honest, I’ve been seeing the Frabelle Foods TV ads all the time. My curiosity is greatly stirred to try on their products because I’ve heard so much rave about them. I’m a self-confessed hotdog fan and I really want to try on their hotdog line in the coming days.


  1. Frabelle Foods Premium Honey Glazed Ham – 1kg

2. Frabelle Foods Premium Pear Shaped Ham – 750g, 500g

The Premium Honey Glazed Ham is prepared the classic/ traditional way to produce the tastiest, most succulent hams in the market:

  1. Naturally Smoked – Frabelle Foods Premium Honey Glazed Ham is smoked using real natural woodchips (instead artificial liquid smoke) that give the ham a distinct smoky aroma and taste all the way inside.
  2. Caramelized to Perfection through sugar-glazing – Frabelle Foods Premium Honey Glazed Ham is topped with sugar and pure honey that is blow-torched to perfection, yielding a sweet succulent taste that enhances the meat.
  3. Use of prime whole-muscle ham – Frabelle Foods Premium Honey Glazed Ham is made of whole-muscle meat that comes from the ham-leg – the most premium and tender cut of the hog. Some existing ham brands use restructured meat by molding “retaso” meat together which separates or breaks upon cooking.
  4. Gold Standard reflected in the packaging – Frabelle has HAM SHOT in their packaging which is imported from Greece.
  5. It comes in FREE Eco-pouch bag whenever you get one.

The Premium Pear Shaped Ham is made of a unique blend of spices infused in the meat, giving it a tasty, juicy taste but at a more affordable price.

I’m really happy that I was able to try Frabelle’s Premium Honey Glazed Ham with my family. Thanks, Frabelle for sending one for us to partake during our Noche Buena. And as for the verdict? Of course, I recommend it! The Frabelle Premium Ham is indeed tasty, tender and definitely better than our usual ham brand.

The Frabelle Premium Honey Glazed Ham is the new Christmas Ham for my family!

I asked each and every member of my family for their honest opinion on Frabelle’s Premium Ham, and they unanimously said that it was really yummy! We’re certainly getting this ham for Christmas 2013!

Merry Christmas! Narito na ang siguradong patok na potluck na maipagmamalaki at maipagyayabang mo sa sarap! Ang Frabelle Foods Premium Honey Glazed Ham ay gawa sa prime whole-muscle ham at pure honey, naturally smoked pa kaya naman real smokey-sarap ang lasa!

Frabelle Foods Premium Honey Glazed Ham. Pure Honey, Prime Ham, Real Smokey-Sarap Taste. Sarap na may konting yabang!

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