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What’s in Mom’s Bag?

Bag Raid! I love how some TV shows raid the bags (most especially the whole house and closet!) of the rich and the famous, of course with their consent, because I’m curious about what products they use in their everyday life.

It could somehow translate to as: “Tell me what’s inside your bag and I’ll tell you who you are.”

Photo courtesy of Mommy Roxi. Thanks! πŸ™‚

It gave me a thought to share what’s in my bag to my readers. This is the first time that I will be doing this since I don’t really show what’s inside my bag to anyone except my husband. But before I do that, let me share a little story.

Even before meeting, dating and marrying my husband, I’m the type of girl who cannot leave the house with at least “all” that I need.

Take note: I always leave the house with a heavy bag in tow! Whenever my husband and I go out (and even now that we have a child), he always checks on my bag to see all the things that I would be bringing. He always end up asking, “Kailangan mo ba talaga to?!” (Do you really need this?) He would ask me this question with every single item in my bag! Lo and behold, almost all my stuff are gone! πŸ™

So here it goes: my “reformed” bag as taught by my husband. Let me describe the stuff that I have.

  1. Coach Crimson Bag – This is my current favorite! This may look small to you but it surprisingly, so roomy, perfect for on-the-go moms.
  2. Mobile Phones – Samsung Galaxy Y was a hand-me-down from my husband where I do my Instagramming! (follow me by the way! @glaizatominio) :p and my BB Curve 9220 from my Globe Postpaid Plan. And oh, I mustn’t forget the headset so I can always pick up any call even when breastfeeding.
  3. Pink Swirl Eco Bag – This was a present from a colleague at G4S Philippines from Christmas 2011. Made from super light material but very durable! It is my shopping buddy.
  4. Flywear Black Sunglasses – This is my 4-year-old over-sized sunglasses that I got from Flywear. This has been with me everywhere!
  5. Victoria’s Secret Ravishing Love Lotion (Blackberry & Lilac) – I’m not a fan of perfumes that much so I’m good to go with lotions and fragrance mists.
  6. Mary Kay Liquid Foundation and Pink Satin Rose Lipstick – Present from the wife of my husband’s friend/classmate. I love the shade and the smoothness of the foundation for those on-the-spot-gigs.
  7. Alba Botanica Tinted Lip Balm – This is one thing I will surely cannot leave the house without! You can buy this at the Healthy Options for less than Php200.00. Love how it moisturizes my lip, tint it while leaving a minty feel.
  8. Wet ‘n’ Wild i-Sparkle Eyeshadow – It’s very compact and I love the colors in this palette–purple, silver, black, chrome. I don’t use it very often but I always have it just in case.
  9. Clinique Stay-Matte Sheer Face Powder – “Next to ugliness is oiliness.” Need I say more?! πŸ™‚
  10. Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Blush – It goes well with my Mary Kay Foundation for a nice day make-up. πŸ™‚
  11. Nivea Sparkling White Cleansing Foam – Again, “Next to ugliness is oiliness.” πŸ™‚
  12. Goody Hairbrush and Clam – To minimize any bad hair day! I love Goody products! They’re fashionable and durable!
  13. Baby Wipes – I’m not a handkerchief person. Whenever I bring a handkerchief out, huge chances are, I won’t go back home with it. Wipes are reliable for those sticky situations, most especially when you are out with a toddler.
  14. Cards, Cards, Cards! – Top of my list is Noa’s Gymboree membership card so we can visit the play area whenever we need it. Of course, this includes my IDs, ATMs.
  15. Colgate Plax Mouth Wash – For those close encounters that you need a quick fresh breath and of course to prevent tooth decay.

So, Β those are my stuff. I really learned a lot from my husband in terms of bringing simple and important stuff when I leave the house so it won’t end up as casualties just like my old laptop, digital camera and mobile phone to Ondoy (when I went missing for 25 hours and slept in a footbridge.) (That is a another story to tell).

I will also share Noa’s Baby Bag soon so watch for it. πŸ™‚

Did you learn something about me through my vanity stuff? If you’re also a mommy blogger, come and share yours, too! I’d love to read it as well. πŸ™‚ Gotta go! Ciao.



Glaiza is a Filipino Home & Lifestyle Blogger, Proud Mom & Military Wife. She believes that a happy and informed family life is both a choice and responsibility. Motherhood is a blessing, and best traveled by sharing and inspiring others. β™₯


Narissa Maquera

Bigla ako tuloy napatingijn at napasilip sa cute na cute kong bag…. (hihihi)…I always love small sling bags, because (sad to say at mejo hiya-hiya ng konti) wala laging laman. I usually carry only my cell phone, a small wallet, my id’s and a rosary, that’s it… and a small eco bag. Nuhng nakita ko yung s’yo… hay kailangan na akong mag bago :):) πŸ™‚


Pinay Ricamora

my bag is so heavy so ang daming laman… I have to start listing them!


Elsie Suarez

napatingin ako bigla sa bag ko. haha


vee fernandez

Haha…sige mars…ill make a post on what’s in a soldier mom’s bag…wala naman nang sleeping bag na dala eh..haha


Moomy Glaiza

Mars, be sure walang hammock sa bag mo ha! LOL! I’d wait and read your entry, too. πŸ™‚


Adventures on Planet Mom

this made me look into my bag too Mommy Glai. hehehe. I already made a post about my nappy bag, MY bag naman kaya. hehehehe


Moomy Glaiza

Fire! Share mo sa ‘kin ha! Nabasa ko nga yun kaya din ako gumawa nito, next naman kay Noa, pag sinipag na ako ulet. πŸ™‚


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