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Baguio Bliss 2013 (Part 2): Where It All Started

At exactly 10AM, we checked out of Brentwood Apartelle for another day of adventure in Baguio City. We were trying to buy time (and consume as much diesel as possible) before we head to the Petron station in front of the Burnham Park for our free gas up. We just decided to go first to the Wright Park and The Mansion for some sightseeing.

I’ve been to these places a lot of times but I felt like it was still my first since I had my husband and N with me. Thank God that we decided to bring a stroller with us since we couldn’t carry a 12-kilogram N for a long period of time. Our Chicco Liteway Stroller was such a lifesaver for me and my husband during this vacation. I just put on a Castle Baby stroller pad for N’s extra comfort. She really likes it.

After lunch, we decided to visit a very special place in Baguio that my husband and I have been saving up for years now. Since Baguio is really close to our heart, we made a decision to make our first investment here. In the near future, we are praying to build a small rest house here for our family.

I have always been the one going, visiting and checking on this place for years every time I am in Baguio City. It is my husband and N’s first time to be here so it really made me happy. The feeling is unexplainable when you are actually stepping on something that has your blood, sweat and tears. Parenthood really changes people’s priorities and perspective of life.

Did you know that my husband and I first met in Baguio City on December 27, 2006? 🙂

Since we weren’t able to take some pictures around PMA on Saturday because of the crowd, we decided to go back to enjoy the spots. 🙂

The PMA Entrance Gate–one of the best structures I’ve seen in Baguio City. It leaves me an impression of security (like a strong fortress) because of the hard materials used.

My husband requested for this photo to be taken. If I remember it correctly, he said that this is the oldest building in PMA these days. Speaking of oldest, I have to say that I got a bit sad when the Old Visitors Center was remodeled. I cry over its heritage and legacy. Right on that building was the first time I shook hands with Cdt T.

This building is where they do their academics when he was still a student.

I’ve been to PMA a lot of times already but I never get to stop at the Relics Point, so we won’t miss this chance of riding an actual combat tank.

The big headdress in the picture below is called, “Shaku.” This forms part of a PMA cadet’s uniform.

This is one of my favorite photos of our trip: Noa in a Tank! “Give me my milk or prepare for war!” HAHA!

Since it was already 5PM, we decided to leave PMA and go to Camp John Hay. Where did N go? Check this out!

As soon as we enter the commissary found inside Camp John Hay, I was surprised to see my daughter stopping by the chocolates section. Manang-mana sa pinagmanahan! Ginulo at kinalat pa nya ang mga chocolates!! :))

We called it a day at our foster parents’ house. It was a very tiring day but super fun. We retired early because we still have one more day at Baguio. I’m excited because we’re up to buy a few pasalubong! I will tell you more about it on the last part of the Baguio Bliss series. 🙂



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Adventures on Planet Mom

a great family bonding time. at mukhang enjoy si noa. hehe



Yup, super enjoy siya kasama nya si Moomy at Adi nya! 🙂 See you soon Mommy K! 🙂


Remedios Cadaweng

Helo nice to know that you had agoodtime here in Baguio .i wwe;re in desperate need of a strooler heavy duty for a 5 year old especial child.she’s really so heavy and its so difficult tobring her outsied.would some please help us on where can we buy a stroller as we went almost to these wagwagan but cnat and didnt find any.kindly email me in this apprciate all your help .Blessed day to all


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