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I’m in Love with Pitch Perfect!

Game over! Pitch Perfect got me! I already have the one great symptom–the Last Song Syndrome (LSS).

Over the weekend, Noa and I slept over at the my parents’ house. That Saturday night, I couldn’t put myself to sleep so I decided to look for something to do. My younger sister suggested that I should watch a movie or two that are stored in her laptop. She eagerly suggested Pitch Perfect because she said it was “nice.” I couldn’t believe her definition of “nice” until I literally see it for myself.


Pitch Perfect is a 2012 American musical comedy movie stars a group of female university students called the Barden Bellas headed by Aubrey Posen who longs to redeem herself and the group from a humiliating experience they had at the International Collegiate A Capella.They were struggling as a female a capella (no accompanying instrument at all) group with a traditional singing style, not until they were joined by Beca, an aspiring DJ.

What makes me fall in love with this movie? It’s light, makes me want to sing and very hilarious! No need for your brain neurons to work hard. I love the combination of music and comedy at the same time. I remember my sister told me that it was like “Glee” but I beg to disagree. This is way better than Glee! (No offense to Glee fans out there.)Pitch Perfect scored 7.2 stars at IMDb.

Rotten Tomatoes gave it an 81% positive rating, while their audience gave it an 83% mark.

I have a lot of favorite parts of the movie! But if I were to choose a few favorite scenes and some highlights of it (like when they sang Party in the USA at the bus) I’d pick 3. Let me share them with you through the clips I got from Youtube. Please take time to watch because you’d really love this, I promise! 🙂

This is Riff-Off. Our local equivalent for this is the Flip-Top, but instead of using just plain words, the Riff-Off uses music and a category, dictated by spinning a wheel.

I just love this song by Bruno Mars! They came up with this shift from the traditional to the “remixing” of their voices as led by Beca.

This is their final performance. One of the best I’ve seen from the tons of movies that I’ve seen in my lifetime. I’m raving about this movie because it really rocks!

This is the new and improved Barden Bellas! I hope you enjoy this performance as much as I do. Obviously, this is their “Redeeming Performance”. Sorry for the low video quality.

I’d say Pitch Perfect is a must-see movie in your life. This was shown at our local cinemas on October, 2012. This flick would make you feel really good after watching it. This would also go to our Blu-ray collection.

Another personal take is that I think there will be a sequel. I’m bracing myself to Pitch Perfect 2! 🙂

Sing me your thoughts on the comment box, I wanna hear you. 🙂

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