My Great Buys at Florsheim Kids

Yesterday I posted in my personal Facebook and Instagram pages about a very frugal shoe shopping experience that I had for Noa. I was supposed to be preparing the house for my husband’s (possible) homecoming soon, not until my cousin showed me a couple of nice kiddie shoes.

She shared with me a story about this store (if I may call it so) which is only a stone-throw away from our house selling Florsheim Kids USA shoes for a very low price. She showed me her great buys and I asked her if they were selling shoes in Noa’s size. Her response nailed it. I took Noa and my aunt with me and went to where I could find such “shoe treasure.”

If you are familiar with Florsheim Kids USA shoes, a pair of it will already cost you more than a thousand pesos. You know what, dear musers, I consider myself a bargain hunter when it comes to qualitative but expensive brands. Since I resigned from my job and decided to work from home, I make it a point to always value my husband’s hard-earned money. I do this by trying my best to scout for the best products available for my daughter but won’t hurt the pocket and ruin our household budget. Who wouldn’t want that, right?!

Let me share with you my great Florsheim Kids USA finds for my 19-mo-old daughter:

Remember that Florsheim Kids shoes are made of authentic leather and hard-soled. These shoes that I will feature are all brand new but “pull-outs” or excessive stock from the Florsheim Kids USA stores and department stores nationwide.Can you guess how much this white baby doll shoes below costs? This is only for Php200.00 ($5.00).

I also got this black pair of baby doll school shoes for Php400.00 ($10). This is the most expensive that I got, but still, it’s not very bad to think that it’s Florsheim Kids!

And for this last pair, I almost let it go! I saw this on the last minute while I was on the cashier, but when I saw another woman looking at this pair of loafers (I think she’s waiting for me to put it back on the shelf), I changed my mind. :p

This Florsheim Kids USA Loafers costs Php2,100.00 ($53.00) when I looked at it for sale online. I only got this for Php300.00 ($7.50)! This is Noa’s first pair of loafers! Aren’t they cute? πŸ™‚

To give you an idea on the pricing of Florsheim Kids Loafers, you can check it HERE.

Crunch time! Here’s what I paid for:

This is my actual receipt from the seller. The Php100.00 belonged to my cousin since she bought a pair of hard-sole infant shoes for her nephew. I only spent Php900.00 ($22.50) for 3 Florsheim Kids USA shoes!

I know you’re all eagerly waiting to know where I scored these great buys for my child. If you’re living in Marikina City or any nearby cities, then you are in luck! I wasn’t able to take a photo of the location but the Florsheim Kids USA warehouse is located across the Marikina City Hall. They share spaces with The Central Fire Station of Marikina City.

If you’re familiar with the Marikina Sports Complex, City Hall and Public Market, then you won’t get lost. You can already ask around where to find the Marikina City Central Fire Station. Another landmark is the Sta. Elena High School and it is also right in front of the Red Ribbon Bakeshop.

Please click on the map for a better view.

But the sad news is, they only have warehouse sale 2-3 times a year. Yesterday was the last day of their 1st warehouse sale for 2013 and I was told that the next wave is in May.

I hope that I’ve been helpful, especially to the moms and dads out there with little kids who love Florsheim Kids shoes. And by the way, they were also selling Florsheim Kids shoes for bigger children. πŸ™‚

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    • GGT says:

      Hi Camille! Yup, I also buy Gibi shoes there. Akalain mo warehouse din pala ng Florsheim yun no? Seldom lang sila magbenta ng Florsheim but at least now we know. πŸ™‚ Hope to bump into you there soon! πŸ™‚

    • GGT says:

      Muntikan ko na ring di bilin kaso naisip ko sayang, baka wala na ito next time! :p So I was really happy when I learned its retail price, great steal pala! πŸ™‚

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