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Special Moments with SM Babies

Last January 28, I was given an opportunity to be invited and witness the formal launch of SM Babies at the Peninsula Manila, Makati City. Thank you very much for inviting me! 🙂

I received their really chic invite via courier and I got really excited to open it because I love packages with my name on it. The fascinator they sent along with the invite is really beautiful!

It was a fun afternoon of “high tea” together with 14 beautiful moms and their bundles of joy. I also felt a bit “starstrucked” since I shared tables with most of top mommy bloggers in the Philippines today. There were also a few mommy celebrities during the launch like Amanda Griffin of Glam-o-Mamas, Lexi Schulze of my favorite ANC Show, ShopTalk.

And I have to mention that one mombassadors for SM Babies, actress, Andi Eigenmann looks really hot and young! She looks really skinny in person. *green with envy mode* 🙂

I also gained some new friends from the “mommy blogging world” since we sat next to each other. I’d like to make special mention and wave to Mommy Lilian of! I really enjoyed being with you.

I personally love SM: SM City Marikina & Masinag (because of good customer service) and Megamall (more choices when shopping) to be specific! They really got everything for our needs, right?! SM is really a big part of any household. They are already an institution when it comes to the shopping and retail industry.

When I was pregnant to N, SM Megamall has been my “tambayan” (hangout place) during my lunch and coffee breaks at work. That is why when I got invited to this event I never had any second thoughts.

{Press Release} SM Department Store formally launches SM Babies

Staying true to its tagline “We got it all for you,” SM Department Store adds another feather to its cap with the launch of SM Babies. Although the line has been around for a while under SM Kids’ Fashion, SM wanted to give it its own identity and focus on a complete line of apparel that caters specifically to children up to two years of age.

To celebrate this milestone, the same team behind SM Kids’ Fashion put together a photo exhibit called “Special Moments” at the Manila Peninsula Conservatory. Pilar Tuason, one of the country’s most sought-after photographers, shot 14 of Metro Manila’s loveliest moms and their little bundles of joy.

“I enjoy the mornings when there’s no one else at home except Rosanna and I. We hang out, make outfits for her, and tell her stories about what I’m doing at work or stories behind each pair of shoes or bag I have.” -Juana & Rosanna

“I treasure reading Alejandro bedtime stories and humming his lullabies as he falls asleep in my arms. This is when I’m most at peace.” -Rosanna & Alejandro

“I was giving Cooper a bath one night when he looked at me, touched my arm, and said ‘mama.’ He’s been able to say that before but never addressing me. I thought nothing of it but then, he does it again two more times while looking at me in the eyes. I love that moment because it was the first time I had a name and he knew who I was—his Mama. I think when you become a mom, you feel love in a magnified way. I thought I knew love until I had Cooper and then suddenly there’s one huge room in my heart that could occupy so much love.” -Delamar & Cooper

“Helena and I love snuggling, cuddling, and tickling each other before bedtime. Seeing her biggest smile while laughing out loud is just adorable and priceless.” -Angela & Helena

“I love waking up to my Jaime’s coos and giggles. He’s such a happy little darling in the morning.” -Nicole & Jaime

“I love everything about my Manu and everything that we do together everyday, from the time I wake up until the time I sleep. I especially love it when he latches on me before nap and sleep time. I know that one day my milk will eventually run out and his teeth will start growing out, and so I will enjoy every minute of it. It’s a special bond that we share as mother and child, and I’d like to hang on to it for as long as I can.” -Rose & Manu

“Little Katia is my third daughter. From the day she was born, she was an easy baby and as soon as her first smile appeared, it almost never left her face. I’m so blessed with all my girls, the love that weaves its way through each of them is immeasurable and they truly make me a better woman everyday.” -Georgia & Katia

“My favorite bonding moment with Alessi is when we cuddle in bed every night. After dinner, I give her a bubble bath, have our playtime with her brothers, her dad and I alternate reading books to her, and then we put her to sleep in our bed. Since she’s a very active toddler now, it takes a while for her to fall asleep! So we play, talk, kiss, and hug a lot before she finally falls asleep in my arms.” -Grace & Alessi

“My favorite time of the day with Mia is when I spend time playing and reading to her—this happens after she takes her breakfast when it’s one-on-one time with Mommy. Mia especially enjoys bubbles and watching Angelina ballerina videos.” -Emillie & Emilia

“Preparing for bedtime is our most favorite time of the day. It starts off with a warm bath, a massage, and dressing for bed. Soon after, he breastfeeds and drifts off to dreamland. His day ends and “me time” begins.” -Tin & Xavi

“I love the beach and I’m so happy that my little prince loves the ocean as well. He started swimming at one and a half years old and my best memories are spending time in the beach together.” -Marta & Tristan

“The first time Brooke laughed was a special moment. I had sneezed and she started laughing to the point that she couldn’t stop. And it just made me see how something so little could make her so happy.” -Isabel & Brooke

“I was overcome with emotion when Matt—only ten and a half months old—suddenly gave me a peck on the cheek. There’s no better feeling than that of receiving affection from your child.” -Maia & Matt

“It’s whenever I get to have a full day to myself and take my daughter out that’s most special to me. With my busy schedule, it’s the perfect time for me to focus on just her completely. I get to see her play and smile and laugh and I get a lot of time to do it with her, which helps me get a glimpse of who or what kind of girl she’ll become as she grows older. Those are always the most special moments because there’s nothing I want more for my daughter than to grow up a happy and contented person.” -Andi & Elle

“Special Moments” is composed of four different categories that highlights the bond between mother and child—bedtime, playtime, baptismal, and party time.

“Whether it’s putting a baby to sleep or getting dressed up for a party, it’s those everyday moments that usually make for the fondest memories,” shares Jo Dy Juanco, Vice President of SM Kids’ Fashion. “We want to capture the tenderness of those moments, which is exactly what everyone will see when they look at the photographs.”

The team handpicked all the moms who participated in the exhibit. From actress Andi Eigenmann to radio darling Delamar Arias to former TV personality Nicole Hernandez-de los Angeles, “Special Moments” shows that all types of moms shop at SM, not only because SM has it all, but also because they believe in SM Babies.

The exhibit also included society moms Marta Araneta, Isabel Olondriz, Maia Martirez-Hing, and Grace Barbers-Baja, as well as sisters Emillie Montenegro-Yupangco and Rose Montenegro-Boonpongsa. Model Georgia Schulze-del Rosario, blogger Tin Dychiao, and make-up artist Angela Yeo, are also featured alongside designer Rosanna Ocampo-Rodriguez and Magazine Editor Juana Manahan-Yupangco.

I’ll be going shopping soon at SM Babies and I’d share with you our experience on my next blog post! 🙂 Excited much! Big thank you, SM Babies! 😀

SM Babies is available in all SM Department Stores nationwide. To keep you posted on their latest collection, promotions and events, please like them on Facebook.

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Glaiza is a Filipino Home & Lifestyle Blogger, Proud Mom & Military Wife. She believes that a happy and informed family life is both a choice and responsibility. Motherhood is a blessing, and best traveled by sharing and inspiring others. ♥



Awesome! Way to go Mommy Glaiza! 🙂



Thanks, MarvelMom! Thank you for visiting my blog! 🙂


Mona Lisa Valle

Same as Mommy Ana,would have loved to experience the launch too! And I definitely agree that your blog is very informative. Though I rarely comment, I always keep on coming back to read your blogposts.

With regards SM Babies, I must say I really really love their clothing line for kids. Most of the clothes are chic and affordable. Most of Abrielle’s clothes, if not given, I have bought from them – even her baptismal gown last January 2012!

If I may add, SM Taytay has good selection of kids clothing too! <3



Thanks for the kind words, Mommy Mona! This is one of the reasons why I like to blog, and that is for moms to have an informed choice. I’ve been to SM Taytay once but I still haven’t visited its dept. store. See you around! Kisses to Abrielle! 🙂


Analiza batao-ey

would’ve loved to experience this event, anyway, your blog is very comprehensive and is indeed very informative.

i really love the font you used in your name dito sa new lay out mo mommy!



Thank you, Mommy Ana! I really want to be relatable to my readers. Sana may napupulot kayo, maybe a thing or two. Thank you for the unwavering support! Kisses to Gab! 🙂


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