Holy Week 2013 Musing: Divine

I was going through my old stuff and found this poem that I wrote 9 years ago. I almost forgot about this but I know it was Him who led me back to this. Can you imagine, I wrote this at exactly the same month almost a decade ago?

My memory is failing me this time. I could no longer recall what inspired me to pen these words down in my (tangible) journal. Anyway, I just thought this is still worthy of sharing. I pray that you would encounter God through my little poem for Him.


©GGT: March 29, 2004

I couldn’t help myself but praise
The Lord my God who molds my traits.
He is always there whenever I am weak,
Teaching me how to be meek.

Sin and shame, He made me free.
Salvation is what He guarantees.
His enduring love gives grace
For me, and this wicked race.

The God of Life who planned my birth
Is also the One who rules the Earth.
He gives me tests, so I can be the best.
Call unto Him, and He will give you rest!

Through the darkness of night, He is my shining light.
In the brightness of day, He’s my shade!
In Him, I can always stay
No matter what life throws my way!

God’s love is gracious and compassionate
So wonderful… So great!
God’s love knows no boundary
It covers multitude of my sins for now and all eternity!

I’m taking my much-awaited break to get some rest, get over my colds and work on my pending articles. Nevertheless, I will surely find time for my faith — to reflect and thank God for His divine and unconditional love for all of us.

Good night everyone! I pray that you will encounter God in a very personal way this Holy Week 2013. Have blessed and meaningful time with the Lord. 🙂

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