The Gyro Bowl Giveaway from Primigravida

Happy Monday, dear Musers! πŸ™‚ I’m so sorry because I have not been updating this blog this past week. As you know, I’m still on the transition phase since the MP Salon opened. We’re heading on our third week of operations and I’m happy that our sales are improving. Just yesterday, Kim of Mom On Duty with her hubby Arjay visited us for some instant make-over. Thanks Kim & Arjay! Thanks for loving your slightly red hair and posting it on your Instagram account.

Despite my busyness, I’m happy that I am still able to watch over my daughter and bring her to work everyday. I don’t want to miss every precious moments that she’s been making each day. This morning, she was able to say, “Mama ouch!” while I was talking to my husband. We both heard it and my husband was just so happy hearing Noa say it.

My typical week is mostly spent at the salon and I take Noa everyday with me. Yes, we’re there 6 days a week, 9-10 hours/day! There are days that when we’re in a hurry, I just pack some foods for her to eat the entire day. In the morning, she likes munching on some cereals like Fruit Loops or Koko Krunch.

When you have a toddler like me, feeding or snacking time is already synonymous to the word “messy.” These days, Noa is learning to eat on her own and just won’t let any adult assist her so we let her manage. The problem is, as I have observed, almost 1/2 of the food I place on her plate or bowl spills or is being thrown away. Sayang! πŸ™

Not until we were able to try the Gyro Bowl!! πŸ™‚

Here’s some quick facts and features of the Gyro Bowl:

  • Brightly-colored bowl makes eating a fun activity
  • Perfect for eating dry food like cereal or sliced fruit
  • Inner Bowl Rotates 360 Degrees
  • Minimizes mess, lessens clean-up time
  • Top Rack, Dishwasher Safe
  • BPA-Free Plastic
  • Not Microwave-Safe

At first, I was like, “Really? Spill-proof?! Ows?” So I put the Gyro Bowl to the test by putting on Noa’s cereals on the bowl and turned it upside down. Voila! Not even one piece of the cereal came out! I’ve tried putting on Koko Krunch, Fruit Loops, Happy Munchies and sliced mangoes and bananas in it and had no messy or spilling problems.

My daughter really enjoys her Gyro Bowl and one time, I even saw her hugging it to sleep. :p It is also very handy and durable (even if your child throws it away like what Noa did one time). It also comes with a lid to ensure that our children’s food remains clean.

I’d like to thank Kat and the rest of the (PG) team for letting us try this spill-proof Gyro bowl for ourselves!

Just a little information about It aims to serve us parents who are budget-conscious yet are unwilling to compromise on the quality of items for our children. Each product that they sell is carefully selected based on consumer reviews and/or personal experience. PG accepts orders from all over the Philippines!

Did you know that PG is also the brain behind the Babypalooza Bazaars?! πŸ™‚

Kat also makes it a point to answer each text and email inquiry that she gets as soon as possible, without pressuring anyone to buy. So if you’ve got any questions, you can shoot her an email anytime! πŸ™‚

And of course, I shouldn’t be the only one who’s happy experiencing the Gyro Bowl. Kat of will be giving away a Gyro Bowl for one lucky moomy muser! Yipee! πŸ™‚ This giveaway is open nationwide as long as your place is courier-accessible.

The winner will receive an e-mail from me within 24-48 hours regarding the shipping of his or her prize.

The mechanics is divided into these simple steps from the Great Rafflecopter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you can no longer wait and try the Gyro Bowl right away, here’s where you can get one:


Contact Person : Kat
Website :
Contact Number: +63917-814-8447


  1. mhoie1325 says:

    I want to try the Gyro Bowl from because it would be perfect for my 4-year old daughter who at sometimes tend to spill her food.

    Ma. Elinor Semira
    elinorsemira0124 at gmail dot com

  2. mhoie1325 says:

    I want to try the Gyro Bowl from because it would be perfect for my 4-year old daughter who at sometimes tend to spill her food.

    Ma. Elinor Semira
    elinorsemira0124 at gmail dot com

  3. Mary Louise Sanchez says:

    Gyro bowl will surely add fun to my toddler’s mealtime especially these days, when she’s already actively involve every time I feed her.Since it’s spill-proof, I have no worries about the mess from feeding time, and no food will be wasted as well. I know that it’s also a good quality product and BPA-free.

    Mary Louise S. Ocampo

  4. Joyce Gabriel says:

    This is a great product that would help minimize/prevent the mess when toddlers are eating plus it will help the child to learn and enjoy eating the food. And I hope I can be considered to have this very nice bowl as I intend to give as a gift to my super active naughty nephew who is turning one year old this April.
    Many thanks in advance.

    Joyce A. Gabriel

  5. gotluggage says:

    MY baby just turned 1 last Feb 8 and he’s starting to insist on eating on his own.. he wants to hold his own spoon, food etc.. he wants to be independent and i think gyro bowl will be very useful specially in this stage of his life.

    Sunshine Rose de Guzman

  6. Mom On Duty says:

    Answer: I agree- a toddler can get very messy when eating. I’ve actually seen Gyrobowl before, but had the same reaction as yours: “Ows? Spill-proof?” Hehe. But since you’ve tried it, I think I want to try it with Kelly too.

    Name: Kimberley Reyes

  7. Rina says:

    If there’s anything i hate, its food mess (we are maid-less right now). And if there’s anything my little Rain loves, its making a mess! Therefore the Gyro Bowl is perfect for us both! I would love to have one for Rain’s snacks. Look mommy! No spill!:-)

    Rina zamora

  8. nelabratinella says:

    This is perfect for my 1-year old son. A few months back, he started to show interest in eating solid foods on his own like cheese, fruit, etc. But it was really messy. I really wanna try the Gyro Bowl to make his snacks look more appetizing to him, and prevent messes. πŸ™‚

    Marinela Diaz

  9. rhodora dacanay says:

    oh i like this one mommy because my son really love to munch kahit saan sya abutan ng gutom,i always have some mini packs of coco crunch in my bag.the problem is pag dnaman nya naubos nasasayang lng or worst nagkalat na sya sa bag ko lalo na pag sya ang naghalungkat..haist….I want to try this one for sure!!

    rhodora dacanay

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