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A Toddler’s Rule of Possession

Do you find your kid fighting with other kids over toys? Do you sometimes find yourself a bit humiliated or frustrated when he or she throws tantrums or resort to hitting other kids because he/she didn’t win over the toy?

I want to share this hilarious but true illustration about a Toddler’s Rule of Possession:

But this morning, my daughter showed a little defiance to this rule which made my mommy heart very happy.

We just woke up when Noa and I heard the sound of my cousin’s 4-month-old son. Noa rushed to the door and I asked her to kiss the baby.

Instead of following what I said, she rushed back to our bedroom, where our TV is also located, and quickly jumped into the bed. I thought maybe because her favorite show on JimJam was airing and she wanted to watch it. But I was wrong. I observed her and she got her soft crib mobile and went back to where the baby is. She was holding the toy and kept on pointing at my cousin’s son, as if she’s signaling me that she wants to give it to him.

It made me teary-eyed. I’m so proud of my daughter’s emotional and social development. These are the moments that I’m thankful to be a WAHM. ❤

Sometimes, I find my daughter “possessive” of our iPad like what happened a couple of days ago when her friends Yanna & Abrielle visited us at the salon. She did not want to lend it to them in any way! 🙁

So as moms, how do you resolve this “Mine Syndrome” that the toddlers have? Do you have any handy tips and tricks that you might want to share with us?



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vee fernandez

mare, ako, my observation with echo, may ganyan siya “mine syndrome” pero selective toys lang.kapag cars, gusto niya salitang nilalaro with his playmates.



naku si Noa mars meron pa rin pero happy naman ako that she’s showing signs of knowing how to share kahit paano. i just noticed that she finds it easier to share to kids who are smaller than her like babies, kapag bigger or same age as her yun mine syndrome siya.

di kaya she’s ready na for a younger sibling? wag muna, wla pang second birthday na goal namin. :p kisses to A and E! 🙂


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