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Top 5 Free Educational Apps for Toddlers

In this modern time and age, even small kids are now turning into little techies. There are differing opinions as to whether or not we should allow our kids to use these gadgets such as smart mobile phones, tablets, computers and laptops.

I don’t know your parenting conviction on this topic but in my personal opinion as a mother to an almost 2-year-old toddler, I’ve come to accept the fact that being tech smart is already a must today. Yes, I allow my daughter to watch TV. Yes, I allow my daughter to use the iPad. Yes, I allow my daughter to talk to her dad using my mobile phone. But, I’m still a huge proponent of “everything in moderation.” Let me tell you how.

My daughter loves the iPad very much. She slides her tiny fingers through the screen like a PRO when looking for the apps or videos that she wants. The adults around her feel surprised. If you tell her to find a particular app, she can find and open it for you in a snap.

However, as her mom, I try my very best to regulate her iPad usage in a day and I see to it that I only look for and install applications that are kid and budget-friendly. I really take this choosing task seriously. Before I sleep at night, I download new apps for her and go through them one-by-one. That’s how I try to be a hands-on-mom when it comes to her learning through technology.

Let me share with your our Top 5 Free Educational Apps for our kids:

1. Angelina Ballerina : Angelina’s New Ballet Teacher by Callaway Digital Arts & HIT Entertainment

My daughter loves Angelina Ballerina so much! She watches its reruns on JimJam whenever we’re at home. This app has 5 sections: Watch, Read, Paint, Puzzle & Play. You can find music videos that your child can dance along with, read some stories, play puzzles which are lifted from the actual story scenes and play some games.

2. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally by Disney

Another very interactive app which encourages our child to give his or her responses in doing any task. This app also provides opportunities for our kids to learn about numbers and shapes.

3. A Day in the Market by Adarna House

This homegrown app is very “pinoy” since it takes our child to a virtual and typical Filipino Wet & Dry Market. This interactive storybook takes you to a little girl’s life and her first trip to the market with her Nanay (Mother). She talks about what she sees on her visit, what she dislikes and what she longs for to buy for herself.

4. Pororo Tick Talk English – Colors by Hancom, Inc.

A very colorful and easy to use learning material when teaching our kids about colors. I personally love the songs they used in this app because it is very easy to sing along with. You have the option to either use the material with or without the music. The graphics are also very cute and attractive to the child’s eyes.

5. Dibo the Gift Dragon by BluePin

This free app allows our kids to paint, watch Dibo the Gift Dragon’s episodes which are loaded with great values and lessons. N’s personal favorite is an episode called, “Pretty in Pink” which deals with the value of giving to others and personal sacrifice.

In the story, Bunny made a wish to have a pet and Dibo gave her a bug which she later on named Pinky. Pinky doesn’t like eating other flowers in the garden except for this unique pink flower which belongs to Bunny. Dibo talks to Bunny and tells her that giving will make her happier.

One night, she finally decided to give the one rare thing that makes her happy–the pink flower. The following morning, Bunny wakes up and finds out that Pinky is missing! Together with her friends, they went looking for Pinky all over the place but did not find her. Then, they realized through Chronos’ book that Pinky has turned into a chrysalis and will soon become a beautiful pink butterfly!

I hope you’d find these apps helpful to you as you guide your child to the basics in learning. Remember, that as parents, we are our children’s first teachers and we are responsible teaching them to have a heart for investing in their minds.

If you know any other free educational apps for our kids, I’d like to hear from you. Please leave a comment for me and I’d gladly check it out at the Apple Store! 🙂



Glaiza is a Filipino Home & Lifestyle Blogger, Proud Mom & Military Wife. She believes that a happy and informed family life is both a choice and responsibility. Motherhood is a blessing, and best traveled by sharing and inspiring others. ♥



Pororo!!! I love Pororo and Pocoyo too… Are there any Pocoyo’s app? By the way, thanks for sharing this. I’d like to suggest this educational app that got a month ago and had changed my 4 yrs old son. He got new words and I noticed him so happy every time he uses this app. I found that app here –


Sarah Bucu

Hello Glaiza ! A lot of kids nowadays really do enjoy using the ipad. My son who autism also likes it as well when he had a chance of using it one time with the kindness of his cousin. You may want to try Maddie and Matt application which touches on the basic idea on how to save the planet like turning off the light or the faucet when not in use, proper dispensing of trash and recycling.

I am your new follower and I might just be a constant visitor from now on. Feel free to follow back and visit my blog anytime/


Glaiza Garcia-Tominio

Hi Sarah! Thanks for visiting! I’d check on your recommendation the soonest. 🙂 I will check your blog, too.


Analiza batao-ey

thanks Moomy Musings! i am now downloading Dibo and Pororo! (as i already have mickey mouse and the 2 others are for girlies!) yehey!


Glaiza Garcia-Tominio

Thanks Ana! I hope Gab would enjoy the apps, too! 🙂 Feel free to comment again for the feedback if he likes it or not. 🙂


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