Nickelodeon Summer Festival 2013

Last May 04, 2013, Nickelodeon hosted another fun summer event for the families at the Bonifacio Global City where my daughter and I, and some of my friends attended.

 We arrived at about 4PM since we came from the 2nd birthday party of Advertising Mom’s son just a few blocks away from the venue. It was scorching hot on that day but we thank Nickelodeon for giving the kids some buri hats that they could use the entire program.

The first booth that caught my daughter’s attention was that of Bubble Guppies. She watches the show every morning on Nick, Jr. and we even have a downloaded music video of “I Want A Pet To Love” stored in our iPad.

Hooray for N at the Bubble Guppies Booth

N tried pumping it hard so that little orange pingpong ball could reach the top. To reward her effort, she was given a sticker sheet with Dora the Explorer and Spongebob Squarepants.

There were also sponsored booth from Toy Kingdom, Propan TLC, Air Asia, Jack & Jill Choco Knots and a lot more! One of our favorites was that of Goody Gulp’s! See how long the line was. They gave out freebies, held games and had an ongoing registration to the new Goody Gulp Club!

Of course, we did not let the day pass without seeing Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick the Starfish! We also saw Dora the Explorer & her cousin, Diego, but they were too quick that I missed taking photos of them.

Even if we only get to stay for a few hours, we had a great time seeing families get together, and children having fun. Thank you very much to Nickeolodeon for organizing events like this that promotes happy childhood and stronger family ties.

For more information on the other Nickeledeon events, promotions and announcements, please like them on Facebook: Nick Asia.

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