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Tagaytay City: Even Mommies Need A Holiday

Does this illustration ring a bell? A juggling mom with all the priorities in her hands?

Do you find yourself feeling this way?

And if there’s a “Mommy Day-Off” sign up sheet today, would you want to get listed?

(The first 3 photos are credited to, and Thank you!)

I set my alarm to 5AM, one Saturday in May. I needed to move as swift as I could to make it to the 7AM call time at a well-known mall in Taguig City. Define swift: Arriving at Market! Market! at 6:40AM, including the travel.

That Saturday’s sky was filled with dark clouds. The weather forecast said that we would be experiencing a rainy day in Metro Manila. I was still hopeful that the scene in Tagaytay would be the exact reverse. I kept praying because I wanted to have a good time with my mommy friends and their children.

As we were traveling the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX), I kept on looking for the sun. We still have an hour on the road before we arrive in Tagaytay for brunch. Little by little, the sky became clear. Truly, it did not disappoint me. It shone perfectly!

We arrived at Rowena’s Cafe & Restaurant at about 9AM. It was a very cozy and relaxing place to stay at. The kids enjoyed the view of the garden and its pool. We could also see the other mountainous side of Tagaytay from where we’re sitting. While the kids were busily playing, we went through the menu so we could order food for all.

Rowena’s Cafe & Restaurant offers Filipino food at reasonable prices. It was my first time to taste the foods they serve because whenever I set my foot on their place, I only buy Buko Tart and their other products. It was a great dining experience and I will surely go back to their resto when I visit Tagaytay again.

After the sumptuous brunch that we had at Rowena’s, we finally headed to the the newest amusement park in Tagaytay called Sky Ranch. Everyone’s excited. There wasn’t too many people when we arrived there at about 11AM. There was still an ample parking space for the car of every visiting families.

There was an ongoing promotion for the entrance fee when we came. Instead of paying P100 for 1 park ticket, it was reduced to P50.00. That day was a lucky day for all of us!

The moment you arrive at Sky Ranch, it would be impossible for you to miss The Sky Eye. It is said to be the highest Ferris Wheel in the Philippines today, beating SM Mall of Asia’s The Eye, and Enchanted Kindgom’s Wheel of Fate.

These are some of the rides that the kids could already enjoy when you visit. The ride tickets range from P50.00-P150.00 each. They are still reasonable since the theme park is newly-opened. The most expensive ride ticket we purchased that day was for the Sky Eye at P150.00.

The notorious Super Viking: This is Enchanted Kingdom’s (EK) Anchor’s Away counterpart at the Sky Ranch. I won’t ride this thing ever again since the day I tried it at EK. Whenever I see this ride, I feel like my heart is about to run away.

I’m an acrophobic person. But that did not excuse me from joining the group in trying out the Sky Eye. I really tried my best to be brave — thinking that I’ve stored up enough courage all these years of not getting into a Ferris Wheel. But when my palms started sweating, I knew I was wrong.

This is my “pretending-to-be-brave” snapshot with Pauline, Vee, and Gay (with Gio) before riding the Sky Eye. I’m bracing myself from the inside.

Finally, the moment that I’ve been dreading of came. Only 3 persons are allowed per gondola. I shared the gondola with Vee and we had an amazing time “scaring” each other up there! Each gondola has its own air-conditioning unit which is located under the seat, blowing cold air just right into your ankles.

Vee and I enjoyed the breathtaking view of the Taal Lake at 2,207 feet (above sea level). I could still manage to take her photo since we weren’t at the peak of the Sky Eye yet. A few minutes before we reach the top, I started closing my eyes. Vee and I were beginning to feel scared!

After that long 10-minute loop, we got off the gondola. That’s the first and the last ride, I told myself. I looked for my daughter and I just enjoyed going with her in trying out the rides.

N & R enjoy a train ride together πŸ™‚

“Being a mother is learning about the strength you didn’t know you had, and dealing with the fears you didn’t know existed.” –Linda Wooten

N enjoys a carousel ride for the 2nd time. She doesn’t like to ride this thing if I don’t go with her.

If you’re visiting Tagaytay with a toddler, I have few reminders for you:
  • Wear comfy clothes especially if you’re visiting at summertime. It is not very cold up there.
  • Bring an umbrella, a hat, sunglasses, and water to rehydrate yourself (though this is not allowed inside the Sky Ranch unless it is for the child and has to be seen in her own feeding or drinking bottle).
  • Be sure to put on sunscreen lotion to protect you and your family’s skin.
  • If you’re going with a large group, better arrange for a restaurant reservation for your meals. The must-try restaurants there are usually jampacked at lunch or dinner times.
  • Have a great time with your family or friends. I believe in spontaneity but it also won’t hurt to plan a little to maximize the time you have in Tagaytay.

After the Sky Ranch, we visited the Tagaytay Highlands. I was not able to take photos because it was a long drive to the midlands and I fell asleep. :p Afterwhich, we went back to Rowena’s to pick up all the pasalubong we bought in the morning, then we headed to Paseo De Sta. Rosa to meet Mommy Giay with Kuya I.

We left Paseo de Sta. Rosa at about 7PM and I thought the day was over. I was wrong. We raided Pauline’s house for dinner and had a good time for some mommy and business talk.

I really had an amazing time with them. Even if I am far away from my husband on Mother’s Day, the presence of friends in life somehow compensates the loneliness. (But thanks anyway Daddy for the gift you gave me).

I’ve learned all these time of being a mother that we shouldn’t feel guilty for asking a “time-out” for ourselves. I’ve heard so many long-time moms say this on their inspirational talks. Why? Because we cannot give what we do not have. We should nurture and love ourselves so we could give more to our family in return.

What made you happy on Mother’s Day? I have a comment box down here. Let’s talk. πŸ™‚



Glaiza is a Filipino Home & Lifestyle Blogger, Proud Mom & Military Wife. She believes that a happy and informed family life is both a choice and responsibility. Motherhood is a blessing, and best traveled by sharing and inspiring others. β™₯


vee fernandez

Thank you for convincing me to join and to ate pau for politely terrorizing me na sumama or else….hahaha…i love you guys! Of course I also enjoyed mommy gayzelle’s company…good to see you too mommy gi kahit saglit lang!


vee fernandez

Thank you talaga sa pagconvince sa aking sumama. And of course, thank you kay ate Pau for politely terrorizing me to join.haha.i love you guys!


Glaiza Garcia-Tominio

Buti sumama ka at di ka magmukmok sa camp! Super fun di ba?


Gigi Beleno

Sayang hindi kami nakahabol sa Tagaytay. Anyway super enjoy si kuya Ivan while playing at Jollibee Paseo, he knows we are waiting for the other babies to come. Pero hassle pa rin un ulan.
Nice meeting you there!!!


Glaiza Garcia-Tominio

Thanks Mommy Gi! Enjoy din ako kahit inulan tayo! πŸ™‚


Elsie Suarez

aww…im so jealous..hehehe…beter luck next time to me. (we attended a family reunion on the same date that’s why we weren’t able to join all of you )…happy for all of you that u had a good time.

me naman, we celebrated mother’s day with family and relatives since it was also feast day in our area πŸ™‚


Glaiza Garcia-Tominio

Oks lang yan Elsie, may next time pa naman. I’m happy to know that you also had a great time celebrating Mother’s Day! πŸ™‚


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