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Fisher-Price Joy of Learning Workshop Manila

Fisher-Price held its first-ever and highly successful workshop called, “Joy of Learning” Workshop (FPJOL) in the Philippines last June 16, 2013 at the Crowne Plaza Manila.

The FPJOL Manila Workshop was facilitated by the International Parenting and Child Development Consultant and Founder of Live & Learn Asia, Carrie Lupoli. The workshop was also graced by Fisher-Price’s Mombassador, Audrey Tan-Zubiri.

It was attended by about 80 people, mostly composed by parents and educators from all over the Metro, and nearby provinces.

It was very evident that the workshop organizers prepared well for this event. The registration table was properly manned to accommodate the attendees. I love the fact that they set up a play area for the kids to stay at while the mommies and daddies are participating in the workshop.

If you’re about to ask me about the most important realization I had in this FPJOL workshop, I’d surely say 2 words: box and tantrum.


Carrie asked us about our goals in parenting. Naturally, a lot of us would say, “I want my child to be happy.” There’s nothing wrong to this parenting goal but I’ve also come to realize that being happy is not just enough. A time will come in our child’s life that he or she needs to leave us to live a life of his or her own.

Let’s take this illustration: Our child is about to move out of our house, and he is packing away his stuff and placing them in a box. Surely, our child would take with him all the things that are important to him as he begin his own journey.

Imagine that your child is a box. What do you want your child to take with him when he leaves? What important life values or life skills do you want him to have? I realized during the workshop that INDEPENDENCE is a very important virtue that we should impart to our children.

Whatever “stuff” we fill in our child’ boxes (negative and positive), it will form who they are later in life. I suddenly remembered a wonderful poem written by Dorothy Law Nolte which perfectly describes what I want to say right now.


I also learned both from Carrie and Audrey on how to properly respond when our child throws a tantrum. My daughter N is turning 2 early next month and I’m currently facing their so-called, “Terrible Two’s.”

I think every mother has her fair share of humiliating story of this stage. I was greatly encouraged when Carrie and Audrey mentioned that children do not throw tantrums just to humiliate us. That was an aha moment for me. As a parent, we are in the perfect spot to find out what causes the tantrum. Could it be because of hunger? Soiled diapers? Sleepiness? As soon as we find it out, we can properly address the need and minimize the tantrum.

The FPJOL Manila Workshop became a learning milestone for me as a parent. It empowered me to love and understand my child more, especially now that she is on the crucial 0-5 years. The 0-5 years of life is when the most significant growth and development occur in humans. It also gave me inspiration to mother my child more confidently because as Carrie have mentioned, in this life, “we have all that we need” to prepare our children to face life on his own.

Aside from the very inspirational talk and encouragement from Carrie, Fisher-Price also generously gave out amazing raffle prizes to all the participants. They gave away toys, books from The Learning Basket, Gymboree & Galileo gift certificates, diaper bags, and a stroller!

There were also learning sessions from Gymboree Play & Music, The Learning Basket, and Galileo.

These Fisher-Price kids enjoy the bubbles from Teacher Jenny of Gymboree Play & Music.

This is Mariel Uyquiengco of The Learning Basket as she teaches us to remove all inhibitions when we story-tell to our children.

Thank you very much to Carrie for coming to the Philippines to share your expertise and first-hand experiences as a mother to your 2 beautiful girls. I hope you come back again to inspire the Filipino parents that love is the cornerstone of any fruitful and fulfilling parenthood. Please visit Carrie’s page on Facebook or follow her on Twitter for updates.

Thank you also to Audrey for inspiring me to look fab as a mom; and for unselfishly and honestly sharing your own hits and misses as you help raise Adriana and Juanmi. We’ll see each other again very soon! If you want to get in touch with Audrey, you can follow her womanly, wifely, and motherly adventures on Instagram: @audreyzubiri.

Thanks also to Wong Lai Kwan, Branch Manager of Fisher-Price, South East Asia, Richprime Global Inc.Julie & Liann, for allowing me to support this workshop through my blog.

Fisher-Price’s Joy of Learning Workshop Manila is made possible through the efforts of Richprime Global Inc., Gymboree Play & Music, The Learning Basket, Galileo Singaporean Math, Crowne Plaza Manila, and the online support mommy blogs: Moomy Musings, and Soldier Mom’s Corner. ❤

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