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Free Toys from Breeze Sigeland

I’ve been seeing their free toy advertisement over Cinema One for the last couple of weeks. It stirred my curiosity to check out the Facebook page of the company sponsoring the event to clarify if this is indeed for real. I strongly felt like there’s a catch to it because I couldn’t plainly buy their claim that there’s no “purchase required” to participate at Breeze Sigeland.

I was very excited to find out how events like this happen since it’s something new to my years. There are only 2 simple instructions from Breeze Philippines when you plan to participate: (1) Pre-register and (2) Be early.

On the other hand, I have my fair share of horror stories attending events that are open to public. One common hurdle that you need to go through is falling in crazy lines for hours. But there’s a way to skip it if you hold a Breeze Sigeland Golden Ticket.

My mind was already set: No Golden Ticket, No Breeze Sigeland visit. This is non-negotiable. Holding a Golden Ticket would entitle me to some privileges: (1) falling in a shorter line and (2) getting the first dibs on the free toys of the Breeze Sigeland.

Middle of last week, I got a private message in my Twitter account from Breeze Philippines. They were asking for my complete details because I just gotten myself a Golden Ticket to the Breeze Sigeland! Yay!! That was my confirmation that I should go out and check it out. I want to satisfy myself of knowing how events such as this happen.

As instructed, the Breeze Sigeland Toy Store would open at 11AM. I arrived at the Music Hall of SM Mall of Asia at about 10:30AM. As expected, the line was already long but the families were patiently waiting.

I was able to enter the Breeze Sigeland ahead of others (because of my pass) and saw the Breeze Sige Moms Carmina Villaroel-Legaspi and Tessa Prieto-Valdes awarding the winners to the short film contest that Breeze Philippines also ran. I waited for a few minutes and the much-awaited opening of the Breeze Sigeland Toy Store has begun, marked by a ribbon-cutting.

You could tell by the look on everybody’s faces the excitement to enter the Breeze Sigeland Toy Store. We were given some gentle reminders to get one toy per mom/child tandem, and the toys are on the first-come, first-served basis. It was such a pleasant sight to see the smile on each mom and child’s faces when they approach the toy that they want.

There were lots of toys at the Breeze Sigeland event. There were bikes, pools, painting set, skateboards, and balls. As soon as you finish choosing your toy, you can proceed immediately to the Check-out counter to “pay” for your toy. Each toy has a corresponding virtue that we should develop in our children as they grow up. These virtues are: courage, confidence, sportsmanship and creativity.

My daughter and I got this Dora the Explorer 3-wheel scooter originally valued at Php1,299.75 at Toy Kingdom. I’m very happy because my daughter wants a scooter like this for her birthday very soon. I know she appreciates this toy because she could already recognize and even say the words “Dora and Boots.”

My payment for this toy is a pledge to teach N to be courageous. I sincerely believe that courage is a very important virtue that she must possess. It will allow her to have a heart to persevere and to take hold of her dreams, aspirations and ambitions. Courage will allow her to conquer her fears or anything that would keep her away from the things that makes her happy. Courage will also allow her to always keep on trying, even if it means falling down seven times but courageously getting up at eight.

More than the free toy, thank you so much Breeze Philippines and Toy Kingdom for this wonderful campaign. It doesn’t matter how grubby we become in this journey called life as long as we learn our lessons from our mistakes or shortcomings.

When we are anchored by courage to pick ourselves up, confidence to make things right, sportsmanship to accept victory or defeat, and creativity to relive a colorful life after the fall, there’s nothing we can’t do to achieve the happy life that we’ve always wanted.

I’m a certified #SigeMom , and I support the Breeze Philippines’ #SigeSaMantsa campaign.

For more information on Breeze Philippines and their family and child-friendly advocacies, please like them on Facebook : Breeze Philippines.



Glaiza is a Filipino Home & Lifestyle Blogger, Proud Mom & Military Wife. She believes that a happy and informed family life is both a choice and responsibility. Motherhood is a blessing, and best traveled by sharing and inspiring others. ♥



Woooooow! What an exciting event! Childhood dream ko to, to shop for toys for free! Haha!

I’m so happy for you and your daughter! Kakatuwa naman. 🙂


Jingke Kolca

Wow galing! I’m sure your daughter will enjoy every minute using that Dora scooter. Bagay sa kanya talaga cos it’s pink and cute!! 🙂


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