To The Most Amazing Dada on Father’s Day

I’ve already written 171 posts on this blog, and I don’t think that number would ever match to the love that we have for you as a husband and father. I’m not even sure if I’d be able to go through this writing without shedding a tear, for you know that I’ve always been a cry baby when it comes to our family.

You sent me a text message me this afternoon when N and I were visiting SM Aura, asking me for your “Happy Father’s Day” greeting. You told me that you heard it from the radio. I don’t know if it was an honest mistake that you JUST really don’t know, or, you’ve already lost track of time. Let me guess. Are you just happy because another homecoming is close at hand that you stopped looking at the dates? I jokingly replied that today isn’t Father’s Day yet, and you’re just being too excited.

I only have praises for you as the father of my child. I know if given a choice, you’d rather stay and serve here, and watch her every way. However, you opt to live away from us so you’d be able to provide us a bright future. I’d be forever grateful to the Lord for blessing my daughter with a loving, responsible, and wise father. And if I could ever live again, I’d surely choose you one more time to be my husband. I just hope that the world could see how an incredible man you are in our eyes.

As a husband, you are the one who taught me to be objective in anything. You never tolerate me when I’m wrong, but you bring out the best in me when I’m right. You have that amazing ability to keep me grounded as your wife. If I could sing a song for you at this very moment, I’d probably sing a few lines from The Carpenters:

“You are the crowd that sits quiet, listening to me, and all the mad sense that I make.”

Though we miss you again this Father’s Day, we just want you to know that we love and miss you very much. Please remember that N and I are always here for you. You can always go home to us no matter what.

Happy Father’s Day, Dada Butch! We’ll see you very, very soon! You owe us a movie date — Monsters University?! ❀


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