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I’ve been keeping Moomy Musings (MM) for 1 and a half years now. I think it has improved a lot since the day it was born. I’m proud to say that this blog is a product of self-study, sprinkled with sariling sikap. So far, I’m satisfied with everything in it. But it doesn’t mean that I’d stop from where it is now. Moomy Musings is still a work in progress.

As you all know, MM was born when my daughter N was just 4 months old. Just like most of my mommy blogger friends, I also opened it for the purpose of having an outlet for all the information and experience that I have as a neophyte mom. I’d like to share my hits and misses, struggles and triumphs, and all the mommy drama! πŸ™‚

I learned from the Blog Inspired workshop that I attended a couple of months ago, that as a blogger, it is very important for anyone who “keeps” a blog to have a solid foundation. You don’t need to be an engineer to have an idea of what a solid foundation should be. Any good, solid foundation speaks of strength, and something that would surely pass the test of time. How do you do this?

BY HAVING A DEFINED PURPOSE.You must have a clear “reason for existence” for yourself and your blog. This will be your anchor as you go out into the blogosphere. They say that our blog is a reflection of who we really are and what we stand up for. Like in my case, my “motto” in life is to always be thankful in all circumstances. I also believe that it is both our right and responsibility to have informed choices. In my perfect world, I want all people to be happy, thankful (contented) and informed. For this reason, I treat my blog, as a sacred avenue to encourage and inspire others to live a fun, thankful, and informed life, which includes parenthood.

My blogging purpose is to use my passion in writing and learningΒ 
to encourage and inspire others to live a fun, informed, and thankful life.

BY FOCUSING ON INSPIRING. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you should not make blogging as your bread and butter. If you’re taking the road of “monetizing” your blog, it’s really up to you. Many have already succeed in the blogging mainstream. I just want to stress the importance of developing contents that is worthy of people’s time when they visit our blog. What important information will they walk away with? In Filipino, ano ang natutunan nila sa blog mo? Be sincere when you write. Dig it from your heart of hearts.

Blog readers are smart. Why in the world would they go to your blog to read on something about baby products when they can just Google it? People, especially those who are parents are looking for posts that are personal. Come up with a post that has an aim to help them out in your most sincere way, from a parent to another parent. I myself skip those posts that I see from blog sites na parang binebentahan lang ako ng produkto.Β 

Develop your own blogging voice and style. It’s not wrong to draw inspiration from others, but readers can pinpoint if you’re just being a mere copycat. Dr. Seuss once said:

For the existing bloggers: Go over your “most popular post.” Why did that post become popular? What kind of post is it? I went through mine and I ‘kinda felt guilty because it was a giveaway post. Why? Because I’m aiming to have a most popular post that is NOT a giveaway. If you will take away all the giveaway posts in your blog, what is there left to read?

I will admit that there are “perks” to being a blogger. You can get into exclusive events, freebies, product samples, get paid for sponsored posts, etc. But this should not be your main objective in becoming a blogger. For me, these are only bonuses or rewards if people and company respect your credibility and value your opinion. I also often get questions like, how do you get these “perks”?

Believe it or not, I receive them all in my email. I see every invitation and requests, but I don’t say YES to everything. This is the reason why I started with a word on having a purpose. When you have a clear purpose, it will greatly help you on deciding which offer to gladly accept or politely decline. Your blogging values and etiquette will also be seen here. Please don’t run after PR firms or ask them for product/s in exchange of “you will blog about them.” Save some respect for yourself and your blog. Again, if they value your credibility and opinion, they will be the ones running after you.

BY COMMITTING TO IMPROVE. Now, if you find yourself feeling envious because you’re not getting as many opportunities (that results to perks) as the others do, I’d say, “It’s OK to feel it, but don’t let it eat you up.”Β Hindi maiiwasan yan, especially to compare yourself with others. I learned again from the Blog Inspired workshop that ALL purposeful bloggers will have their OWN TIME TO SHINE. Today may not be for us, but I’m sure one day, it will come.

This year, I’ve made a commitment to be a better blogger by participating in blogging workshops. I started out with a bang with Martine, Toni, Jayme and Michelle’s Blog Inspired workshop. I’m very thankful for being there and it was really a blog-life-changing experience. Just like those 4 amazing women, I also long to share my ideas and best practices in blogging with you. I hope that through this post, you’d be able to pick a thing or two that could help and inspire you in your own blogging journey.

In this modern time and age when everybody seems to be a “blogger”, the challenge now is to be a “Purpose-Driven Blogger.” If I may borrow the tagline of that famous book, we can ask ourselves this question: “What on blogging world am I here for?”


  1. Michelle Padrelanan says:

    Hello Glaiza, thank you for attending the workshop. I only saw this tonight and I have to say that I’m so thrilled you used my deck here. You know in my own journey of blogging, I pray to inspire or encourage even just one person, and I’m so glad to see that you have been inspired. God bless you as you go on your way.

    • Glaiza | Moomy Musings says:

      Hi Michelle! I really enjoyed this workshop and I really learned a lot. At this point, believe me, I learned that true blogging isn’t really about getting freebies, attending events, or even monetizing. If there’s one thing I can say based from experience is that, if you want to become a blogger, I highly recommend that you strengthen your blogging values. It’s a vast blogging world out there and if you don’t anchor strong enough, it’s very easy to get swayed at lose yourself and your principles. Thank you for being a part of this journey. I will always treasure these in my heart. Looking forward to attending some of your workshops again. πŸ™‚

  2. Rikka Redrico says:

    Wow! Hindi ko alam na umattend ka pala ng workshop ni Martine! Naku, kailangan ko na talaga umattend!!! Haha! Correct ka diyan! Now, napareflect ako sa “reason for existence” na yan. :O

    • Mommy Glaiza says:

      Go ahead and attend. This one I attended was then free so grab agad! I learned a lot from the workshop and if given a chance, I’ll attend again on other topics. Yes, that was what I was telling you about, ponder on why you want to be a blogger in the first place. The perks will only be bonuses and it will feel so good if it comes as a reward to your passionate blogging. πŸ™‚

  3. Gigi Beleno says:

    People blog for various purposes – some do it for purpose of earning or getting into events. But I totally agree with you as my own purpose in blogging is to inspire others as well wherein my readers will learn something from what I’ve written.

    • Moomy Musings says:

      Yup, Mommy Gi! But then again, I sincerely hope that earning or monetizing our blogs shouldn’t be our main priority. I’d love to read a blog that has a heart and genuine concern for their readers.

  4. Apple says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I wasn’t able to attend the workshop, sayang! But your post surely made me reflect on my blog’s purpose πŸ˜‰

  5. sassygirl19 says:

    Wow sakto ang post mo about blogging, coz I want to start my own blog soon. But still don’t know how. hehehe πŸ™‚ I really learned a lot from this post. Hope I can also get to attend some blogging workshops. – Sally

  6. Krisna says:

    Great post, Mommy Glaiza! Bigla akong napa-reflect ng wala sa oras after ko basahin ang post mo na ‘to. Buti na lang hindi nag-push through yung comment ko kanina dahil biglang nawala ang net. Ang haba, puro kadramahan about what I feel when I’ve read your post. Hehe! Thank you so much for sharing this. πŸ™‚

    • Glaiza Garcia-Tominio says:

      Thank you, Mars! I hope that this post would be able to inspire others if they want to start their own blog. I hope my readers can pick something up from this. Kahit isa lang, I’d be happy, πŸ™‚

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