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A Lovely Mommy Night with Audrey Zubiri

She’s one of the glamorous Filipino moms today. When I first met her at the launch of Fisher-Price’s Joy of Learning campaign at the Crowne Plaza Manila some weeks ago, I learned that she’s a very approachable and warm person. I remember flipping my old bridal magazines because I used to “stalk” her wedding fashion and the rest of her wedding with former Senator Miguel Zubiri of Bukidnon. Yes, I was starstrucked with her womanly and motherly glow on our first meeting.

After the event, I thought that she would just be one of the celebrity moms whom I’ve rubbed elbows with, and be gone after the meeting. I was totally wrong! One fine day, I woke up with an Instagram follow request from her. That moment, I felt rebuked because the truth is, she’s a normal woman like us who finds time out of her busy life to make friends and connect with people.

“Motherhood is best travelled with friends.”
L-R : Yours Truly, Vee, Liv, and Mona

The second meeting that I had with her was at Rustan’s Makati when she hosted an event for Fisher- Price where I was again invited.The third time I met Audrey was during Carrie Lupoli’s Joy of Learning Workshop Manila. Being Fisher-Price’s Ambassador, Audrey was there to support and listen to what Carrie has to share. I was too busy with my daughter that I failed to share stories with her. After the workshop, I was told by my friend, Soldier Mom Vee, that Audrey wants to sit down with us for a project.

The sceptic in me was again awaken because I just couldn’t accept the fact that an A-Lister, and a former Philippine senator’s wife like her would want to get down and meet “ordinary moms” like us. When the date and meeting place were finally set, I finally accepted the reality that Audrey was indeed serious and sincere to get to know us.

You might be wondering why in the world would an Audrey Tan-Zubiri set an appointment with us? I will keep you hanging a bit so you have something to look forward to. Meantime, let me share with you this behind-the-scene photo while we’re working on our little project.

Thanks to California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) at The Fort for accommodating our “requests” when we were there! 🙂 Thanks also to my husband for taking our (stolen) photos while we’re talking. More so, thanks to Audrey for being so nice and humble; and for letting us get to know you in a more personal way. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity of being part of your life passion.

I promise to post more details about this project with Audrey once it’s up. I really enjoyed this dinner date with her and the rest of my mommy friends at The Mommy Avenue. I’m excited! 🙂

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