Bayani Brew, Not Your Ordinary Iced Tea

I admit that I’m a huge (as in HUGE!) Iced Tea fan. My pantry doesn’t run out of my favorite powdered Iced Tea mix, the one that you can easily buy from the supermarket. For this reason, my daughter has also learned how to drink it at a young age.

I am well-aware that this love affair with iced teas shouldn’t go on because most of the available mixes today are unhealthy, and contain lots of sugar. If you have the same dilemma as mine, today is eureka day because I recently discovered a healthy iced tea drink for the entire family to enjoy and benefit from.

If you have a family member or a child who couldn’t be stopped from drinking some unhealthy iced teas or sodas, I recommend you to try Bayani Brew.

Bayani Brew is a all-natural, all-healthy, and all-Filipino, ready-to-drink bottled iced tea that is made from fruits and vegetables. It contains no coloring or preservatives. Mommies and daddies, you can give this to your school kids as their baon! :)I was able to try their Purple Leaf flavor and it was really good! Would you believe that this iced tea drink is made of sweet potato, purple leaf tops (talbos ng kamote), lemongrass (tanglad), calamansi extract, Vitamin C, and raw sugar! Each bottle’s suggested retail price (SRP) is Php40.00.

Photo c/o of Bayani Brew Facebook Page

This is one of the best and healthier alternatives to your usual family drink! If you’re a supporter of Human Heart Nature products (HHN), you can buy Bayani Brew from their stores.

For a complete list of where to find this healthy drink, you may see Where to Buy Bayani Brew?

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