10 Life-Saving Infographic That You Should Know

How are you all doing? It’s been raining cats and dogs these last 4 days and I hope we’re all safe and dry. It seems that it’s already flooded all over, leaving every person and businesses paralyzed.

This is now the situation outside our home. No flood yet, but some of our neighbors are being proactive by parking their cars in front of our house. As much as I would want to go to the supermarket to do a little panic buying, my aunt told me that the roads are not passable anymore. How about you?

In times like this, it’s very important to be prepared for any circumstances that may affect our safety. It is a wise choice to get glued on TV news or get updates from the radio. Please also take note and digest these 10 life-saving, important and still relevant infographics for any Filipino family. You may click on the photo/s for a bigger view.

1. Flood Safety Precautions from Ateneo De Manila University

2. Important Twitter Accounts that we should follow by GMA News

3. Emergency Hotline Numbers by Panahon TV

4. Leptospirosis Alert by World Health Organization / Kyushu University and Department of Science and Technology

5. 72-Hour Survival Kit by Rescue 5

6. What To Do During Flood by DOST-PAGASA

7. Hazards on Flooded Streets by Associated Press (AP)

8. PAGASA’s Color-Coded Warning Signals by Rappler

9. How to Purify Water by Gov.Ph

10. Flood Safety Tipd by ANC

Special credits to Yahoo She! for inspiring me to post for these infographics. Thanks also to all the organizations who put up these helpful infographics.

Please stay safe everyone! ❤

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