All About Kids Bazaar by Working Mom Magazine

Yesterday, I went to the Working Mom Magazine’s All About Kids Bazaar at the Rockwell Tent in Makati City. I decided to go alone this time because my husband cautioned me not to go out a lot or stay long in one crowdy place because of the recent bombings that are happening.

I arrived at the venue an hour before lunch time, and bought a Working Mom Magazine for Php120.00 to gain entrance at the event. After paying for my magazine, I was also given a pretty heavy loot bag. Not bad because when I took a look at it when I came home, all of the giveaway stuff are useful for me and my kid. Thanks to Working Mom Magazine and its generous sponsors!

Being a mommy bazaar patron, some of the exhibitors were already familiar to me, so I paid more attention to those that aren’t. Of course, I won’t let the day pass without saying hi to my friends / blog partners like Dainty Ashley and Ant’s Pocket.

Brain Toys for your children were also on great deals. These are some of the nice, brain-friendly toys for the tots.

The Schoolbags for Kids is one booth that caught my eye. It sells schoolbags for a cause. For every bag you purchase, that same bag is also given to a school child in different parts of the world. They have already given bags to countries like India and Thailand, soon in the Philippines.

As always, Ant’s Pocket, one of my favorite shops, also exhibited their new designs. They are now making handmade plushies like Russian Dolls, birds, and seahorses.

I also visited the Dainty Ashley booth. I was so happy for my mompreneur friend, Mai, because she was entertaining a few customers when I arrived. πŸ™‚ Please do check out her handmade hair trinkets for your little princesses.

She was selling wooden bracelets for kids for only Php20.00. I also scored some really nice hair clips for N as seen in the photo above.

If you missed the All About Kids Bazaar and want to check out what Dainty Ashley has in store, please visit their website:

Some concessionaires were also selling imported and branded apparels for the kids. I saw this very chic pink floral Zara pants for 18-24 months. It’s just too bad because it was already down to the last 2 pairs without my daughter’s size. πŸ™

Banana Peel also surprised me with their new line for kids called, “Tickle My Sole.” They were on 20% during the All About Kids Bazaar. I’m not sure if this Tickle My Sole line is already available at the Banana Peel stores now; if they do, I’d appreciate if you’ll leave a comment for all of us to know.

I found Nurtur Me at the Spinkie booth. It is a very interesting organic baby food brand because you can mix it with you child’s pancakes or juices. It has different flavors like carrot, sweet potato, banana, squash, and I think I also saw peas.

As a whole, I think Working Mom Magazine’s All About Kids Bazaar met my expectations in terms of showcasing new stuff for the kids and the rest of the family. I also love their stroller parking, breastfeeding and diaper changing areas, which are two in separate locations.

The venue is well-ventilated, security is very much present. I only wished that there would already be a program happening on stage in the morning because some families were already sitting down as audience. Nevertheless, it was an event worth visiting with your family.

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