Champs Chewable Vitamins Giveaway Winners

Happy Friday, everyone! I’m so happy with how this Champs Chewable Vitamins Giveaway turned out. I’ve received a lot of entries from mommies who want to champion in maintaining their child’s health.

So, without further adieu, I’m now ready to announce the 3 lucky moms who will receive a gift pack from CCM International Philippines, Inc.

If you see your name listed here, please wait for the email that I will be sending you in a bit. Kindly reply to my email the soonest so I can ship your gift packs as soon as I can.

Thanks to all who joined! I’m really overjoyed with all the support you’ve all been showing when I throw giveaways.

I have an ongoing contest happening right now in celebration of the World Breastfeeding Awareness Week. If you can see my sidebar, there’s a portion there labelled as “Live Giveaways,” so you could easily know what contests that I am holding as of the moment.

Happy weekend everyone! My week is just starting because I’m about to attend a launch this afternoon. For sure, I will tell you about it soon! ❤

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