Nu-Moms: There’s MORE to it than just Malunggay

For the past few years, studies have shown that malunggay (Moringa oleifera) can cure various illnesses. It’s good for treating headaches, bacterial and fungal skin complaints, and it’s even anti-diabetic and anti-tumor.

According to the Philippine Herbal Medicine Organization, “There have been claims that malunggay can be used to lower blood pressure … as well as its being an anti-tumor plant”.

Undoubtedly, this leafy green veggie gives off many health and medicinal benefits. But, what more if such healthful malunggay is combined with yet another beneficial vitamin, say, Folic Acid? The result: an optimum food supplement!

With its mission to “bridge healthcare to people”, Corbridge introduces Nu-Moms, their newest brainchild that boasts potent benefits eyed to keep expecting and nursing mothers in the pink of health.

Nu-Moms is a combination of 350mg malunggay and 400mcg Folic Acid. Accordingly, this food supplement is expected to give mothers the competence to BE THE NANAY through its health-giving offerings which include: increased breastmilk production, normalized sugar level, properly maintained liver and kidney, improved food digestion, stronger bones and immune system, smoother skin, clearer eyesight, and good sleep.

Apart from the notable health benefits of malunggay, Nu-Moms is also fortified with B vitamins (Folic Acid) that can prevent major birth defects of the baby’s brain or spine.

Unmistakably, Nu-Moms is the best food supplement for both expecting and nursing mothers. It goes beyond a typical supplement that empowers women and their babies to be in top shape!

“Maging bidang nanay sa Nu-Moms Malunggay plus Folic Acid!”

Nu-Moms is now available in Mercury Drugstores, or you can also order online through the Nu-Moms Malunggay Facebook fan page or contacting the details below:

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