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Keeping It Cool & Fresh with pH Care Feminine Wipes

As busy moms and homemakers, it is very easy to fall into the trap of taking ourselves for granted. I remember listening to a talk by Maricel Laxa wherein she mentioned about taking good care of ourselves so we would be better in taking care of others in return. Indeed, we cannot give what we do not have.

I’m giving pH Care Feminine Wipes a try for the first time and yes, it’s very cool to use because it leaves you feeling fresh and clean down there all-day. It’s a very good and discreet way for busy women who are always on the go to get that shower-fresh feeling, even in the absence of water.

Admittedly, I don’t feel comfortable after using the bathroom if I don’t immediately wash, especially if I do have access to clean water. Just for a trivia, I find it challenging to survive a day without using a feminine wash. (Ask my husband, he can attest to it because I always beg him to buy one for me when we’re away from home, for those on-the-spot sleepovers.)

Toilet papers are not also enough for me; but I manage to get by if that is only what is available.

I love the pH Care Feminine Wipes Cool Wind’s not too strong minty scent. The wipe itself is thick and does not easily get dry as long as you seal the packaging correctly. More importantly, after several usage of the pH Care Feminine Wipes, I did not develop any form of allergy or itchiness. It also comes very handy so it doesn’t get a lot of room in your purses or mommy bags. 🙂

How does feminine wipes work?

  • Open resealable label and pull out wipe.
  • Reseal label immediately after use to prevent drying.
  • Gently wipe feminine area.
  • Do not use on infected area.

Maybe we can start ditching that rough and dry toilet papers for the pH Care Feminine Wipes for that extra care that we women deserve. If our babies do have baby wipes, then, we can also have mommy wipes through the pH Care Feminine Wipes! It’s a woman’s fresh secret in keeping it cool!

For more valuable information on the pH Care Feminine Wipes, please visit the Unilab website, or like them on Facebook for some fresh updates.

Disclosure: Unilab has provided me with samples of the pH Care Feminine Wipes in Cool Wind Scent. I received no compensation in providing my honest feedback / review of the subject product.

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