The Day I Met and Became a Hero

You live the day you find the reason for your existence. You don’t need a small piece of rock, a barbel, nor a red cape to be called a hero.

This day made me realize a lot of things about myself, and the fact that there’s a whole lot more to life if I look close enough. They always say that life is short and happiness makes it even shorter. I guess at this point, I can say that I am indeed happy. I live each day knowing that every passing sunset signals that I am one step closer to eternity. This realization drove me to get out of my comfort zone and start caring for others more. It’s about time to put feet on my faith.

I have always believed and celebrate military families since I belong to and have one. Each Filipino military families have unique and inspirational testimonies to tell. I am persuaded that God placed this passion in my heart for them, specifically the military orphans, since the day I married someone from the ranks. Why? Because I have personally seen and heard how losing a loved-one in the line of duty broke the hearts of many military families.


I feel like I found a portion of my soul in HERO Foundation Inc. Hero Foundation has been providing educational assistance to about 2,377 military orphans to this date. In this time when non-government organizations (NGOs) are placed in hot water, we must not forget that there are still a lot of legitimate NGOs that are sincerely working hard to help out, and HERO Foundation is one.

I wrote a letter for this foundation a year ago after I’ve watched about them in GMA News & Public Affairs show called, Reporter’s Notebook. The segment greatly touched my heart so I told them to contact me in case they’d be needing an extra hand.

Today, I started with my volunteer work for HERO. HERO stands for Help, Educate and Rear Orphans Foundation. They are also serving partners with the AFP-EBSO (Armed Forces of the Philippines Educational Benefit System Office.

This is my newfound family at HERO Foundation: Michelle Chan & Bernadette Palo. They warmly welcomed the hand I was willing to lend for the cause. I’m encouraging everyone to take a bold step for these military orphans by supporting them in their studies.

HERO Foundation has been preparing for a series of fundraising activities starting tomorrow, September 1, 2013 until the end of the year. As a member of a family reading this, I believe it’s about time to bless another family who already lost or incapacitated their very own hero. For as low as Php17/day or P500/month, you can already adopt a military orphan who is in his or her elementary school studies.

These soldiers gave their lives for us, now is the time to give to their children. We can be their HERO today.

If you’ve been touch to support or want to know more what how to lend a hand, you can visit, like them on Facebook: Hero Foundation Inc., or follow them on Twitter: @herophils .

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