Cookie Butter Face-Off : Trader Joe’s or Lotus Biscoff?

WARNING: This blog post is fattening. Read at your own blood sugar’s risk! πŸ™‚

Are you Team TJ or Team Biscoff?

I’ve seeing a lot of posts online about these two cookie butter brands : Trader Joe’s and Lotus Biscoff. It stirred my curiosity to find out which cookie butter shall pass my sweet palette. I want to have my own opinion that I could honestly share with all of you.

The Cookie Butter Blind Test

For this review, I want to have it fair and square for both TJ and Biscoff, I tapped some of my family members for a little experiment: THE COOKIE BUTTER BLIND TEST.

For this Cookie Butter Blind Testing Project, I had 5 people join me: my father, my not-so-little sister, my 2 brothers, and my aunt. The mechanics are very simple:

The Cookie Butter Blind Testing Mechanics

  1. I prepared the 2 cookie butters and have 2 spoons for each jar, a pitcher of water with a glass, and a handkerchief on standby.
  2. With my assistance, each blindfolded participant shall taste one cookie butter in random. It doesn’t matter if TJ or Biscoff will go first because it’s my call. Before tasting the second cookie butter, the tester shall drink a glass of water before proceeding to the last cookie butter brand.
  3. After tasting the 2 cookie butter brands, he or she will vote the best cookie butter brand for him or her by saying, “First” or “Second.”

The Yummy Result

After the showdown of these two promising cookie butter brands, our family’s majority vote (5-1) in favor of Lotus Biscoff!!

My sister who’s also a foodie said of Biscoff, “Its texture is more consistent, gooey, melt-in-your mouth, and buttery.”Β Though Trader Joe’s thicker in texture, and there’s a very slight saltiness in it once it reaches your taste buds, it still tastes good. It has the same consistency with the usual American Peanut Butter brands we’ve tried.

On the other hand, Lotus Biscoff is a just little runny in texture compared to TJ. In terms of the taste, Biscoff offers the tastiest cookie buttery taste that I’ve been looking for. I’d also really go for Lotus Biscoff! πŸ™‚

How about you, have you tried these 2 cookie butter brands yet? What’s your cookie butter choice? If not, I really suggest that you go for Lotus Biscoff. It’s a very good companion to a piece of banana! Tastes like a banoffee cake slice! πŸ™‚

I also like to say that we love Meiji’s Almond + Chocolate Pepero!! I’m hooked on them. You can really feel the almond bites in your mouth.

So, name your choice. As for us, Lotus Biscoff is our household’s ultimate Cookie Butter brand!Β β™₯

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