Tickle Your Kid’s Sole with Banana Peel Flip-Flops

Nothing beats the comfort and relaxing feeling a pair of flip-flops could bring to our feet.

For Me: Banana Peel’s Candy Mint & Metallozoo Collection
For N: Banana Peel’s Tickle My Sole & Pink-A-Boo Collection

I’m not sure if I know of someone who dislikes flip-flops. So, please allow me with this hasty generalization that everybody likes them. Flip-flops, as they say, is a modern, sosyal or fashionista way of calling our very dear  and ever-reliable tsinelas (slippers).

We received a wonderful present early this week from our friends at Banana Peel. I was so happy to see a perspiring but still warmly smiling middle-aged man, wearing a Banana Peel shirt calling for my name that day. He handed me a medium-sized bayong (woven basket) with my name on it.

Thank you, Banana Peel! ❤

Like what I’ve wrote in my Instagram account, I really love it when people send me packages with my name on it because I find it very personal and sweet. I immediately rushed to find my daughter who’s then watching her Bahay Kubo video and told her that we indeed received a gift.

Banana Peel’s Love Note for Moomy Musings


Care a for a little secret? Ever since I was single, I ain’t a big fan of high-heeled footwear. Though I have a few pairs that I get to wear on special occasions and commitment, but if given a choice, I’d always go for flats. Yes, I’m a flip-flops fan! So now that I’m a mom, I think I still carry this liking in me especially when I shop for N’s shoes or slippers.

I’ve known Banana Peel for quite sometime now but I didn’t know that they already have flip-flops for young boys and girls. I first learned about this when I saw some of them on display during the ALL ABOUT KIDS BAZAAR that I visited a couple of months ago.

Yes you read it right. Banana Peel, the first flip-flops concept store in the Philippines also offers flip-flops for kids, from (learning to walk) infant to toddler!

On N: “CAIA” from Banana Peel’s Tickle My Sole Collection


Curious, innocent, brave, imaginative, naturally-born explorers — this is how Banana Peel describes the children. This is their inspiration for coming up with a flip-flop line especially made for their delicately young feet.

Banana Peel affirms, “Kids are travelers at heart, and the world is a place with each nook and cranny waiting to be explored. In these adventures, kids slowly open their eyes to the wonders of the world; and we believe that flip-flops are the perfect companions to these magnificent experiences.”

Banana Peel flip-flops are creatively made from eco‐friendly and child‐safe materials, making it a great brand to be enjoyed by the whole family, and with a commendable heart for the environment!

I admire Banana Peel’s honesty in disclosing this through a sticker at the back of their flip-flops.

Their pocket-friendly kids flip-flop collection range from plains, and prints, with princesses, princes, fruits, animals, robots, even a whole mob of fun characters that kids would surely adore. While bathing in the rain, walking on the beach, or playing under the sun, we can never go wrong with Banana Peel flip-flops.

Thank you so much Banana Peel for remembering me and celebrating my daughter’s childhood through your flip-flops! ❤

To know your nearest Banana Peel outlet, please see this Complete List of Banana Peel Stores.

You can also shop for Banana Peel flip-flops right at the comfort of your home. To learn more about this, please visit www.bananapeel.net, or reach them through the following social media sites:



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