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Blog Inc. Book Review

Early last month, I was doing a random search at Kindle on some blogging books that could help me improve  and strengthen my writing passion.

I started the hunt by typing the word blog on the search bar and naturally, Kindle gave me a list of books with that word on their titles. Ranking at #1 was a book entitled, Blog Inc. by Joy Deangdeelert Cho, the amazing blogger behind the chic site, Oh Joy!

Without any hesitation, I downloaded the sample copy from Kindle and went through its first chapter. I caught myself wanting for more. If only I have read this book when I was just starting blogging, things could have been different from where it is right now. Things could have been better for me.

If you’re a newbie blogger or would want to start putting words into your passion, Blog Inc. is a must-read!

I have both the electronic and hard copy of Joy Cho’s Blog Inc. I bought my e-copy from the Apple Store, while the other from Fully Booked. The latter copy has a funny story to tell.

I visited Fully Booked’s branch at The Fort shortly after an event I attended at the F1 Hotel. I was taking my chances to get it since the this bookstore’s website couldn’t provide me with the information I needed about its availability. With a smile, I approached the Customer Service table and asked. The staff immediately checked it on their computer while my heart was pounding in excitement.

Fully Booked’s staff informed me that Blog Inc.’s almost sold out! But they still have 2 copies left but they are in two different branches: Greenhills and Cebu! I inquired if they could possibly help me have the book copy from Greenhills transferred to a branch that is closer to my home. After making several phone calls, they finally said that will just be transferring the book to the branch I requested. I walked out of Fully Booked, smiling from ear to ear.


Author: Joy Deangdeelert Cho
Edited by: Meg Mateo Ilasco
Foreword by: Grace Bonney
Publisher: Chronicle Books on September 19, 2012
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1452107203
ISBN-13: 978-1452107202
No. of Pages: 128 (Paperback); 604 (on iBooks)
Price: $9.99 in Apple Store; Php699.00 (Fully Booked)

Blog Inc. is divided into 7 chapters, excluding the Introduction (Foreword, etc.) and Resources pages.

Let’s now take a closer look at each specific chapters of  Blog Inc.

Blog Inc. Book Summary

Chapter 1: Introduction to Blogging

This chapter starts light by defining common blogging terms, varying blogging purposes, and the different types of blogs.

Chapter 2: Finding Your Voice & Niche

This chapter helps the readers to discover their own unique blogging voice and personality. It also deals with your blog’s content and touches quickly on your blog’s design or aesthetic.

Chapter 3: Powering Your Blog

This chapter talks about the different platforms on which we can host our blog, what content and photos to post, and its frequency for the sake of consistency.

Chapter 4: Blogging Community Etiquette

This chapter highlights the importance of a blogging community, connecting with your readers and fellow bloggers. It also talks about giving credit to people, website, or institutions in your post (in short, don’t plagiarize), and the role of social media in your blog.

Chapter 5: Making Your Blog A Business

This chapter reminds its readers to always protect their blog–its contents, photos, and as far as trademarking its name. If blog owners decide to make their blog a business, this chapter tackles some of the basic legal measures like paying taxes, obtaining a permit, and creating a blog business plan.

Chapter 6: Monetizing Your Blog

This chapter, I should say, deals on the techie side of blogging. This section helps the readers understand the most popular blogging jargons by defining them, go through a blog’s analytics, statistics, metrics, and traffic measurement. In this chapter, she also teaches her readers how to price sponsored  posts (even what to charge and not) based on your blog’s stat, how to optimize SEO.

Chapter 7: The Next Stage of Blogging Growth

Blog Inc.’s last chapter is dedicated to the bloggers who have finally decided to dive in into the vast blogging mainstream. In this section, Cho opens up with the need to update our blog design and dealing with the so-called writer’s block. The author also touches on coping up with copycats, and striking a balance between blogging and your life outside blogging. She also encourages the readers of   this book to go out and inspire others by using our skills in helping them excel in their passion, too.


I have never read any blogging book like this that is so straightforward yet you can still feel the author’s gentleness and warmth in her writing. I love the fact that Cho did not write to impress and intimidate her readers with her blogging experience, expertise, knowledge and skills.

She used easy-to-understand terms when she explains a point or a principle. This is very evident when I went through Chapter 7 (the techie side of Blog Inc.) when she explained subjects such as Bounce Rate, Cross Link, SEO, etc.

Oh by the way, do you know what a good bounce rate is? Bounce Rate is how quickly a user leaves a blog. A good bounce rate according to Blog Inc. is less than 65%.

Why do people blog? Cho listed down the Top 5 reasons for this. On top is, and hopefully should be, because of Passion. Monetizing as expected, is at last.

The only comment that I noticed that is not very much applicable to the Filipino bloggers is in Chapter 7 since the institutions, tax rating, and legal implications of turning your blog into a business is for US-based ones though. However, it talked about protecting your brand by going as far having it registered or trademarked through the proper agencies.

I can go on and on and talk about Blog Inc. but it could take me more than a post for this alone. For this reason, on my birthday, I’m giving you a chance to completely read this book by sharing with you an electronic copy of it. I am not selling this book or making a profit out of it.


Any blogger, or wanting to start up your own blog can join:


1. For Bloggers – Write a post on your blog with the topic, What Inspires You?” 

For Soon-to-be-Bloggers – Write a post on your Facebook account, using the Notes application. Make sure you set this post to PUBLIC, and tagging Moomy Musings

2. In not less than 300 words talk about your blogging journey, what keeps you inspired in blogging and where do you see blogging taking you in the future. You can also include your own hesitations, fears, intimidation as a blogger that you want to overcome, if any. Your blogging vision or mission statement would also be a nice read.

Please also include this sentence (in the beginning or at the end of your post): This is (Your Blog’s or Future Blog’s Name) official entry to Moomy Musings (hyperlinked to “What Inspires You?” Blog Inc. Book Giveaway Contest.” You can also grab any photo that I have used in this post if you wish to include it in your post.

3. After linking back to my blog in your Facebook/blog post, tell us shortly what particular chapter of this book interests you the most and why. It would also be nice if you can also invite others to join this giveaway by posting this link:

4. Comment after ths post with your full name, e-mail address, and the Permalink/URL of your blog post. You can send in your entries until October 4th, Friday.

5. On October 7th, I will annouce the lucky name/s who will win an e-copy of Joy Cho’s Blog Inc. You have the option to receive your book via email (PDF File) or straight through your iBooks (iOS users / Kindle).

If you’ve got any questions, feel free to contact me via email or through the comment form below.

Speak your heart out and write now! Go ahead and inspire us! ❤

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