One Birthday at a Funeral

“Better to spend your time at funerals than at parties. After all, everyone dies—so the living should take this to heart.” –Ecclesiastes 7:2 (NLT)

If God would bless me with a long, abundant life, I still have 18,980 days to spend. That is my countdown to take-off, then I face my after-life. This may sound creepy to most of you, but this is a fact of temporal life. Death is something we’ll all sure face one day. For this reason, I decided to celebrate my special day extraordinarily.

I chose to spend my birthday at a funeral. My husband’s classmate died last Thursday during the Zamboanga standoff. His name is always mentioned on every form of mass and social media.

I met his family, most importantly his wife, and exchanged a few stories while her husband’s broken physical body is eternally sleeping next to us. Their daughter? Almost the same age with my little N. She’s been running around a lot at the Philippine Army Mortuary, playing with some men in camou on duty, not knowing that her father is now gone…for good.

To 1LT John Kristopher Rama, a valiant public servant, and a proud member of the PMA Baghawi Class of 2008, I don’t know you personally but I sort of have an idea of the kind of life you lived. Stories I’ve heard about you from various people have always been good. “Thank you for everything,” is an understatement.

Dear Len and Erin, no words will ever be enough to console you at this mournful time but be strong. God gives and God takes away, but may His name be ultimately praised! Like what you said, “Oras na talaga nya.” My heart goes to the both of you. Lubos kaming nakikiramay.

Please accept my snappiest mommy salute to your humble family! Keeping you all in prayers.

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