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The 2nd Mompreneur Summit: Passion and Purpose

“Passion is a a term applied to a very strong feeling about a person or thing. Passion is an intense emotion, compelling feeling, enthusiam, or desire for something.”

On September 14th, I was invited by not less than Janice Villanueva, founder of Mompreneur Manila and Mommy Mundo to be a part of the media who will cover and get to participate at the 2nd Mompreneur Summit that happened at the Blue Leaf Events Pavilion, McKinley Hill, Bonifacio Global City. Of course, who am I to decline an offer from one of the few moms I look up to?

I could still recall that Saturday morning to be so rainy! But it didn’t stop me from attending the event since I know that I would surely have an amazing time of learning and networking with other women who are all mompreneurs.

True enough. As soon as I arrived there, I was greeted by one of the women that I get to be friends with, Margie, the mompreneur behind Teething Beads and T-rrific By Inked. I’m sure you remembered our first ever meeting during the Belly Fest 2013 at the Podium, a couple of months ago. I also met another friend, Sharon of Baby Signs Philippines, and Ultima of The Sticky Gecko.

(L-R) Mompreneurs Unite! The Sticky Gecko, Teething Beads, and Baby Signs Philippines

The 2nd Mompreneur Summit had a “fiery” opening welcome through its founder, mom on a mission, Janice Crisostomo Villanueva.

Janice Crisostomo Villanueva, founder, Mompreneur Manila

Shortly after Janice’s opening remarks, Amor Maclang of Geiser Maclang, one of the top public relation firms today, began her talk on “Doing Well While Doing Good.” She highlighted the importance of “marketing with a heart” when doing any business. Maclang also encouraged the audience on championing causes or advocacies that need to be championed by supporting them side-by-side with your business.

This session with Amor Maclang is one of my favorite parts of the 2nd Mompreneur Summit. She was able to established a good rapport with all of us who are present. I look forward to listening to her again in the future.

“Great Marketing has a heart.” –Amor Maclang

Anne Gonzalez of Havaianas Philippines nailed it when her talk circled on turning a seemingly negative circumstance to your advantage. She also mentioned about making the most of any situation to position your brand to success.

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonades.” –Anne Gonzalez

The 2nd Mompreneur Summit’s session had a quick break to give way to another event highlight, The Mompreneur Awards.

(L-R) 2013 Mompreneur Awards Winners: Audrey Dimarucot, Jenny Ong, Paola Loot, Jeannie Castillo

2013 Mompreneur Awards Official List of Winners:

Brand Positioning & Strategy
– Audrey Dimarucot (googoo&gaga)

Brand and Product Innovation
– Paola Loot (Mommy Treats)

PR & Word of Mouth Marketing
– Jeannie Castillo (Kindermusik Philippines)

Social Mompreneurship & Advocacy
– Jenny Ong (Mama.Baby.Love)

“A dose of love and a pinch of madness,” this best describes the designs made by power couple of googoo&gaga AJ & Audrey Dimarucot on their award-winning kids clothing business.

AJ & Audrey Dimarucot of googoo&gaga on “Purposeful Branding”

This part of the 2nd Mompreneur Summit is one of the happiest and unintentionally kilig sessions. AJ & Audrey’s life and business story is a good example of Einstein’s Law: “opposites attract.” 

AJ & Audrey discussed about the importance of consistency in branding your business and products from its logo, fonts, colors, taglines (if any), and even how it is being manufactured.

Fashionista and Blogger Jennie Epperson — the session that I could relate the most. I love it because she also injected a lot of stories on her own blogging journey. Contrary to how most of us perceive her, this bubbly woman loves surprising people. She confessed in her talk that she remained mum when she was writing her book, Fashion + Book : Entertaining at Home in Style, to surprise everyone.

“Never sell a product. Sell a lifestyle. See a dream because you have a good product to begin with.” –Jenni Epperson (Harnessing Passion Towards Success)

As a person, Jenni also revealed that she likes surrounding herself with positive, talented, interesting and opinionated people.

As for bloggers, this might interest us. She was asked if there are things that she refuses to put on her blog, she answered, “Anything negative or bastos (nudity), I refuse to put them on my blog.” So, if you’re a fan of ranting on your blog, you might want to hear Jenni Epperson out.

The last but certainly not the least, Teacher Joy Abaquin, Founding Directress, Multiply Intelligence International School hit the podium with “Using Multiply Intelligences To Make A Difference.”

“What do you do? Does your intelligence match the things that you do right now? Does it match your strength?” –Joy Abaquin

Teacher Joy took us through the 8 different kinds of intelligence such as linguistic, mathematical, musical, spatial, naturalistic, bodily / physical, interpersonal, intra-personal/reflective, that we could discover within us so we can use it to our advantage in our business.

4 D’s to Discover the SMART Mompreneur in Me

  1. Discover your strength and intelligences
  2. Develop your strengths and intelligences
  3. Do your smart ideal! Share your strength intelligences
  4. “D” secret ingredient (Prayer)

My 2nd Mompreneur Summit experience was truly an unforgettable one. It fueled my passion and reinforced my purpose in living my life as a mom, wife, blogger, and mompreneur. It was a day that surely went to my life bookmarks because I get to connect with passionate and purposeful mompreneurs of today.

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