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Trumpets Bluebird of Happiness Gala Night

“True happiness, is found close to home.” –The Bluebird of Happiness

One Thursday evening, I received a word from my HERO Foundation Inc. family through Michelle Chan, inviting me to attend the gala night of the Trumpet’s Bluebird of Happiness. Of course,  I said yes in a heartbeat because I’ve heard and read a lot of raves from people who have attended its technical rehearsal that same night.

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I immediately got in touch with my sister to come with me to watch it because we both love watching theater plays. About this time last year, I remember sitting down at the Newport Performing Arts Theater to watch The King & I with a close friend. I was really ecstatic to watch Bluebird of Happiness this time around.

The Gala Night was started with a warm welcome from the people behind HERO Foundation Inc. Executive Dir.  for Operations, MGen. Renato M. Garcia, AFP (Ret) & Michelle Chan, Director for Marketing & Resource Mobilization.

HERO Foundation Inc.’s MGen. Renato M. Garcia, AFP (Ret) & Michelle Chan The Bluebird of Happiness is a beautiful story of how siblings Mytyl and Tyltyl journeyed to find the magical Bluebird, which was believed to have the ability to bring them happiness on Christmas Day.

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The children visited seemingly impossible and imaginary places like the Ends of the Earth, the Land of Memory, the Palace of Night, the Land of Luxury, and the Kingdom of the Future.


Mytyl& Tyltyl meet their departed grandparents on the Land of Memory

Tyltyl and Mytyl return home just in time for Christmas Day and the birth of their youngest sibling, whom they have already met at the Kingdom of the Future. This is also the time hey discovered that the Bluebird has been in their bird cage the whole time, which was their parent’s Christmas Day present.

Mytyl & Tyltyl seek illumination to their journey from Light

Ate, Drink and Satisfied themselves at the deceiving Land of Luxury

With Father Time at the Kingdom of the Future

According to a website, “True happiness, the children learn, is usually found close to home. It comes from making the journey, not from reaching the destination. Happiness, as the moral of the story imparts, comes from seeking rather than from finding. Happiness comes from an unselfish life, without thought or motive of reward.”

I gave the whole cast a standing ovation for that night’s performance. Need I say more?

I also would like to commend the whole Trumpets company, through the brilliant idea of theater genius, Audie Gemora, and the writing and direction of Jaime Del Mundo, for offering this musical’s opening night for the benefit of HERO Foundation Inc.

In case you still don’t know about this advocacy, HERO provides educational stipends to military orphans and completely discharged due to disability (CDD) soldiers’ children for 25 years now in close partnership with the AFP-EBSO.

To donate any amount for this cause, please see Donation for HERO Foundation Inc.

Congratulations to the Trumpets for this excellent staging of the Bluebird of Happiness, and thank you to HERO Foundation Inc. for championing this cause for the benefit Filipino soldiers and their families!

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