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Product Feature: Bebe Bocas Safety Nail Clipper

Cutting your baby’s fingernails can sometimes be a traumatic experience especially if you accidentally cut off your baby’s fingertips.

Bebe Bocas Baby Safety Nail Clippers makes grooming process easier for your baby’s tiny and fragile nails. It has a unique safety finger saddle to avoid skin cuts and scratches on baby’s nails. The finger saddle and safe hole feature provides extra safety and great precision in cutting.


You will never worry about nicking your baby’s skin ever again. It also has a swivel function to enable you to cut baby’s fingernails at any angle making it very easy for you to trim your baby’s fingernails whichever your baby’s position is in. Further, Bebe Bocas also has a hygienic nail catcher to collect nail chips after clipping.

Bebe Bocas Baby Safety Nail Clippers is ergonomically designed for the adult hand to prevent any strains while clipping and a firm grip to prevent slipping. All metal parts are made of stainless steel that ensures long life of the product. Run Bebe Bocas in running water after use to remove any residue and to keep it clean. Bebe Bocas is available in 2 colors- Blue & Pink.

Some tips on how and when to cut baby’s fingernails:

  • Keep nails short. Baby’s nails can be soft but they can scratch especially if your baby has eczema. Short nails will reduce redness and risk of infection due to scratching.
  • Trim nails often. Clip them often to avoid sharp edges.
  • Use the right tool. Use only nail clipper that is especially designed for your baby’s small and fragile finger and toe nails.
  • Time it right. It is easiest to clip nails when baby is asleep or is distracted by feeding. Nails are softest after bath.
  • Get a firm grip. Hold your baby’s finger or toes firmly and carefully cut along the finger’s curve.

Be prepared. If you nick you baby’s skin, hold a tissue against the cut for a few minutes or until the bleeding stops. But this will not happen with Bebe Bocas.
Mind the toes. Remember that your baby’s toe nails need clipping too, but not as frequent as your baby’s fingernails.

Bebe Bocas is exclusively distributed by CKMJ Greenovation Inc., contact number 559 5140. Bebe Bocas is available in Mothercare and major baby shops nationwide.

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