Disney Live Philippines! Mickey’s Magic Show 2013

It was already the last day of the Disney Live! Mickey’s Magic Show here in the Philippines and we just couldn’t afford to miss it. My daughter is one big Disney toddler. Want proof?

At age 2, she could already identify many Disney characters by just showing her their photos–Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Donald & Daisy Duck, Goofy, Pluto, Cinderella, Jasmine, Belle, and Ariel. She also knows about the characters who have regular program on Disney Junior like Sofia, Jake, Tayo, Dibo, Oso, and Doc.

Every time we watch Disney Junior and she sees Mickey Mouse (as a mascot), she shrieks and giggles like there’s no tomorrow. For this reason, my husband and I decided to allow her to watch Disney Live at the MOA Arena. However, we told N that she could only go and see the magic show in 2 non-negotiable conditions:

First, we would attend church service in the morning; and she would attend her Sunday School class not crying, and without Moomy in tow. I wasn’t sure enough if she would take this bargain seriously but it was worth trying. I’ve been struggling to find a way to let her go to Sunday School peacefully without me around.

Sunday came and I dropped her to the Toddler’s Sunday School Class. True enough, she did not want to be put down. She hugged me so tight, and did not want to let go. To convince her, I reminded her of our Disney Live agreement. It sort of worked because she started allowing me to put her socks on. Minutes passed and she was already playing with some of the wooden toys in her classroom. I quietly sneaked out of the room and made way to our church’s sanctuary to worship.

Yes, N passed my test in flying colors that day! I hope she carries on with this every single Sunday, but without Mickey Mouse anymore in mind.

Disney Live! Mickey’s Magic Show, here we come!

We arrived at the SM Mall of Asia at 2PM. The parking was not much of a concern for us since we always manage to get a slot at the SMX Convention Center. Take note of this travel tip whenever you’re in this area (Parking Fee is only Php50.00 flat).

Disney Live! will be starting in an hour so we decided to grab some lunch first. After lunch, N and I walked our way to MOA Arena.

The security on that day was very tight, which I really, really appreciate as a parent. There was quite a line, but it was effectively managed. All of us were asked to fall in line for the usual security measure of baggage inspection and frisking. Cameras and gadgets with recording features were also prohibited from entering the venue while the show is ongoing. I had no choice but to surrender my iPad to the authorities. But I still have a smartphone with me. This was the only thing I had the entire time! *wink*

When the first magical couple, Mickey & Minnie Mouse appeared on stage, my little daughter shrieked again while clapping her hands up in the air. I’ve never seen such happiness in her. I’m really glad because I know that I took her to see a show that she’s really interested in and could relate with.

Aside from Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Disney personalities like Goofy, Donald Duck, Cinderella & her Prince, Fairy Godmother, Jasmine (Alladin), Alice, Queen of Hearts, & Mad Hatter (Alice in Wonderland), and Belle (Beauty & the Beast) also showed up to make the show extra special for its young viewers.

This scene was already the finale of the show and I couldn’t keep myself from taking a photo or two since it was so good. (Sorry for disobeying!) I also want a souvenir for my daughter’s very first Disney Live! show experience.

If you’re a certified Disney fan, you would surely enjoy the Disney Live! Mickey’s Magic Show. Since it’s a magic show, it was orchestrated to fit and amaze the children’s young minds, so don’t bother looking for magical tricks like what David Blaine does. Though some of the magic tricks performed like the disappearing illusions were really good.

After the show, I showed my daughter around since some Disney booths were set-up, selling memorabilias and cotton candies, and another a souvenir photo booth.  As expected for an international performance like this, the merchandise prices were sky-high!

The one in the photo below was the only thing I could tolerate (since N also begged me to get one): Cotton Candy + Disney Live Magician’s Hat for Php350.00 ($9.00).

The souvenir photo in a Disney Live! backdrop costs Php350.00 ($9.00, single shot, unframed), another option is you need to shell out Php500.00 ($13.00, single shot, framed).

Bring your money and prepare to fall in a long line to get your Disney Live! souvenir photo. Despite these offerings being pricey, it was still a hit among the crowd.

Since I was alone watching over my toddler, I have no more patience to fall in line to get our photos taken. We just looked for a nice spot where I could take N’s photo.

It was a magical day for me as a mom and no amount of riches would compensate this joy in my heart to see, hear and feel my daughter’s happiness. I’m thankful to the Lord for blessing and loving my daughter this much.

Though in my heart of hearts, I wished that my husband was with us as we watch Disney Live! Mickey’s Magic Show. Nevertheless, together we’re cooking up a very, very, very, special plan for N’s 3rd birthday next year. Can you make a guess?

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