My Dream Job in a Glass of Jolly Cow Fresh Milk

Aside from being a breastfed baby for 2 years, I grew up drinking fresh milk during my elementary days.

Fresh Milk was a staple pasalubong (bring-home gift) from my parents from their frequent business trip in Subic. They always pass by either the PX store or Duty Free inside the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) to buy some for us which at that time was still being sold in dollars.

I believe that all of us grew up to be healthy children because I only saw hospitals later in my life as I had prenatal check-ups and delivered my firstborn.

Fresh Milk is still a part of my family grocery shopping list up to this day. I love drinking it myself, cooking spaghetti or pancakes with it, and adding it to my morning bowl of cereals.

But a word of caution for us parents: Fresh milk shouldn’t be introduced to very young children less than a year old, nor turned into a breastmilk substitute for all those who are under the age of two.

Despite this, I believe that fresh milk is not evil, and can help contribute in supplying our bodies’ recommended calcium requirement every day. Fresh milk still remains a practical choice, and is generally safe. Before giving fresh milk to your bigger children, please do them a favor by consulting your pediatrician.

With the school and parents’ support, Jolly Cow Fresh Milk visited the Angelicum College last September 27, 2013 as they help promote a fun, entertaining and educational event to inspire the Filipino children to become healthy and achieve their dreams.

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The school’s St. Vincent Ferrer Gymnasium was jam-packed with about 140 Grades 1-2 pupils, from ages 7-8 years old.

Jolly Cow Fresh Milk invited Wanlu and his puppets to help them talk about calcium deficiency–a condition very common to school children. According to BabyCenter, “Calcium is vital for building strong bones and teeth, promoting nerve and muscle function, helping blood clot, and activating enzymes that convert food to energy.”Β 

Effects of Calcium Deficiency for Kids:

  • Height is smaller than other kids of same age.
  • Thin body that other kids of same age
  • Tooth decay
  • Frequent absences at school due to various health problems
  • Unable to excel in various extra-curricular activities (matamlay, mahinaangpangngatawan at nagiginglampa)

Tito Wanlu, revealed that when he was still a small boy, he dreamt of becoming a dentist. He used this personal revelation to jumpstart his show by asking some random students the question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Doctor, Teacher, Soldier, Movie Star–these were just some of the common answers they actively gave.

Tito Wanlu with Junior, the Super Cow

The adults who were present that day were also introduced to the 4 different kinds of puppets: soft, marionette, human, and hard puppets.

Wanlu with his juggling Marionette Puppet

The teachers of Angelicum College were so game in being Tito Wanlu’s Human Puppets. They sang a special song to the students entitled, “Sing A Song,” ala clown, a macho man, and a ballerina.

The active and loving teachers of Angelicum College as Human Puppets

In this photo is Niccolo, Tito Wanlu’s Hard Puppet. This segment was a favorite among the Angelicum College students because the gymnasium was filled with everybody’s laughter.

Wanlu with Niccolo, a hard puppet

Junior the Super Cow joined Tito Wanlu and Niccolo as they sing a popular song by One Direction: “What Makes You Beautiful.”

Niccolo, Tito Wanlu, and Junior the Super Cow

One of the highlights of the program for that day was the Puppet-Making Workshop. Tito Wanlu taught the students how to make their own puppets using recycled materials such as a sock, scrap yarns/strings, and strips of paper. Recycling is also an advocacy that Jolly Cow Fresh Milk wishes to impart to the Filipino children.

This girl puts on a set of eyes on her sock puppet using a black permanent marker.

I spotted these two boys sharing their materials and helping each other make their puppets. What a lovely sight for me that morning! πŸ™‚

I also looked around and a few students willingly showed me their brand new personalized puppets.

This sweet girl proudly showed me her super kikay, ballerina-inspired pink puppet.

To help the children remember their own dream job, each of them were given a personalized tumbler that they could use to school every day. These tumblers were also filled with Jolly Cow Fresh Milk as long as they were given permission by their parents through a signed waiver. Jolly Cow Fresh Milk gave special attention and medical consideration to those pupils who are lactose-intolerant by not giving them some milk.

“Sarap!” This was the answer I got from the students I shortly interviewed after drinking their Jolly Cow Fresh Milk. I can attest to this because when I tried drinking the Jolly Cow Fresh Milk early this month, it was the creamiest fresh milk I had so far!

Jolly Cow Fresh Milk is sourced in Germany. It contains 3.5% of fat content, which is higher than other brands which make Jolly Cow Fresh Milk tastes better. It is the Fat milk makes Fresh Milk taste good.

Jolly Cow Fresh Milk is SAFE and approved by the DOH-BFAD.

Why Fresh Milk?

  • 100% Natural. It only undergoes a process that lengthens its shelf life. No chemical or fortification is made.
  • Contains all nutrients of milk like calcium, protein, carbohydrate and etc. that are good for the body.
  • Consistent in quality. Unlike with powdered milk, it always depends on how you mix it with water. The amount of milk powder and water affects the consistency of milk.

Importance of Drinking Fresh Milk:

  • Milk helps kids cope during growth spurts.
  • Milk helps provide complete nutrition during puberty.
  • Milk contains protein, which helps build muscles.
  • Milk helps kids to get smarter.
  • Milk helps kids to get stronger.
  • Milk is great source of Calcium which is needed for better bone and teeth development.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Does she look familiar to you? Yes, she is “Pepito Manaloto’s daughter.”

Cheers to good health!

The students also received a backpack of freebies from Jolly Cow Fresh Milk that they could bring home to enjoy with their family.

This fun day ended with a hopeful note to all the pupils and academe of Angelicum College through the awarding of the Dream Wall.

The Dream Wall will be set up inside their school to serve as a constant reminder to all the students to stay healthy to be able to achieve their dreams.

Jolly Cow has also visited 2 schools in the past: July 29, 2013 at St. Mary’s Academy in Sta. Mesa Manila with a total of 114 student participants;

and on August 29, 2013 at St. Anthony School in San Andres Manila with a total of 98 students.

These two schools will join Angelicun College in vying for the most recycled and collected Jolly Cow Fresh Milk empty packs to win a trip to The Mind Museum for their school.

Dreams really do come true if we inspire and educate our children to live a healthy lifestyle. We can help change their lives for the best, and believe that they can achieve their dreams, one glass of fresh milk at a time.

JollyΒ Cow Fresh Milk is a product of Fly Ace Corporation with a business address at 7th Floor, Fly Ace Corporate Center, 13 Coral Way, Central Business Park, Pasay City.

For other inquiries about the Jolly Cow Fresh Milk and to check out their other products, you may also reach them at their official website:Β

Note: This is a sponsored post for Jolly Cow Fresh Milk and Fly Ace Corporation.

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